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After two years of selling our wonderful books on our own site, we’ve decided to shut our store down at the end of the day this Sunday, October 2. While it’s been great to be able to sell our books independently, at this point it is simply no longer cost-efficient. The books will still be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but this is your last chance to buy from us—and we would love it if you did!

We’ve put all our ebooks on sale for the occasion. These are the cheapest prices you’ll see anywhere, so if you’ve ever thought about giving any of these books a spin (or are just seeing them for the first time!), now would be a good time to do it. They are also available in paperback at full price. They are:

A Hero at the End of the World, Erin Claiborne (@eleveninches), $7.99 (reg. $9.99)

Seventeen-year-old Ewan Mao knows one thing for certain: according to prophecy, it’s his destiny to kill the evil tyrant whose dark reign has terrorized Britain for as long as he can remember. Although he’s just a normal boy, deep down Ewan is confident that he has exactly what it takes to be a hero. But when Ewan’s big moment comes and his best friend, the clever and talented Oliver Abrams, defeats the villain for him, Ewan’s bright future crumbles before his eyes.

Five years later, while Ewan is living at home and working a minimum-wage job, Oliver has a job as an Unusual in the government’s Serious Magical Crimes Agency, the life he and Ewan always dreamed of. A routine investigation leads him and his partner, Sophie Stuart, to uncover a dangerous and powerful cult… one that seems to have drawn his former best friend into a plot to end the world.

Juniper Lane, Kady Morrison (@gyzym), $7.99 (reg. $9.99)

After a breakup she’d rather not talk—or think—about ever again, Mim Robinson has nowhere to go: distanced from her friends, estranged from most of her family, she finds herself against all odds on Juniper Lane, surrounded by an eccentric aunt and her wealthy, uptight neighbors.

Among the catty gossip and quiet rhythms of the suburbs, Mim finds herself striking up a strange, unexpected friendship with the intimidating Nadia Bahjat, the only other twenty-something on the street. Nadia, a professional chef and perennial disappointment to her parents, had to leave a promising career in the city to return home when her father grew sick—but she’ll soon realize that her parents may not be as perfect as she’d always imagined.

Savage Creatures, Natalie Wilkinson (@febricant), $5.99 (reg. $7.99)

Francis Harding has always been good for one thing: doing what his family tells him. So when his mother asks him to travel across the Atlantic to hunt down his missing sister Catherine, he goes without hesitation–only to find himself an unwelcome shapeshifter in a strange city, looking for a woman who may not want to be found.

Without any alternative, he finds himself turning to London’s supernatural underworld for help, recruiting a slippery but compelling investigator named Jamie. Her particular brand of magic makes Francis’s skin crawl, but it might just help him track down his sister.

Thanks to all for all your support, and happy reading.


Seungri speaking English on Vlive & asking the caller if she’s from North Korea….

starsabovethekat  asked:

Apparently you're on a some "potentially triggering" list for Voltron lmao

ALREADY? Oh my god, legit ugly laughing right now. 

I guess it’s because I said I ship shklance? I mean, klance is my first Voltron love, sure, but Shiro is hot af so if he gets thrown into the mix then I won’t complain. If any of my new followers have a problem with that, please feel free to unfollow. 

I’ve made my views on anti-shippers quite clear in this ask response, but I’d like to reiterate: you are 100% responsible for your own viewing experience so if you don’t want to see something, please use the blacklisting tools at your disposal. They exist for a reason.


on a completely related note i’m about to drop some shklance smut whoops

Okay, here’s the deal…I am a person who was bullied for most of her childhood. My self confidence was completely shattered at a very young age and I lived most of my life in fear of getting judged or bullied. I never dared to stand up for myself and I’m completely bad at taking compliments. There were moments where I considered myself worthless and a burden to all those around her. However once i got to 8th grade I began to try and build up my self worth and confidence and I began to take small steps like participating more in class or standing up to those who judged me and well as a result I decided to take the biggest step to my goal now that I’m in college. I decided to participate in my college’s talent show and performed the song: Eyes Nose Lips…originally this song was korean but I decided to sing Eric Nam’s version… This might not seem like such a big deal but for me it was everything…it was step towards my goal of feeling better about who I am and value the things that I have and the talents I possess. I’d like to tag the following people for making this possible because I feel like I truly did something brave today. Im tagging those who have inspired! Im sorry if im missing people: @sam-i-am-am-i-sam @neato-ft @kitcat3114 @firedragonroaring @acnomogia @ayumichi-me @mslead @missyplatinum @proudtobeaginger @yakkimos @nalu94 @atrailof-whispers @kagero-assassin @baerandish @illustraice @doginshoe @xsunset-bright @lillitheamazingotaku3393 @stormtrpo @georgiepuff @animoozies @arkarii @itschildofthefairies @nothingbutwordsstuff @soul-of-glass @seilahtheshipper @fairytail1121

  • Thorne:Thanks for letting me sit here while Cinder coms with her boyfriend.
  • Scarlet:Oh, no problem. It’s actually kind of nice. Me piloting, you co-piloting. We’re like an old married couple.
  • Thorne:If we were an old married couple, the wife would serve iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Scarlet:I don’t have iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Thorne:A good wife would go to the store.
  • Scarlet:I want a divorce.
  • Thorne:Good! On the way to see the lawyer, pick up some tea and cookies.

Don’t you ever just sit somewhere, possibly your room, alone, then blast kpop songs and lip sync every word passionately while crazily head banging. Because I do that everyday.

2016 Trek Femslash Big Bang masterpost of works

Please note only works submitted are on this post. I will make a masterpost on the blog at a later time where fics and art are matched up; this is just a rebloggable list of works. The matched works masterpost will be linked later.

Please message me immediately if you are not on this list and you have submitted your works. 


  1. Untitled J7 by @yamiswift
  2. Tip Toes by andwoids
  3. Meeting in a Shrine by @ungern95
  4. Lenara Kahn/Jadzia Dax by @monsterfisken
  5. Untitled by fluorescentbrains
  6. Starting Again by aurumcalendula (ao3)
  7. Reunited by aurumcalendula (ao3)
  8. A Meeting of Minds by @vulcanlogist
  9. Untitled by @assininecreator 
  10. Untitled by @outerspace-iiinnerspace 
  11. A Little Walk by @oh-kathryn-my-captain 
  12. Conversations by spockshair 
  13. Rand/Chapel by @taradigrade 
  14. Back From the Away Mission by timespacethoughtcontinuum 
  15. Untitled by @krolich 
  16. Untitled by @limetreeart 
  17. Untitled by @function-of-art 
  18. Coffee? by @psythurism 
  19. Untitled by @gayjorkira 
  20. Untitled by @guldvkat 
  21. Happier Endings by @tidesandmoons 
  22. Untitled by @unlistedkidnapper 
  23. Untitled by lilac-buttons
  24. Gal Pals by @brinnanza


  1. A Meeting of Minds by  by @greensarek / xdluhman (AO3)
  2. Blood and Chocolate by @ezrisdax
  3. This Feeling Follows Me Wherever I Go by @cosmic-llin
  4. The Fantastic Adventures of Roni and Rain by jacquelee
  5. Two and Two Doesn’t Always Equal Four, at first by @silver-thyla
  6. Reunited by melime
  7. Love is Blind by Qym
  8. Tides of Fortune by lilac-buttons
  9. What To Expect When The Unexpected Happens by obstinatecondolement
  10. Past Lives by thesadchicken
  11. Fulcrum by captainraz