you can tell what kind of leader a group needs.

with bangtan, they needed someone strong enough and brave enough to keep producing music even when they weren’t popular, and prepared to take the burden of that potential failure. they needed someone strong to continue to be their center and keep them united.

with exo, you needed someone warm, gentle, and kind. with so many personalities, you don’t need someone to be extremely authoritative, but he can’t be a push-over either. because when push comes to shove, you need someone strong enough to withstand hard times.

with b.a.p., you can tell, it’s so obvious, that their leader is their rock. their center and their everything. they have so much trust and faith in him, even despite their troubles with their company and his battle with his mental health. you need someone that magnetic to earn that type of love and devotion. it’s why they’ve withheld this long and have prospered. you need someone good and honest enough to earn that trust and respect.

with monsta x, you have a leader who’s quiet and a bit reserved, but his calm and gentle nature is the perfect match to his groups chaotic, loud, boisterous, and energetic nature. the amount of respect he has from them is exactly what is needed. he is their strength, and they trust him so easily. his authority within the group is unquestioned, and desperately needed amongst a group with such varying personalities.

with nct, you need someone with an all-around personality. imagine being the leader to seventeen other boys? you need someone magnetic. you need someone that’s genuine and humble. you need someone easily likable. you need someone to be sensitive and compassionate. you need one person to be well-liked by everyone currently debuted, and those who may debut in the future.

with seventeen, you have an extremely talented group, with an equally talented leader. you need a leader with wisdom and humility beyond his years. you need someone warm and compassionate, but also respected among the group. someone who can handle twelve other personalities and figure out a way to resolve misunderstandings and communicate effectively. most importantly, you need someone open with his affections and admiration for his group.

with super junior, you have a man who has literally experienced the worst life can bring you. the trials he has overcome and the sheer amount of strength this man has is unparalleled to only a few others. you need someone like this to manage an eclectic group such as his. there is also a gentleness inside him that is matched perfectly with the more tender-hearted members. age has done him well. he may be teased ruthlessly and roasted daily, but when it comes down to it, his group is his family. and only they are allowed to be mean to their lease.

with vixx, you have such varying, widely different characters, you need someone who can bring them together. so you entrust a person who is warm, gentle, and kind, but also strong-willed, witty, and knows when to push his members and when to stop. his group is definitely wild, but without a good center, it would have never worked.

with pentagon, you pick someone warm, sensitive, gentle, and so compassionate and loving. you don’t need someone to exert they’re authority by strength. instead, you pick someone who already is a natural leader. there is strength in gentleness. there is strength in being loving and kind-hearted. and try, when it comes down to it, the respect they have is clear.

with astro, you have a young group. some hyper teenagers who deserve to play and live life to the fullest. you need someone who is easy-going. but when his authority is needed, their respect is clear. you need someone warm and gentle in nature, but one who can match the energy of such a hyperactive group.

with shinee, can you imagine what it takes to be the leader of shinee right now? a huge amount of strength. a mental strength, to put aside his needs to care for his members. a physical strength, to not buckle at the pressure and stress of the world. an emotional stress, reconciling with the fact that he has lost one of his brothers. I’ve always known jinki to be strong. he is warm and gentle, but he’s always been the bedrock to the groups relationship. you need someone to not lead with authority, but having the humility to lead from within. to lead only when necessary. to lead when asked. to never exert his authority when it’s not needed. you need someone who is unimaginably kind and understanding. you also need someone who is respected.

each group might have had the leader title dropped on them, or they might have been picked by the members, but be thankful they were. [this is just opinion and for fun.]