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Do NOT Play The Anti-Shippers Game, People!

Oh hell no with all this hate being thrown at Nell Hudson from shippers. At no point does she say she was in Thailand WITH Sam. She said she was there and she knew Sam was. She’s in Bangkok shooting a movie. He was some considerable hours away so she was not aware of when he’d left. The anti-shippers of course jumped on this because Tony has been disproven as Cait’s twu wuv just like Abbie has been disproven as Sam’s twu wuv, so in classic anti-shipper fashion, they invent some new twu wuv’s for them. Cait’s new twu wuv is now Alex and Sam’s twu wuv is now Nell. And shippers are falling for it and bashing Nell based on anti-shipper bs. Come ON people! We know SamCait are together in Costa Rica having wild monkey reunion sex that probably makes ep 9 look like a freaking children’s special. :p And while I’m at it, STOP spewing hate on Sam and Cait’s friends on instagram! No matter if you ship or don’t, keep it in the fandom and leave their friend’s and their instagram’s alone!