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So, you know I'm rather new to the fandom, and this will be my first comeback, and I want to do anything I can to help make this comeback a success for our boys. Can you tell me what I can do? like I dont know if I will be able to buy the album, but what other things can I do and where? Thanks~

Sure thing! I’ll give you some basics of what a typical comeback is like for fans! I hope this info is helpful for all BABYz and thanks to the awesome BABYz who provided tutorials for all of these methods!

Social Media

The easiest method is to just promote BAP as much as possible for every comeback. Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, introducing BAP to other K-Pop fans as well as people who are not into K-pop is seriously so helpful. The more we talk about BAP, the more exposure they’ll get, which will lead to more fans and more opportunities for BAP in the future! 

I cannot stress this enough when I say that when discussing BAP on social media PLEASE keep your posts and comments positive. Talk about how great the songs are, how perfect the MV is, write about OT6′s flawless singing and dancing, etc; however, DON’T make negative posts criticizing BAP/BABYz/other fandoms because it really reflects back on BAP. DON’T start rumors or spread them, DON’T post or repost negative comments/posts from others, and DON’T write negative comments directly to BAP on sns. Also, even though we all can agree TS sucks, it’s clear that they go out of their way to avoid any concerns from BABYz. Even though it’s frustrating, before you send them emails, call their offices, or threaten to fly to Korea and punch every employee at TS in the face, PLEASE think of what your words/actions will do to BAP. We don’t know what truly goes on with BAP and TS, so it’s best to remain positive and focuse on promoting the boys and patiently waiting for news from TS and then we can punch everyone if they fuck up as usual :D

Physical Albums

Even though you’re still unsure about buying a physical copy of the album, if you do end up deciding it’s best to buy from stores whose sales count towards charts, such as Gaon and Hanteo. Preordering is also really important for sales within the first week, so here are a few verified stores for each chart in addition to TS Ent.’s official store:

Hanteo: KPopTown, KpopMart, YesAsia (there is a global site and US site, this is the global site link)

Gaon: Melon, MNet


Searching for BAP online will actually help them gain exposure and hype about their comeback. Simply go on the Naver website or app, type in “BAP ROSE”, click on and share articles on your social media, clear your history, and repeat! 

There are also search attacks that we do, in which there are scheduled times for BABYz to search about BAP on Naver in order to get them trending. If you check BAPdomination on Twitter, they post the schedules and search words for each day.


Voting will help BAP win on music programs, as well as for appearances on various variety shows (which will increase their exposure and popularity). The Vote4BAP Twitter provides info for where streaming/voting can be done.

You can vote for BAP on Show Champion, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, and MNet Countdown using the tutorials provided by BABYz.


Streaming allows for digital sales, which count for roughly 50% of votes on music shows. In order to stream, you need to purchase passes on sites like Genie or Melon. 


Melon streaming can seem intimidating, but there are literally soooo many wonderful BABYz who are always offering to help set up an account, or even stream for you (a lot of BABYz actually advertise this kind of help on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram so make sure to stay on your social media grind during comebacks!). In order to stream on Melon, you need to create and account and either use your PC or dowload the mobile app. There’s a document that BABYz made that explains the whole process along with an FAQ if you have any trouble.

TS YouTube Channel

You can also stream the official MV on TS Ent.’s YouTube channel (it’s best to watch the MVs on TS’s channel even though 1theK also posts the MV and has more subscribers [which means more exposure] but really focus on TS’s channel first and foremost. Stream in 720p or above, like/comment/share the MV on all social medias, watch the full MV without pausing AND at a volume above 50%. Also DON’T click replay or refresh the page; instead, play the video incognito or clear your history. You can also create a playlist of just the MV so that it continuously loops.


Streaming can also be done on Tudou to help BAP win on THE SHOW. Open this link in incognito mode and click the orange button beside the ROSE MV. You don’t have to watch the whole MV ~ there are two lines when the video loads: orange and gray. Let the gray line load fully after you press play and that counts as a stream. Make sure you don’t mute the video while it’s playing, otherwise it doesn’t count. As always, delete your history/cookies and try from all devices and computers.

Naver TV Cast

Finally, streaming can be done on Naver TV cast, but the options listed above tend to be the most used by fans (especially Tudou - BAP tend to win a lot on THE SHOW since it’s a system solely based on the input of fans’ streaming, but it has been known to be messy sometimes when counting votes so NEVER STOP STREAMING lol).

