bangkok university

Finally, one of the biggest universities back home, Bangkok University, has allowed students to choose whichever gendered uniform they prefer

Gendered uniforms are mandatory for all schools in Thailand so this struggle has been nationwide for queer people since forever. Also in most public Thai schools hair must be maintained a certain way up until high school–bobs for girls, short back and sides for boys. This is a first big step that I hope motivates other schools to follow suit.


@mangaday Draws the Things He Can’t Say

To see more of his sketches embracing solitude, follow @mangaday on Instagram.

For Winai Namwong (@mangaday), his comic strip “Mr. Fail: Cartoon for Inter-Human Relationship” is a way to say things that he couldn’t. “It started when I felt sad, disappointed and broken-hearted, and I couldn’t talk to anyone,” the art student at Silpakorn University in Bangkok explains. Winai’s series about solitude helped him feel a little bit less lonely. “It felt good to draw,” he explains, “and it felt even better when I met people who have the same feelings as me.”


Bangkok University Thailand International Open 2009 routine.

Somebody shared this link on my facebook wall and it’s really amazing.


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