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team 7 future headcanons

  • first thing nardo does as hokage is to revamp konoha’s childcare system and create a working system of orphanages and foster care that doesn’t funnel parentless children into lives of abuse and/or neglect
  • sai becomes a jounin leader and he loves his genin so much h o l y  s h i t. he also gets a shitload of tattoos and some of them come to life and also he’s a super embarrassing dad jounin like. kakashi is so proud
  • sakura manages to balance teaching the next generation of super strong medical ninja, being konoha’s chief medical officer and also learning to count cards because she learns from tsunade’s mistakes
  • sasuke takes a long journey and becomes a bit of legend for a few years before he returns and rebuilds uzushiogakure (bc lbr oto wasn’t a nice place) and takes in orphans and missing nin sasuke approves of and they are dedicated to peacekeeping. it is the best ninja village and he and naruto have passive aggressive contests to see who can have the best health infrastructure or lowest taxes and sasuke’s hat is fancier than naruto’s
  • kakashi continues to be a gross bachelor who is totally not dating gai and yamato and continues the icha icha legacy in his spare time and into retirement except that he never retires because he’s not that old thank you very much
  • yamato is freed and kakashi pays for all his lunches for like a week which is the most romantic thing ever. he’s heavily involved with nard’s orphanage projects because he’s a big mama bear and loves to look after the kids