Fancafe/Daum tutorial

itsBAP actually has a tutorial to make an account to join BAP’s official fanclub, in case anyone was interested in this option as well!

Of course, there are so many ways to support BAP in their comebacks, but above all just being a loyal BABY is the best support you can give! Let’s all work together to make this comeback a success and make 2017 BAP’s year! Fighting! ♡


Yesterday’s stream couldn’t be uploaded so I’ve decided to just quickly record how I create bangs so the ones who missed the stream can see it ^_^ 
I have no idea about editing videos so I’m sorry haha. Here you have the normal length of the whole process. :p

(Additional notes: In Blender I use CTRL + mouse to select the area I want to delete, then I use “z” to change the view. Shift + Ctrl + mouse lets you select the area you don’t want to be highlighted.)




Our second tutorial brought to you by our Neptune, Chrissy! Hope you all enjoy! Any questions feel free to ask!!

Voldie's Isabelle/Shizue wig tutorial

Hey guys, so I decided to go as Shizue from Animal Crossing:New Leaf for Halloween this year, and I took photos of the process of me making the wig. Of course, this whole process would have been easier if I had time/money to get a yellow base wig with blonde bang clips, but what can ya do? Anyways, the supplies I used for this are:

First thing’s first, I dyed the base wig to be a more vibrant yellow. If you’d like a tutorial on how to dye a wig, I posted one here

Alrighty, time for some surgery! It’s important to (kinda) know the anatomy of the wig you’re cutting. I started by cutting the lace cap off of the blonde wig. The lace cap contains the bangs, as well as the hair on the crown of the head. It usually has a skin cap as well, which is the centre circle of the lace cap. In the photo below, you can see how I cut the lace cap off of the rest of the wig. The lines running parallel along the wig are the wefts, and cutting these is usually messy (though you have to for this tutorial)

After removing the lace cap, I put the other bits aside. They’re not needed for this wig, but it might be good to keep them in case you ever need platinum blonde wefts in the future! Then I trimmed down the lace cap so it was just the bang part of the wig. I cut just above the centre of the skin cap, because all those hairs are facing forward or to the side, and everything I cut off faces backwards. 

This is the final product for the bangs

Then, after waiting forever for my base wig to dry, I cut the bang section of that wig off. Make sure to keep the bang section as well, because it’s needed later in this tutorial. 

Next I puzzle pieced the bangs to the base wig and sewed them together. Except I forgot to take photos of the process, so here are so photos courtesy of God Save the Queen Fashions! (Note that in these photos, the entire lace cap is being replaced on the wig, but it’s the same idea)

Now that you’ve got a nice, two toned wig, you’re going to want to add in Isabelle’s bun. This is where the yellow bangs come in. I sectioned it off into 3 parts, and used the middle because it was the thickest. Don’t forget to avoid cutting the wefts when sectioning it off

Next I folded the wefts into 3 to make a thick weft that’s about an inch thick. 

I folded the weft in half to give it a bun look. Then I sewed fabric over the ends to keep it all together. It’s important to sew over a few times, and to use a very short stitch, otherwise the hairs will come loose.

I found the spot where I wanted the bun to sit, which is right behind the skin cap. I cut a little hole in the netting between two wefts, just wide enough for me to shove the bun top through.

Then I shoved the bun weft through, and sewed the end of the weft (the fabric part) down to the inside of the wig as shown in the photo. I sewed it down behind the bun, so the bun will flop forward easier, otherwise it would have drooped so far back that it wouldn’t be perky and visible. 

Here’s a photo of the final product (excuse the instagram filter)

I hope this tutorial comes in handy. I’ve used the same techniques for other characters, including Shirahoshi from One Piece (the bun tutorial), and a rogue wig commission. Please feel free to send me any questions, or photos of your finished products! 


