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In case a bellarke kiss happens in s4 (I'm almost sure) Do you have any thought about how that kiss could be?

I know everyone’s all keen on Big Celebration Kisses or on quiet tender romantic kisses… and there’s the age old question of who should initiate?  Advantages for both, but I’m thinking… late season 4, after some big dramas… Clarke gives him some anvil-sized SIGNALS and then Bellamy makes a move.

Maybe play it super understated and like, they’re LOOKING AT EACH OTHER a lot for one episode, like noticeably a lot, and then like after the fracas is done and the audience is all 

“BUT WAIT there’s three whole minutes left and the main plot is ending what do we need these three minutes for??”

and then it shifts to Clarke going to Bellamy’s room and he’s sitting at a desk and she comes in and closes the door and they either make really small talk or like barely talk, and she gives him like A LOOK so he stands up, crosses the room, and kisses her

serious kissing

the two of them pulling off clothes and Clarke leans against the door and we get some real suggestive camera work and you see Bellamy kiss his way down her neck to stop and mouth at her collarbone then he goes completely out of frame IN A DOWNWARD MOTION and then 

cut to black                         

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I reread "Lips" and HOLY FUCKING SHIT. IT MADE ME FEEL THINGS AGAIN. DAMN so yeah, we need a part 2. But do so in your own time, and when you feel like. I know writing smut can be difficult. For me, I can't continue writing until I'm horny lol and then the words just flow. And once you get a good grip on it, you just go "bang bang a bangity bang!" *dabs* But please keep blessing us with your writing! 😄❤❤

I dunno what you’re talking about my smut making you feel things when YOUR smut is incredible, cutie :P and omg I see what you did there (and I think I love your sense of humor). And I think I’m probably going to start working on a Part 2 to Lips next (aka making it a full fic) :) if not next it’s definitely still happening! 

Knock, Knock Ch. 17: F is for... well, you know

Picks up right where Ch. 16 left off… the end of the date and then the beginning of the more enjoyable activities. This one is definitely M-rated, as my bestie @blazingbaubles has called it the bangpocalypse

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read this little story that I basically started as a coping mechanism for my own apartment’s super thin walls. I appreciate all the likes, reblogs, comments, asks…. everything. You guys are the best.

Now enjoy some smuff and get ready for some plot coming up in the next chapters!

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The evening had been beyond magical. The food had been mouthwatering, of course; the flowers had been among the most beautiful organisms she’d ever seen – stock photos and photoshopped calendars included. Killian had snagged a bottle of her favorite wine, a fruity one with hints of raspberry and blackberry – and the aroma of that mixed with the intoxicating scent of the surrounding flowers had been something even Emma’s imagination couldn’t have quite conjured.

The only thing that could have made the whole experience more like a fairy tale was if they’d actually seen the resident swans, but they weren’t quite that lucky.

(Or maybe they were very lucky, as Emma would later find out that swans could be the world’s biggest assholes and were known to attack without warning – and that would have been a massive buzzkill.)

They’d stayed at the Botanical Gardens until they were asked to leave, even the security guy somewhat regretful he had to escort them out – their bliss was positively written on their faces and no, Emma wasn’t the least bit ashamed.

If she’d had to suffer almost three decades of pain and all she got out of it was tonight? Well she honestly wouldn’t mind all that much.

The breeze was fairly gentle as Killian led her back toward the coast. The air smelled like sand and salt and a mixture of sugar and fried food – there was some kind of street fair going on not far from the marina and they were apparently downwind. She might have tried to convince him to veer off the path and grab a funnel cake or a Mexican chocolate sundae (the kitschy name for a sundae with cinnamon on it) if she hadn’t been entirely stuffed

– and also a totally different kind of hungry.

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Rebound (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Eyes swelling with new tears, you sniffled and pressed closer to Steve, your throat tight and aching, the lump too large to swallow past. 

“It’ll be alright,” He murmured, hand smoothing out your hair. You could only nod, your face pressed into his chest. He’d pulled one of his sweaters onto your earlier when he’d first discovered you, and you snuggled into it now, the large sleeves providing much needed warmth. 

“I just-I just-” You sobbed then, struggling to muffle the sound of your terrible bellows through the sleeves of his sweater. Steve only pulled you closer, his arms tightening around you. 

“He was an asshole, alright?” He started, his chin resting on top of your head. “He couldn’t see what was right in front of him, just-” Steve sighed then, turning his head so he could rest his cheek on the top of your head instead. “Forget about him." 

