bang or whimper

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In the article that casts doubt over season 5, Mark says that they had to film another scene in which Martin had to fall over. Have we seen this in season 4? So many things going through my mind right now, I just might have forgotten ;)

I mean, he technically falls over in TFP when they do the spinning transition, but I’m not sure it makes sense that it’s filmed as the last ever shot as surely by then the set’s been demolished?

Here’s another line that took my interest:

“Then we realised that we had to do one last shot the next day of Martin falling over — so that’s how it ended. As usual these things end with a whimper.”

Which immediately made me think of T.S. Elliot’s The Hollow Men (fitting title, no?)

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Which screams Sherlock to me as TFP’s ending isn’t spectacular in any particular way and, really, feels more like a whimper in and of itself

Doctor Who — Tenth Doctor Quotes {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’d call you a genius, except I’m in the room.”
  • “Stay with me! You can do it! Stay with me!”
  • “You’ve got no control over it, and you call it a success?!”
  • “How long are you going to stay with me?”
  • “I could pretend, just for a bit, I could imagine they were still alive.”
  • “Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
  • “Why am I handcuffed? Why would you even have handcuffs?”
  • “It goes “ding!” when there’s stuff.”
  • “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.”
  • “Facing death is part of being human; you can’t change that.”
  • “That’s weird. So where was I?”
  • “Everyone has nightmares; even big scary monsters from under the bed have nightmares.”
  • “Outside those doors, we might see anything.”
  • “Yeah, you could do that. Of course you could. But why?”
  • “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
  • “I’m old enough to know that a longer life isn’t always a better one.”
  • “I got the impression there was something you wanted to tell me.”
  • “Go on, then, tell me. What do you think?”
  • “Sorry, that’s The Lion King. But the point still stands.”
  • “Now, first things first. Be honest. How do I look?”
  • “Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy?”
  • “That’s weird. Give me time, I’ll get used to it.”
  • “You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you.”
  • “Oh, that’s rude. Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude?”
  • “Right. Yes, sorry. I didn’t get a chance to ask.”
  • “Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!”
  • “I’ve been chasing this— this wee-naked child over hill and over dale.”
  • “If you want to know what’s going on, work in the kitchen.”
  • “But humans decay; you wither and you die. Imagine watching that happen to someone that you–”
  • “You are staring into a deep, dark pit of trouble if you don’t let me help!”
  • “That is enigmatic. That is– That is textbook enigmatic.”

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I tried to look into your tags but there is nothing which would include poem-ish format or one of the boys being poets/writers. So I am wondering if there is anything like that out there. If so, could you rec something for me? thanks, love you.

here you go! we also have an Authors & Artists tag that you can look through^^

Future Ends by feminist_killjoy - Jeongguk paints the future, and fails to keep grasped onto reality. Taehyung falls before Jeongguk can see. “This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.” -T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

the deepest night by bambitaek - “love me, show me who is the boss.”

blanket of love by sunshinetae - really short little thing of metaphors using the word blanket. not really poetry, not really a story. just words.

i am by ughchu - taehyung likes to write,
he likes to write poems.
he likes to write about this boy he met.

[i am]
1. wanting
2. finding
3. losing
4. him

sunday, wake up, give me a cigarette by hoesthetic - because no one puts trigger warnings on eggs, bacon and toast.

logolepsy by bambitaek - (n.) an obsession with words.

Nice to feet you by expplipo - “What?” Jeongguk says. “Are you really trying to interrogate me after kidnapping me for my feet?” “It’s not kidnapping if it’s consensual,” Taehyung insists.

i don’t want you to go (but i want you so) by jjkkth - ‘sometimes the universe makes mistakes’ or ‘you come to the restaurant i work at and choose me as your waiter every time just to annoy me and i can’t do anything in retribution or i’ll get fired’ au

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i ask you to dance
under the twinkling lights
of dying stars.
the light in your eye
twinkles back.

you reach for my hand
as the world around us
goes up in flame.
the smoke tastes like
your perfume.

our lips finally meet
while painted red with the
blood of the fallen.
somehow rust tastes
like rebirth.

i tell you i love you
while a crown of thorns
cuts deep into your skull.
betrayal never looked
so good.

i ask you to dance
right before i slide a
blade between your ribs.
you go not with a bang, but
a whimper.

—  you die like flowers, withering away || s.r.

Sit down, child, and I will tell you a story
Of con men and liars
Of tired tricksters
Of old, cruel, gods;

The pranksters and taunted,
The monsters with bloody teeth
Are smaller now

It is hard to be scared of 
And old, mangy, creature
Or the wrath of now apathetic gods
When the universe is
Vastly more incomprehensible 
Than fear.

This, youngling, is a story of
Mischief gone to mayhem
And half-remembered gods.

We used to assign names,
And meanings, and stories to the stars
Now we look to the sky and know
That everything starts with a bang,
And ends in a whimper.

This is the history of science,
As well as the creativity of humans
Who are endlessly creating new ways of worship.

When our species was younger
The size of mountains was
Terrifying, so we made them into
Cold, cruel, giants.

Now, the size of infinity, ever expanding,
Is even more terrifying,
And we call it the universe.

The Greeks believed their gods
Were created because the Earth fell
In love with the Heavens.

So what might we produce with
Our own ceaseless curiosity
Of the vast and unknown?

—  Listen, Child // r.c.