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Hi, I’m a french black girl and went to myname’s concert in Paris last month. The show was awesome and I’ve just noticed going through my videos that there were a lot of staring going on. I’m actually pretty tall so you’d see me in a crowd but I never thought they had seen me.

I feel like I’m overreacting, and that maybe they were just zoning out and all, but i got so much pictures of them (especially jun q and insoo) zoning out in my direction that i want to believe that they were actually looking at me. Anyway here are some gif, tell me what you think :)

KM & BW: abs! and what they whispering about? Hmm! (¬‿¬) and girl, you know what you saw, these idols are known to stare a lot, so you’re not overacting, it’s just a lot to take in xD

Sniffles ;; Jongkey

Genre; Domestic, fluff

Rating; PG

Summary; Watching Kibum with Insoo is truly an endearing sight.

“I think someone has the sniffles,” Kibum announces as he appears out of Insoo’s room.

Watching Kibum with Insoo is truly an endearing sight. Kibum hikes the little boy of nearly two up in his arms before using one hand to wipe his dark bangs off his forehead. Insoo whines softly and buries his face against his father’s shoulder. Kibum presses his lips to the boy’s shaggy hair as he bounces him up and down in his arms when he becomes a little fussy. Once Insoo settles down somewhat, Kibum walks over to where Jonghyun is sitting in the rocking chair. They dragged it out of Insoo’s room a few weeks ago to give a little more space for the child to play, and Jonghyun has taken a liking to the plush chair.

“Aigoo. Is my little man feeling?” Jonghyun takes Insoo when Kibum pulls him away from his chest. “Well, you’re just going to have to hang out with me in this chair until you feel better, huh?”

Insoo kneels on Jonghyun’s thighs and wraps his little arms around Jonghyun’s neck. Jonghyun pats his back gently with both hands until Kibum comes to sit on the arm of the chair. One hand is used to rub the top of Kibum’s thigh lovingly then.

“Sick…” Insoo mumbles to Jonghyun, reaching to rub his nose with his hand.

Kibum grabs a tissue to hold against his nose before he touches his nose. “Use a tissue, baby. Do you think I should call a doctor, Jonghyun?”

“I think he’ll be okay,” Jonghyun tells him softly. “It’s probably just a little cold,” he presses his hand against Insoo’s forehead. “And he doesn’t feel warm, so there’s probably no fever. I think he’ll be just fine in a day or two.”

“Are you sure? Oh, my little baby boy.”

Jonghyun chuckles softly as he watches Insoo fit himself against Jonghyun’s chest, resting his cheek against Jonghyun’s collarbone. “Don’t be so worried, babe. It’s a cold. Some sleep will do him good. I’ll sit here with him if there’s anything you need to get done. You’ve been running around with him all morning, so I’ll keep an eye on him.”

“There are some papers I need to get sorted and filed for work, but maybe I should run down to the convenience store to see what medicine I could find instead,” Kibum bites his thumb nail in worry.

“Kibum, I got him. He’ll be okay; let his immune system work it out. He won’t get stronger if you never let his immune system fight off these colds,” he takes the tissue from Insoo and dabs the boy’s nose once more. “Go do you what you need to. We’ll spend some father son time together here on the rocking chair.”

“If you’re sure, Jonghyun… Just… let me know if you think he needs something. I’ll get it.”

Kibum leaves his two boys there on the rocking chair to head into his shared office with Jonghyun. He’s not in there for more than twenty minutes before he hears Jonghyun’s snoring from the living room. Immediately he knows that Jonghyun was coaxed to sleep by the baby’s soft breaths. Kibum checks in on the two as he passes the living room on his way to make himself a cup of coffee. Jonghyun is out like a light, as is Insoo against his chest. For once, Insoo isn’t the one drooling in his slumber.