You nodded, wishing desperately that the memories of your boyfriend-ex boyfriend now-of the past year and a half would just disappear but they remained, a burning reminder of your failure. Because the truth was, your boyfriend wasn’t an asshole, in fact he was very kind and generous, but your work and lack of presence in the relationship had driven him away. So you’d come home that afternoon to find him sitting at the kitchen table in your apartment looking tearful and upset, but his mind had been made up. You knew that you should have been happy because hey, he was just looking out for his own good right? But all you wanted was for him to be holding you right now instead.

“Why couldn’t I see what I was doing?” You demanded, eyes spilling over again as you hiccuped, struggling to breathe through your congested nose. “We talked about marriage, and kids and now-n-now-” You choked back a sob and sniffled into Steve’s shirt, whimpering as you desperately tried to remain quiet. This was so very embarrassing.

“I’m sorry (Y/N)…” Steve murmured, sighing quietly afterwards. “I’m really sorry this had to happen to you…But maybe, it was for the best. Did you really want to lose your dream job because he couldn’t understand the importance of what you do?”

“Nonono!” You insisted, pulling away from him so you could look at him, quickly wiping your red, itchy eyes. “I was in the wrong! I couldn’t just put him first for once…take some time off…come home on time…” You burst into more tears, your lip trembling uncontrollably. 

“Please don’t cry,” Steve begged softly, pulling you even closer to his body, if that was even possible. “You know I hate seeing a lady cry.”

You pulled yourself away from him for a moment, though his hands stayed on your arms as you peered up at him.

“Do you think I should call him?” You asked, voice shaking as you struggled to suppress tears. Steve frowned at you before rubbing away the mascara underneath your eyes with his thumbs.

“No baby girl, I don’t,” He sighed, dropping his hands so he could look at you. You dropped your gaze when you heard his nickname for you, ignoring how it made your cheeks heat. Your boyfriend had never liked it when Steve had called you that…He’d hated it to be honest.

But who cared about what he thought now? Steve was the one who was here, Steve was the one who was consoling you and telling you everything would be okay, with his pretty pink lips drawn into a pout.

You’d always known Steve had had a thing for you, hell everyone did. Steve knew you were aware of it as well, but he was kind enough to never speak about it, especially since you had had a boyfriend.


You turned your gaze up to Steve suddenly, your eyes raking over his rigid jaw and the way he was tugging on his lower lip with his teeth as he gazed at the wall beside your bed, lost in thought, as usual. You’d always had a small thing for Steve, I mean who wouldn’t? 

The idea of kissing him was suddenly all too appealing and you paused for a moment, heart beating wildly in your chest as you mulled over the idea.

Should you do it? Would he be upset? What if he didn’t even like you anymore? What if he pushed you away?

Steve turned towards you then, shoulders slouched as he dropped his hands into his lap, his gaze lingering on your mouth for a moment too long before he was meeting your own lingering gaze.

Man, what the hell.

Without another thought you grasped the sides of his face tightly within your hands and pulled him harshly towards you, ignoring his widening eyes as you feverishly pressed your mouth against his. It was chaste and quick, your mouths pressed tightly against one another’s before you were hooking a hand around the back of his neck and pulling him closer to you.

Steve grunted in surprise, a hand landing on your thigh as he struggled to maintain his balance from where he sat on the edge of your bed. He wrenched himself away from you suddenly, gasping for air as he stared at you, dumbfounded.

“What-what’re you doing?” He demanded in a soft tone, blue eyes blown wide.

“Kissing you,” You responded breathlessly, palms on his jaw as you dragged him back in. His mouth landed on yours with a muffled grunt and you tugged him forward again. Steve let out a surprised yelp as he fell forwards, hands landing heavily on the bed as he held himself above you, careful not to crush you. 

“(Y/N),” Steve said, staring down at you confusedly, cheeks dark with blush. “What are you doing?!” 

You stared up at him from where you lay on the bed beneath his much, much larger body and suddenly you felt your chest tighten, your breath catching in your throat. Embarrassment and a deep sense of regret had your ribs feeling as if they were about to cave in and you quickly averted your gaze, your hands landing on his arms as you struggled to push him away.

“I-I am so sorry,” You murmured, voice shaky as you moved to roll away from him. However Steve’s arms stayed firmly in place, hands placed on either side of your head and acting like a cage of sorts. 

Cheeks hot and stomach twisting, you demanded that he move again, voice even more unsteady than the last time you had spoken. Your stomach rolled when he spoke.

“Don’t tempt me like this.”

It was breathy and dark, his voice deep and scratchy. It was almost as if you could hear the blood rushing through your veins, your breath caught in your throat as you turned your gaze to meet his own steel blue one.

His pupils were blown wide, jaw clenched.

