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[INFO] EXO is the ONLY group to have 100 music show wins after Big Bang and SNSD. They are THIRD for most group wins of ALL TIME, not to mention the ONLY third generation group.

They are the youngest group to enter this ever, with the above groups having at least 5 more years of music show wins. It is an honor and an incredible feat for EXO to stand side by side these older and acknowledged legends, making EXO a legend in their own right. Congratulations EXO! (x)

Let's spread some positivity, shall we?

In response to the extremely upsetting content that our tags have been receiving due to an extremely disturbed person deciding to take matters into their own hands, I’ve decided to propose an emergency VLD positivity bang!

Those who are interested in participating here’s all you gotta do: 

The tags that are being attacked are as follows-

(edit: i can’t believe i spaced that last one i’m such a fool)

Take a short moment of your time and make a post with something positive for that ship, even if you don’t ship it. Do something positive.

Writers: Write a short fic/Drabble for the tag of your choosing! Write a few headcanons that come to mind. Do a quick meta post! Hell, even do a funny shit post if it means bringing some positivity. Anything to show your support of other people’s ships.

Artists/Graphic makers: doodle something! Make a graphic! Draw something cute and fluffy, warm and nice for anyone who needs it. If you are stumped on what to draw, I like to visit shojo manga screen caps on google images and pluck ideas from there.

Everyone else! Suggest a fic, share your favorite artists work! Share your own headcanons! Recommend a song! Make a playlist! Send someone who enjoys a different ship a caring ask or message!

The importance here is to join forces against this sort of behavior. I’ve seen this sort of garbage before and the best way to fight is with fire. So share your passions, share your joy, we all love this show, we all enjoy it dearly–let those flames overwhelm the kind that hurt.

The positivity bang is completely optional and has no end. So if you can’t participate now, you can always participate later!! 


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For the Positivity Bang: Shatt, Potato

A loud bang from the kitchen stopped Matt in his tracks. Turning on his heel, he sprinted in, heart pounding, only to find Shiro standing in front of the microwave, utterly froze and pale.

“What happened?” Matt asked, stepping over.  Inside the microwave was a massacre of something white and goopy.  “You okay?”

“Hunk said you could make baked potatoes in the microwave,” Shiro replied, voice small.  “But it exploded.”  

“Water vapor, babe,” Matt replied.  “You okay?  That was a loud bang.”

Shiro turned his wide, wounded eyes onto Matt.  “The potato died.”

“Aww, poor Starshine,” Matt cooed, just a hint sarcastically.  When Shiro started to scowl, Matt kissed the corner of his mouth.  “C’mon, they have pre-baked ones at the store, we’ll get two.”

Shiro whined but nodded.  “As long as they won’t explode.”

“Honey bunches, I can’t promise no explosions when I’m involved.  But it’s much less likely.”

Smiling. Shiro nodded.  “True.”  He glanced back again.  “You think it’d do that faster with a smaller potato?”

Matt glanced back too, considering.  “We’ll pick up a bag while we’re there.”


[Improtu positivity bang! - Send me prompts for these pairings]