Cry Baby Wanda Woodward Costume Tutorial:

Big Sister Helmet Tutorial
External image
about 2-3 yards of Fiberglass
kids bouncy ball or basket ball (something round and bigger than your head, because remember the big sister was designed after a diver suit. And those helmets are HUGE XD)
Latex or non melting gloves (Resin will melt some kinds of gloves XD We found that out the hard way lol)
cake pan
sanding paper or sanding drill
plastic tubing
flexible conduit 
cookie cutters/biscuit cutters
red film gels
4 plastic circle disks- ranging in sizes from small to big (you’ll see where these come in at ^_^)
**easy cast resin
a half orb mold 
blue transparency resin dye
(if you want to cast your own blue orb that she’s got on top of her head, if not look for a toy ball or use a Christmas ornament whatever you feel like using ^_^)**
Small vent plates
That’s allot of stuff But you don’t have to use everything I did, whatever feels comfortable for you. ^_^

Ok first what you want to do is get one of those big kid’s bouncy balls. There really cheap and when you’re done making the helmet there easy to pop. XD Anyways take that bouncy ball and make a stand (trash can works lol) it’s just to keep the ball steady as you work. Then cut out nice small pieces of fiberglass, making sure you lay them on the ball and they lay FLAT. This is very important! If the fiberglass gets bubbles while it dries it ruins the whole things and is a pain to get rid of. Oh and before to cover the ball in Pam spray because this will help keep the ball from sticking to the fiberglass, since you want to take it out once your done.

* I would suggest having a parent or friend help you while your doing this part. Because it’ll be allot safer and less stressful. ^_^*

Anyways once you have enough fiberglass to do one whole side, and it looks like they’ll lie nicely. You can now start mixing your Resin, make sure to follow the instructions very closely because if the mix is wrong it will be tacky from not curing right. And always wear gloves while working with resin, Resin is toxic so make sure you’re working outside, wearing gloves, and wearing a mask. XP because the fumes are HORRIBLE 

Once the Resin is mixed you have to quickly (but not messy quick) put each piece of fiberglass on the ball and paint on the resin, making sure each layer has a good soaked look. Wait for your first layer of Fiberglass and resin to cure before turning the ball over and starting the other side. (Just repeat this process till you’ve got about 3 good layers on the whole ball but be sure to leave a area for your head lol)

*If you’re getting bubbles just slowly and gently apply pressure and work it around till the bubble goes away. BE careful because the fiberglass likes to move around allot and sticks real bad.
Once the whole ball is covered let it cure for a few days outside, this will make sure everything is hard and the smell will start to go away. Once it’s hard pop the ball and take out the remains.
This is what it should kinda look like;
External image
once it looks like this start to draw on the ball, marking where each hole is going to be. Just like I did in the above photo XD(please ignore the bad anime face ) Now comes the fun part lol NOT. Ok what you want to do now is start cutting out those holes, I highly recommend getting a small hand drill they come in handy with this. Because a knife is way too hard to cut through fiberglass and it leaves it jagged. Once holes are cute it should look like this;
External image
Now you see the plastic tubing coming out of the holes, you can find those at any home depot or if there is a plastic store near you. That will be your best bet on getting those and each one was used for marking the holes, since there different sizes. Remember that because if the hole is too big you’ll have to add some hot glue on the inside to keep it in place. Not a big deal but it’s easier to work with if they fit. For the big hole, that sits on her right side on her head that has the glass bubble. lol I took a cookie/biscuit cutter and hot glued it in the hole, just like the other plastic tubing. 

Once each plastic tubing is in it’s rightfully spot, hot glue in the inside of the helmet wear the plastic tubing and the helmet meet.( This will keep them in place and keep the glue out of sight) Now for the face plate, take a cake pan which is about 1 and half deep inches deep. And cut out a hole, like this;
External image
Once done place the cake pan going from the inside, out. Then just hot glue where the pan and helmet meet, in the inside. Now once everything is set and glued, you can make the rings that rest under the helmet. What you do is take the flexible tubing and make two circles one just a tiny bit smaller than the other. Once cut, glue them together with ether gorilla glue or Epoxy glue. (Something sturdy and will last for a long time) Once the circles are done, take the smallest one and place it on top of the larger one. Now take some glue (Epoxy, E6000, or Gorilla) and glue them together, and to keep them from moving around just take some duck tape and tape them together carefully in three spots. (More if needed)

Now that we have the neck peace done, you can attach it to the helmet piece. By gluing them together, just like you did for the neck piece. To make sure it’ll dry right take some duct tape and tape the neck piece to the helmet. Once glued you should let dry/cure all the way so give it a day or two, keep checking if the glue is drying or not. Because sometimes the glue; will take longer to dry/cure in different temperature.

