bang part 3

Bang Yongguk Appreciation Post #3 Live Performances

I kinda love how he is on stage kind off an complete different person.

Warning: Closeups and shirtless scenes, which can lead to intense screaming / fangirling. Okay you have been warned so here we go with part 3 off the Bang Yongguk Appreciation series!

Preview of this absolute legend on stage:

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Technicality No Down Boo Over
  • Paul F. Tompkins: Technicality. No. Down. Boo. Over.
  • Scott Aukerman: Now, I wondered why I said that, and I sent you a text because people kept tweeting me, "Technicality No Down Boo Over." And I said, why did I say "Technicality No Down Boo Over?" And you just wrote back, "Because you're an idiot."
  • Paul F. Tompkins: [gales of laughter]

It’s debatable whether or not I was crazy signing up to do both fic and art for the @slackru Big Bang, but I prefer to think of myself as lucky because it means I got to work with the amazing @fandammit and create art for her beautiful sequel to one of my favourite fics of all time. Here’s the first of ten posters I’ve created for this literally magical story.

Nothing I could ever create would do justice to her gorgeous writing: read the first chapter of An Alchemy of Starlight here. You will definitely not regret it! 

In a world where where Abby brings Vera back from death’s door and Nygel walks through walls, perhaps the most fantastical thing of all is this: Abby no longer has to hide who she is and Marcus knows the taste of her lips pressed again his.