bangladeshi cinema

Some leading ladies of Bangladesh’s (previously East Pakistan) cinema, 1950-1990. From left, Chitra Sinha, Nasima Khan, Reshma, Rosy, Kobori, Shabana, Babita.

Where have they all gone?

Babita, because of her star power, can still make news. Her only son Anik is a brilliant student and has graduated recently from Waterloo University of Canada. Of late, she’s been mostly in Canada. Shabana, after a long career as a leading lady, retired in late 90s and migrated to the US with her family in 2000. Kobori was elected Member of Parliament in 2008 and is currently active in politics. Nasima Khan is still acting and often seen in TV serials in character roles. Chitra Sinha stays with her daughters in the US most of the year although she comes back to spend time in her home in Indira Road, Dhaka, too. In Old Dhaka, the film theater ‘Chitra Mahal’ named after her is still there. Now the bad news: Rosy died a premature death in 2007 of a heart attack at the age of 55. Reshma went into oblivion for years and passed away in 2005. She became extremely religious in the years before her death and was totally out of public eye so much so that people can barely recognise her name.