bang the doldrums

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  • Bang the Doldrums
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  • Immortals
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  • Let You Get Away - Electric Century
  • The Calendar - Panic! at the Disco
  • Nicotine - Panic! at the Disco
  • Summer Nights - Black Cards

mania is done but pete isn’t

yay!!! mania is done!!!!

but wait. look at track #10

“Bishops Knife Trick”

doesnt that sound familiar?

^from the 2005 warped lineup


when will pete get over mikey? the world may never know.

edit: im actually scared that it’s gonna be another song about mikey please we have already had enough peter

Me, at any time of day other than 6 am: People saying every Fall Out Boy song’s about Petekey is ridiculous! It’s been over 12 years if they were an actual couple! They both have successful relationships and are over it!

Me, at 6 am, in the shower, sleep deprived: Hold Me Tight Or Don’t is obviously a song to Mikey explaining why he and Pete don’t talk anymore and couldn’t be friends after their breakup. A follow up to Bang the Doldrums.