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very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far

When new fans try to tell me that skydive is B.A.P’s greatest song

You Get What You Give (Long Distance)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,700

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Desperation, Reference to sex, Loneliness, Cursing

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*shows up a year late
Did some mention Klance Tangled AU??
@thekoreanpineapple created this amazing au and here is my contribution.
I made Pascal a red cat cuz ahem its Red!!
And I gave Keith’s hair that black part because Haggar accidentally gave him emo bangs while she was trying to steal his hair…


😂😂😂 Daesung & Taecyeon reenacting the situp scene from Secret Garden 😂