bang pt. 3


In case you missed it, here is Bang Pt 1 and Bang Pt 2 

Rated: Hella Smut 

He grabbed both of your thighs and brought it closer to him. You wrapped your legs around his head hoping he can bring you out of agony. You need immediate release, you were tired of the teasing but with the look he had on his face, he was just beginning. He slowly took of your panties and you felt the cold  air hit your sex ever so gently. 

He loved how beautiful naked you were. What he loved even better was how your pussy was drenched in juices all because of him. He got closer to your pussy and took one big slow lick, savoring how amazing you taste “Fuck baby, you taste so good” he gave another lick and you were shaking. You hated how he was taking his sweet time that you put your hand through his hair and nudged him towards your pussy. You spreader your legs even wider so he can have better access. He looked up at you and smirked “Is the princess getting impatient? What ever should I do?” He got up and leaned on top of your body. His mouth had drips of your juices and he leaned in closer giving you a passionate kiss. His tongue was begging for entrance and you refused to give it to him. He loved playing this little game with you because he loved seeing how you love to play hard to get. He grabbed his cock and placed the tip of it on your clit. He began to grind himself on you sending pleasured waves all throughout your body. You let out a moan and he took the chance to slid his tongue inside you. You tasted your juices mixed with his taste and you were going crazy. He continue grinding his cock on your clit while having his other hand play with your tits. He gave them a little squeeze and left your lips to go give love to your nipples. He circled them gently with his thumb and slowly dragged his tongue over it. 

He squished your tit even more and gently tug your nipple while looking into your eyes “ This right here” he squeezed your tit a bit harder “Belongs to me and only me. Your whole body, your orgasms belongs to me. I control when and how hard you orgasm understand me?”. You knew if you said yes, you lost the game but you didn’t care about the fucking game. You lost ever since you decided to play. He saw it in your eyes that you were having war in your mind. He needed to be inside you. He wanted to feel how good and wet your pussy will feel around his length. 

He left a trail of kisses and bite marks down till your pussy. He looked up at you and he saw how your head was tilted backwards enjoying his touch. He got his hands and spread your pussy lips apart exposing his meal. His mouth wrapped around your clit and he started to suck gently on it while his tongue was flicking it around. You were moaning his name and he loved how beautiful it sound. He spit on your pussy and he made his fingers spread his salvia all over. He grabbed your hips and made your pussy clash onto his mouth. His tongue finally made its way inside you and he was savoring every moment. 

You were in fucking heaven. You were pinching your own nipples loving every moment his tongue was swirling inside you. His thumb was still rubbing your clit and you knew you were going to come. He put two of his fingers inside you and  when he found your g spot he didn’t stop playing with it. He put his mouth back onto your clit and your toes were starting to curl “Is my baby going to cum on my mouth? Or does she want to come on my cock?” He kept fingering you faster and faster till he felt your walls tighten around his fingers getting ready for release. You were panting “Fuck yes baby continue, continue fucking me with your fingers please baby please” you were so close to cumming and you felt his fingers slow down and you screamed. He laughed and continue picking up the pace “Who does this pussy belong to (y/n)? Who can make you cum with only 2 fingers huh princess?” he continue going faster and you were ready to lose the game but you didn’t give one single ounce of fuck. 

“I belong to you papi please papi please”

He went faster and he saw some of your juices squirting out. 

“Come for daddy”

Bang Pt 5

Rated: Smut to the gods 

* there will be only two more chapters before this is done :) *

Bang Pt 1 , Bang Pt 2 , Bang Pt 3, Bang Pt 4, 

You began to scratch his back while your pussy was accustoming to his length “Saeran” you titled your head back feeling his tongue go down your neck “Ple-Please take me to-” you moaned feeling him slowly take out his cock from your pussy. He grabbed your chin and made you face him “Take you to where my precious little slut” he laughed while he placed the tip of his cock inside of you. You couldn’t take it any longer and you thrusted yourself onto him making his cock go deep inside your walls.

