Channing Tatum bonded with Adam Driver over Star Wars

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver bonded over “too many bottles of wine” and ‘Star Wars’.

The pair play siblings in upcoming heist movie 'Logan Lucky’, but as they’d never met before, the 37-year-old actor invited his co-star - who plays Kylo Ren in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ - to his house, and they had a much longer evening than he’d planned.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Channing recalled: “The first night I met the guy, he came over and we ended up hanging out until 2am.

"We drank too many bottles of wine and just bulls***ted. It was an all-night conversation about Kylo Ren. He only wanted to talk about 'Star Wars’ … No, I’m kidding.

"Though he will bring it up occasionally and then say, 'Oh, I thought you were asking about Kylo Ren.’ He’s really good at making fun of himself.”

The two actors - who are joined in the film by Daniel Craig and Riley Keough - had a “glorious” time working on the film.

Channing said: “I ate pizza and drank beer and was pretty much as comfortable as I could possibly be. I’ve always said I needed to become a better actor so I don’t have to work out so much.”

Adam, 33, added: “I usually equate making films with torture, self-doubt and anxiety but we had such a good time.”

In the movie, Adam’s character - bar owner Clyde Logan - has lost a hand in an accident, and that presented some challenges for the actor.

Director Steven Soderburgh said: “I think Adam’s someone who likes having something to learn. He really enjoyed figuring out how to play scenes with a prosthetic arm, or essentially no arm at all.”

Adam added: “I literally tied my hand behind my back and tried to figure out how to make a martini. But when I got on set, the countertop was two feet higher than the one I’d practiced on at home. It was anxiety-producing.”

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Make Me Choose:

Bang PD or BTS Managers - anon

“I’m lacking, but thank you for following me. I’m really proud seeing you take care of each other. I think you now have a lot of faith in each other. Let’s keep working hard like now to make that faith grow stronger between us… Let’s work to always be thankful and humble. If it’s you, the most beautiful moment of my life is yet to come. Let’s be an even greater team.” - Sejin

Left Out - G Dragon & CL Poly!AU

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Summary: When Ji Yong is stuck in a meeting while Chaelin needs some release there is only one person left in the relationship to turn to. 

Genre: Smut, shameless kinky smut

Warnings: I’m gonna get the easier ones down first, swearing and sex, it’s smut what do you expect. Masturbation, oral (both giving and receiving), spanking, branding (scratching), pegging/strap-on, sexting, daddy kink, unnie kink, bondage, girl on girl, eating in the bathroom if that freaks you out, BDSM I think. I’m sorry.

If any of this bothers you then please don’t read. 


A/N: I am so sorry mother and father for I have sinned HARD. Honestly, I’m so scared about posting it, but I’ve already hyped it up a lot so. It’s over 9k words so yeah. Please tell me what you think because idk if it’s good or not. I’m so sorry this might be very bad. Like very bad. 

SIDE NOTE: poly requests are now open to anyone and everyone.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: The links in my bio don’t seem to be working so thought I should let everyone know, I’ll try to fix it though so yeah.

ONE MORE SIDE NOTE: If this is bad please let me know. I’m so nervous about this.

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170721 taipei boom: (sad aegyo) (zelo/himchan/yongguk)

* the members asked the audience what a popular saying in Taiwan is.

- a fan answered 藍瘦香菇,  =word play on 難受想哭 which means ‘uncomfortable + wanna cry’ 

- and the results are them saying & showing exactly that