Baby Photo Shoot With Newborn Bunny By Bangladeshi Photographer

Adorable baby photography is the latest social media craze taking over the internet. Parents conspire with photographers to outdo each other in creative, beautiful and hilarious baby photo shoots. Bangladeshi photographer Ashraful Arefin has taken the crown and photographed his newborn baby bunny. 

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I have tried to document time, space, society and history. It has not been so silky-smooth. Sayeeda Khanom.

Sayeeda Khanom is a Bangladeshi photojournalist who was part of a group of photographers whose iconic images recorded the 1971 Liberation War - see X. She also worked for many years with Satyajit Ray starting in the 60s.

In the pics: Still probably taken during work on a Ray film, Pic 2: Maksuma Khanom, Kolkota, 1950s Pic 3: Sayeeda Khanom as a young woman.


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“I live in a shared apartment with 15 other girls near my college. There’s 3 of us per room. We each pay 450 taka ($6) a month for food. For breakfast, we have potato mash, lentils and rice. For lunch, we eat fish, vegetables and rice and then for dinner, we fry some vegetables. Fish for only one meal a day.”

“What about meat?”
“Meat is expensive so we only buy it for 5 days in the month for lunch. Our menu isn’t bad, I guess the more you can afford, the better you can eat.”

The Getty Images Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with Instagram, supports visual artists using #Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. 

Ismail Ferdous, a Bangladeshi documentary photographer using #Instagram to cover social humanitarian issues, received a grant in 2015 for his project “After Rana Plaza.” 

“This project came from a very personal place, as I live among those affected by the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Seeing the workers every day, coming and going, is a constant reminder of the collapse and its effects still linger more than two years later.” -@ismailferdous 

📷: Rahela Begum lost her son at the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse: "Whenever I go in front of Rana Plaza, I feel like my son will come back suddenly. My elder son told me to change our house but I denied him. I told him this house is attached with my son’s memories and I will not leave this place at any cost." 

The Getty Images Instagram Grant is accepting applications until April 12. Learn more and apply at

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