“Fuck me Papi” you slowly thrusted yourself even more on his cock “Tame me, mark me” you brought your hands towards your breast and you gave it a squeeze. Saeran tilted his head down, loving how your walls tighten around his hard cock. You looked down loving to see how your pussy makes Saeran’s cock disappear. You slide your fingers through his hard and then you tugged it brining his face closer to your lips “Awww were you all talk and no show baby? Because the looks of it I’m doing all of the wo-” you were interrupted with Saeran grabbing both of your hands and pinning them down on top of your head. His free hand went around your neck and he leaned in and bit your lips “When we are done, you are not going to feel your legs princess.” He tightens his grip around your neck and he started thrusting himself inside of you. Your mind was going blank and all you could hear was his balls slamming against your skin. Your moans came out in gasps and he quickly loosen his grip letting your mind return from its hazy state. He your left leg higher giving him better access to your pussy. His hands wandered to your clit and he bang to rub it while he kissed your legs leaving bite marks.

You were screaming his names to the gods while you were pinching your nipples. He leaned closer to your body bringing your ass off the couch slightly. He quickly put his arms under you to bring your lower body even higher. He then took his cock out and rubbed it on your clit. You began to pant and slowly he entered two fingers inside your mouth. You began to lick on it imagining it was his thick cock. Saeran slowly inserted his cock back inside you and you shot your eyes wide open. You felt his length rub against your g-spot “Sae-Saeran holy shi-shit” you were panting knowing if he began thrusting you were going to explode. He rubbed your clit gently giving the ever-growing pit in your stomach a feeling of ecstasy. Your legs began shaking and Saeran increased his speed on your clit. You were crying out his name till you felt him slowly thrust inside you and you grabbed on to his forearm. You felt his length rubbing against your g-spot “Yes papi yes, fuck right there daddy please, faster unngghh-hn fucking faster” you moaned while he picked up the pace. He thrusted inside you faster and you gripped his forearm tighter feeling your juices slide down your ass. Saeran grabbed your face while he began fucking you like an animal. His eyes were locked on yours wanting to see you melt under his gaze. You felt your juices squirt out even more and he deepen his thrust while you closed your eyes. Your head was about to tilt back but his fingers gripped your face “Do you like the way my cock feels inside your pussy baby? Do you like how I’m stretching out this pussy or nah?” he moaned out feeling how your walls tighten around him. He brought your body closer to him going deeper than any man has gone before. You put your arms around his neck “Yeessssss papi yessss cum with me Saeran, lets- fuck me harder, let’s go to paradise together” you screamed out. Saeran hold on to your body and went as fast as he could. His sweat made him look like a god and you tighten your walls around him on purpose and he screamed your name. You felt his cock throb inside you and that made your orgasm reach its peak. Your legs started to shake while his cock twitched inside of you. He collapsed on top you and you felt pure euphoria.

 He got off from on top of you and took his cock out of you. He kneeled between your legs and stared at his cum coming outside of your pussy. He gently placed two fingers inside of you and you flinched. He took them out and placed it inside of your mouth. You sucked it cleaned and he leaned in to give you kiss. He lay right next to you and you turned around to give him another kiss “You are something mister” you laughed while you were about to turn away. He grabbed your body and motioned you to roll on top of him. He smiled at you and kissed your forehead “and your pussy is something princess” he laughed while he smacked your ass. You were about to get up but he dragged you back down to his body “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked while caressing your back. You smiled and wiped the hair out of his face “We need to go back to the party before anyone notices” and then you felt another hard spank that made you moan.

 Saeran grabbed your ass and that slowly spread your sensitive pussy “Baby, we just started” and he flipped you over having your back against the couch.

 “Saeran, fuck baby please, you destroyed my pussy. Im gone. Dead. Bye”

 “Do you know how many times I dreamed of fucking you? Of you riding my face and my cock? I always imagined how your pussy would taste and fuck babe you tasted de-fucking-li-cious.”

