bang ok bang


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far


😂😂😂 Daesung & Taecyeon reenacting the situp scene from Secret Garden 😂

B.A.P as Snakes







...Team Work?

[Context: We’re playing a series of horror-themed one shots, and our team is currently hiding in a cave from a wendigo, awaiting rescue. My character, a dhampir sorcerer, crit failed a will save and started to turn into a wendigo.]

DM: You all wake up and hear a scratching sound. You look over and [sorcerer] isn’t looking so good. His face is distorting, his fangs are a lot larger, and he’s growing claws.

Gunslinger: *cocking gun* Bro, lemme know you’re still with us.

DM as sorcerer: Please….kill…me…

Gunslinger: Ok. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: REALLY?? You couldn’t even hesitate??

Medium [OOC]: What’s your alignment again??

DM: Roll for damage….Ok he’s still up and he’s going to attack [injured medium].

Paladin: I’m so, so sorry, dear. May your soul find peace. I channel positive energy.

DM: That’ll do it. The energy burns him, and he goes down.

Gunslinger: Always double tap. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: You could at least feel bad!

Paladin: I’ll perform last rights for him. 

DM: You suddenly hear a helicopter outside. Rescue has arrive.

Sorcerer [OOC]: OH COME ON!