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170426 //////////
To our Daesung who has worked so hard over these eleven years, thank you for always smiling because your smile has the power to brighten up bad days. Thank you for always trying your best and making everyone laugh. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Thank you for continuing to sing. Your vocals are a great source of comfort for many. Thank you for not giving up being a singer despite the 2011 incident. I am so proud of you for overcoming those rough times. Look how far you have come and how brightly you are shining now. Lets only walk on flower road from now on. Happy birthday to Big Bang’s angel, Kang Daesung. Thank you for being born. 

A/N: Hello!~ You absolutely can, doll! Here’s your request! Sorry it took us a minute! Hope you like it though!! :D 

G Dragon: 

The two of you would be watching a movie on the couch late at night and you had fallen asleep on him half way through. Your arms would wrap around his chest while you two laid there and you’d practically cling onto him. The moment he felt your arms tightening around him like a koala bear he’d look down at you and smile that adorable gummy grin of his. His hand would automatically find it’s way to your head, running his fingers through your hair as he could feel his chest warm up. It’d end in a mix of fondness and anguish though the more he thought about why you were suddenly clinging onto him. Was it because you missed him that much? Was it because he wasn’t around enough? The smile would fade but his fingers would slowly run through your hair, his other arm wrapping around you and holding you closely to him.


Top would find the fact that you were clinging onto him absolutely adorable and wouldn’t be able to help the small coos that came out of his mouth next. He’d instantly wrap his arms around you and pull you closer to him, trying hard not to wake you up from your deep slumber. If his phone was in arm’s reach he’d smile and snap a picture or two of the both of you which would end up as his screensaver or lock screen. It’d be really adorbs. Top would hug you tightly to him for the rest of the night, falling asleep after a while with you in his arms. He loved nights like this, where his entire world was wrapped in his arms.


Taeyang would wake up to the feeling of your arms tightly wrapping themselves around him and he’d turn to face you, a bit of worry in his expression and voice. 

“Hey babe, are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” His deep, half asleep voice would ask but once he realized he wasn’t getting an answer he’d slowly turn in your arms to face you. His smile would grow by the second as soon as he saw that you were still fast asleep, your grip on him tightening again once he was settled. He’d chuckle and lean down to kiss your forehead, the sensation of his lips on your forehead making you stir a bit in your sleep. Taeyang would place his head on top of yours and wrap his arms around you, almost completely engulfing you. He’d whisper a small “I love you” before closing his eyes and going back to sleep.


Daesung’s normally big smile would get even bigger when he looks down during the credits to see that you had fallen asleep some time during the movie. His arm would be around your shoulder, your arms tucked around his waist, and your head on his chest. Daesung would slowly and carefully grab his phone off the side table to snap a few pictures before pulling the blanket off the back of the couch to tuck it around you. He’d then turn the volume down on the TV and flip through the channels until either you woke up or he fell asleep himself.


Seungri would be a little surprised when he’d feel your grip tighten on him but once he’d look down at you and realize you were fast asleep he’d start smirking. Deep down he’d find it super adorable that you were clinging onto him while you were asleep. They way your arms naturally just clung onto him would make him feel warm and happy. For now, though, expect a lot of pictures to be taken. Like, A LOT. He’d chuckle at your sleeping figure clinging to him and would freeze every time you moved, wide eyed and afraid that this time he’d actually woke you up. He’d definitely tease you about it in the morning too and show you the pictures he’d taken of you that night. No matter how much you asked him to delete them though, he would always refuse. Little did you know that he’d actually use them as backgrounds for the chat room you two were in. Not in plain sight were you could see them but still somewhere he could easily access. They’d end up being his favorite background pictures.