bangladesh war of independence

Bangladeshi Independence Day.

44 years ago on the night of March 25th, Bangladesh declared freedom from Pakistan after years of suffering. Today on March 26th, I will be thinking of my ancestors. I will be thinking of the almost half a million Bangladeshi women raped by Pakistani soldiers. I will be thinking of my people who survived the genocide, and the ones who did not.

Thank you for all you did, thank you for our independence, thank you for our liberation.

The Journey to Freedom Starts Here.

The Shaheed Minar or the Martyr Monument is a national monument at Dhaka. It was established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of 1952.
On 21 February 1952, dozens of students and political activists were killed when the Pakistani police force opened fire on Bengali protesters who were demanding equal status for their native tongue, Bengali. The massacre occurred near Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park in Dhaka. A makeshift monument was erected on 23 February by the students of University of Dhaka and other educational institutions, but soon demolished on 26 February by the Pakistani police force. The Language Movement gained momentum, and after a long struggle, Bengali was given equal status with Urdu.

To commemorate the dead, the Shaheed Minar was designed and built by Hamidur Rahman a Bangladeshi sculptor in collaboration with Novera Ahmed. The monument stood until the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, when it was demolished completely during Operation Searchlight. It was rebuilt after Bangladesh gained independence.