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Reference: Darth Vader

Model: Sara Jean Underwood

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This is my first submission for the YOI Shit Bang 2017!
I always wanted to take part in a Fandom Event like that and I am so happy I found the time to do so!

These pictures are accompanying pieces to @braveotabek Fanfiction Unfinished Duett, please have a look at it ^__^ 

Pictures: @aerili
Yuri P.: @alwinchen
Otabek: Me

Edit & Concept: Me


How To Say Fuck You (With Flowers)

Eighteen year old Yuri Plisetsky lives with his half brother, Viktor Nikiforov. Everything was fine when it was just the two of them; but now that Viktor went and fell in love with Yuuri Katsuki, things have changed. Yuri became Yurio and was promptly forgotten by his big brother who was too busy being lovey-dovey to his boyfriend to care what Yuri thought. When Yuuri moved in, the world ended. Now it was impossible for Yuri to exist in the house without having to deal with the lovebirds. At least once a day he storms out of the house and wanders the city. This time he runs into a a flowershop and develops an idea for revenge. What Plisetsky didn’t expect was falling in love with the flower shop’s handsome owner, Otabek Altin. Was it love? Or was it just a one time thing in the back office? 

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This is my contribution to the 2017 @yoi-shit-bang! I got to work with the lovely @inuleinonice who provided absolutely stunning cosplay photos for my fic. I hope you all enjoy this fic as I did work very hard on it. This is my first bang so I’m very excited!

Disclaimer: Unlike the pictures, this fic is NSFW due to the fact that Yuri and Otabek do the nasty in the back office.

I’m at AWA, and I saw these awesome skelebros, so I ran over to take a picture. They had a crowd, so I started heading away. Someone told me the skelebros wanted me to come back over, and then (classic) Sans said, “Tyrant?”
You have no idea how excited I felt. There’s an Undertale photoshoot tomorrow, so I’m super hype to show up as Red or Sans (still trying to figure out who to be) and hang out with everyone!
So, shout out to @ifellunderthecovers who’s the Sans in this pic! You did an awesome job on the masks, and I’ll be getting a ton more pictures tomorrow. ♡


This is my second entry for the YOI Shit Bang 2017! This is for the Fanfiction “How to say fuck you with flowers” by @otabaeplisetsky

@alwinchen lent me her Yurio Cosplay for it, it was my first time cosplaying as him ° v °

Picture: @aerili
Yurio & Edit: Me