Now that everything is dried and in place, I’d say start drawing on where you going to place more fiberglass and the rope. Like I did here;
(This helped me when we started adding more dimension to the helmet and added the rope which outlined the raised level of fiberglass. Giving it a wrapped metal look)
External image
Once everything is drawn on, your going to have to deal with resin and fiberglass again. XP Yah I know the smelly stuff, but once you’re done with this step you don’t have to work with it again. ^_^ Anyways start cutting out pieces that fit the drawn area, make sure you, you make enough to create a raised look. Once every things cut out, start mixing your resin again like before. Then start placing the fiberglass and resin on the helmet, once your done let it dry for a day then start gluing on the rope. Making sure it goes on the edges of the raised fiberglass, this will help give it the look of metal.
It should like this;
External image
Now it’s time to sand, if you’ve got a power sander this is a great time to use it. If not sanding is going to take a while, but once your done sanding then it’s time for paint primmer. Just coat the whole helmet and neck piece with 2-3 coats. Once the paint dries, then you’re going to have to glue on the flexible conduit, make sure it goes under the face plate and around, ending about half way on the helmet.
Like so;
External image
External image
External image
Now on to the fun part, PAINTING ^-^
First what your going to need is spray paint in these colors.
External image
Once you have the colors you want, it’s start to paint on a first coat. Take your lightest color (The copper is what I started with) and paint the whole head. Don’t worry about covering anything, because there mostly copper and you can go back and paint it a different color later anyways. Once you have the base color coat, it’s time to add the dark beat up spots. What I did was take the hammered sprays and dark grey and just lightly sprayed in spots and did long strokes. Basically just trying to make it look like it’s been worn for a long time.
After a while it should be kind of like this;
External image
External image
External image
Now it’s time to add a darker color and add shadows, to do this take the brass color and spray in different directions making sure there short and at a distance. So you don’t cover up to much of the light colors, then it’s time for the really dark beat up spots. This is very simple, but you must take your time with it. Just grab a small sponge and some black acrylic paint or spray paint, and lightly get some on the sponge. Then take the sponge, dab and scrub in different areas, making sure the stay small. After doing this for a while it’ll start looking like this.
External image
External image
Now the painting is done and everything is dry, time for the decorations. First are the lenses, to make these you’re going to need to buy clear circle plastic disks. One for each size of hole: the biggest one for your face; once you have these disks. You’re going to glue on the red film gel on both sides of the disks. 
*Glue them on with E6000 CLEAR
*Remember that the one on the right does not need a red plastic disk.

Now let these dry for 3 days, once dried cut away the remaining red film gels the hang off the side. Now take them and place them on there hole, hot gluing them in place on the inside of the helmet.
*If there not fitting, then you’re going to have to sand them till they fit.

Now you’re almost done, but you still need to add the nut bolts which on the face plate. Just grab some bolts and hot glue them in place and fill in the holes. Like so;
External image
Finally thing to do is the piece sticking out.
External image
To do this grab a plastic tube 3 inches tall, some belts or foam, a plastic lid, and your bubble. Take the tube and cut pieces of belts or foam an inch wide and hot glue them onto the tube. Leaving a little gap in between each one, once the tube is covered, spray paint it with a grey and brass color. Take the plastic lid and cut a hole in the middle, not to big just enough so light can shine through, so half of how wide your tube is. Hot glue it to the top of the tube and spray paint again, the finally you can hot glue your bubble on top of the tube. Then take the completed tube and hot glue it into the biscuit cutter.
*Make sure to glue on the seam in the inside of the helmet.

You’re done!!!!! ^_^ 
*Please do not freak if you see the different colors on the helmet. When painted the helmet will change colors in different lights just like hers in the game. So don’t worry if it looks grey below it’s really the same color brass and copper. ^_^
Now your helmet should look like this;
External image
If you’d like to know how to make it light up, it’s just wedding led lights that you get in the wedding section at Joanns that are glued in on the inside of the cake pan and put in foam for the small pipes on the rest of the helment.  Anyways thank you everyone for your support, and if your confused about anything or want to know more. Please feel free to email me


I can’t remember if I ever posted this on here, but it’s a little tutorial I did a while back. I got questioned by a few Disneybounders about how to do “the ariel bang/fringe” So I made a hair and makeup tutorial. I want to do more of these, but my new bathroom is so tiny! Let me know if you’re interested. Or any requests?