“Pardon?” You demanded softly, confused at his sudden behavior. There was no way Steve was this-this aroused. No. Yes, you knew that Steve had a crush on you, but he was the gentleman, America’s hero, the do-gooder who said no to vulnerable women. He wasn’t supposed to cage them in and stare at them like his will was draining by the second and at any moment he would-

“I don’t give a damn anymore,” He whispered harshly and you frowned, a small squeak escaping your parted lips just as Steve allowed his body to fall, pressing it tightly against your own and pinning you against the bed as his hands tangled in your hair, his mouth pressing hot, open mouthed kissed against your jaw.

“Steve!” You gasped, eyes widened in almost comical shock as your gaze landed on the ceiling above you. His actions had caught you off guard and a soft moan nearly slipped from between your lips as his grip on your hair tightened and he forced you to tilt your jaw upwards, further exposing your neck.

“I don’t care if I’m your God damn rebound,” He growled into your ear, breath hot as he breathed heavily against your dampening skin. “I’ll be the best God damn rebound you’ve ever had.”



[Flashback from here] Sasuke came back after his Shawshank redemption trip. Did the frick frack stuff with Sakura. Left her for the sharingan collection thing. Had no idea about Sakura’s pregnancy. Let her push Sarada out of her vagina alone. Returned again. “I’ll take the responsibility”. Shotgun marriage without wedding picture. Draco Uchiha appears. “I must leave to protect you and Sarada”. Then left again. 

[Flashback ends] Meet Sarada after 12 fucking years. Brief explanation, awkward feel trip. Then “I still have a bunch of enemies to deal with, I couldnt stay with you and mama, of course to protect you”. Then leaves forever. And Hollywood remakes “Into the Woods”, producer Kishimoto Masashi, main character Uchiha Sasuke, and the Woods of course.


Sarada will be the Bring-back-Papasuke team leader.

They will meet, of course. NaruKushi parrallel again. 

Sarada: Are you and mama my parents? How did you create me?” 

Sasuke be like: “So kid, this is how i met your mother”,

[Flashback from here]

[Sasuke’s POV to Sakura - Naruto part 1: the blushed scene, Chuunin exam moments and chapter 181 “Thank you”]

“how I fell in love with her” 

[Sasuke’s POV to Sakura - Naruto Shippuden: the hug and eye smex in the desert, “you’re damn annoying” genjutsu, “I’m sorry Sakura” and pre-699 the forehead fetish]

“how I took her to my world trip”

[Sasuke’s POV to Sakura - Came back. “Tadaima. Let’s elope, Sakura!”. Travelled the word helping people. Became Bill and Melinda Gates 2.0 ]

“how I made your mama’s boobs bigger”

[Sasuke’s POV to Sakura: …bang bang bangity bang…]

“how you were born”

[Sasuke’s POV again, tears of happiness and the feel trip]

“how i became Itachi 2.0 had to leave to protect you and your fine ass mama”

[Sasuke’s POV again, tears of sadness and the angsty trip]

“how I’ve been coming home back and forth to check on you and explosively passionately did the rabbit thing with your mama”

[Flashback ends. Draco Uchiha fabulously takes the spotlight]

Papasuke Sarada fusion dance, then kick that Itachi fanboy’s ass.

Sasuke’s flashback of Fugaku: “That’s my boy !”

Papasuke pokes Sarada’s forehead: “That’s OUR girl !”

Sarada takes Sasuke home. Sasuke meets his Sakubae. 

[Fluffy touchy feely sexy moments]

Then Sarada be like: “Wait! How about that woman with glasses?” and show them the controversial photo.

Sasuke: “Who’s this bitch???”

Sakura: “Who’s this bitch???”

Sasusaku fandom: “Who’s this bitch?”

Naruto fandom: “Who’s this bitch?”

Kishimoto: “Damn I forgot Karin again!!!”

And they live happily ever after. Oh, and timeskip, pink haired green eyed Uchiha twins.

How Bog and Marianne Torture the Fuck out of Dawn

AKA Bog’s Revenge

Dawn: [twisting her fingers together] So… You two don’t have…

Marianne: [tilting her head innocently] Have what?

Bog: [wisely nodding] If you don’t say it, Dear, we can’t understand.

Dawn: [getting more flustered] Uh… um… I mean… uh… you two don’t… or you do…

Bog: Go on, love. Use your words.

Marianne: You know you wanna say it.

Dawn: [defeated, beginning to recognize how this could go downhill real fucking fast] … never mind.

Marianne: So you don’t wanna know what Bog and I do at night?

Dawn: No.

Bog: Are you sure.

Dawn: NO.

Marianne: ♫♫♫ I feel a song coming on! :)

Dawn: NO.



Marianne and Bog: 🎶🎶 I SAID A BANG BANG 🎶🎶



Bog: A BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!





Dawn: [narrowly avoiding getting hit by leggings] WHY MEEEE!