 You blushed imagining him masturbating to the thought of you. You smiled knowing you fingered yourself to the thought of him.

 “Take me to paradise again papi”

Relase Dates Albums, Mixtapes, and EPs

January 24
Don Trip – Randy Savage (Mixtape)

January 27
Naledge – Brain Power 2 (Mixtape)
Young Breed – Seven Tre Chevrolet (Mixtape)

January 28
J. Holiday – Guilty Conscience
Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo
Various Artists – Jamla Is The Squad
January 30
Alley Boy – Alley Shakur (Mixtape)

February 4
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Cocaine Piñata
Toni Braxton & Babyface – Love, Marriage & Divorce
Maino – King Of Brooklyn (EP)

February 11
Chuck Inglish – Convertibles
Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3: Hip Hop My Way

February 14
Pro Era – Secc$ Tap.e Pt. 2 (Mixtape)

February 18
Souls of Mischief – There is Only Now
Ashanti – BraveHeart

February 25
Schoolboy Q – Oxymoron
Prodigy & The Alchemist – Albert Einstein (EP)

February (Doesn’t have a date yet)
Prodigy – The Most Infamous

March 1
Mario – Evolve

March 3
Chief Keef – Bang Pt. 3 (Mixtape)

March 4
A$AP Mob – L.O.R.D
Rick Ross – Mastermind

March 11
Soulja Boy – King Soulja 2
YMCMB – Young Money: Rise of an Empire

March 18
YG – My Krazy Life

March 31
Iggy Azalea – The New Classic

March(Doesn’t have a date yet)
Tech N9ne – Collabos: Strangeulation

April 15
August Alsina – Testimony

April 28
Kelis – Food

April(Doesn’t have a date yet)
IamSu! – Sincerely Yours

May 13
Ice Cube – Everything’s Corrupt

May 24
Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

May(Doesn’t have a date yet)
Jhene Aiko – Souled Out

T.B.A (To Be Announced)

50 Cent – Street King Immortal
50 Cent – Animal Ambition (Mixtape)
AZ – Doe Or Die II
Ashanti – Braveheart
Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste
Birdman – Bigga Than Life
Blu – Good To B Home
Capital Steez – King Capital
Chiddy Bang – Baggage Claim (Mixtape)
Chris Brown – X
Clipse – As God As My Witness
DJ Scream – Long Live The Hustle
Elzhi – Glow
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Flo Rida – The Perfect 10
French Montana – Mac & Cheese 4 (Mixtape)
Future – Honest
Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele Presents… Blue & Cream: The Wally Era
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Joe Budden – All Love Lost
Joe Budden – Some Love Lost (EP)
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Juelz Santana – God Will’n Vol. 2
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Kirko Bangz – Bigger Than Me
Lil Durk – Fuckery (Mixtape)
Ludacris – Ludaversal
Lloyd Banks – Cold Corner 3 (Mixtape)
Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth
Mariah Carey – The Art of Letting Go
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Method Man – The Chrystal Meth
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Plies – Purple Heart
Project Pat – Mista Don’t Play (Mixtape)
Raekwon – F.I.L.A (Fly International Luxurious Art)
Redman – Muddy Waters II
Redman – The Preload (EP)
Red Cafe – American Psycho 2 (Mixtape)
RiFF RaFF & Action Bronson – Galaxy Gladiators
Rocko – Lingo For Dummies (Mixtape)
Statik Selektah – What Goes Around…
Swizz Beatz – Haute Living
T.I. – Paperwork: The Motion Picture
T-Pain – Stoicville: The Phoenix
The Roots – & Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Travis Porter – Let Me Borrow Dat (Mixtape)
Trae Tha Truth – Banned
Twista – The Dark Horse
Tyga – The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty
Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli 2
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Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow
XV – The Kid with the Green Backpack
Yelawolf – Love Story
Young Scooter – Juughou$e
+ More