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Finally, one of the biggest universities back home, Bangkok University, has allowed students to choose whichever gendered uniform they prefer

Gendered uniforms are mandatory for all schools in Thailand so this struggle has been nationwide for queer people since forever. Also in most public Thai schools hair must be maintained a certain way up until high school–bobs for girls, short back and sides for boys. This is a first big step that I hope motivates other schools to follow suit.


Bangkok University Worlds 2014


Chainarong Kongklin: Tipping the Scales

Chainarong Kongklin is a well-established Thai painter & sculptor who has won numerous awards over the last 3 decades. He graduated from Silpakon University in Bangkok with an MFA in painting. He uses comical exaggerations & extremes in his paintings to draw attention to imbalances in our modern lives; such as overweight children as heroes, controversial political figures as chubby children or portraits of teens lit only by the LCD screens which engross them.

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Bangkok University Thailand International Open 2009 routine.

Somebody shared this link on my facebook wall and it’s really amazing.