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Haikyuu - Criminal AU

This au is thought up by two artists, @nekokat42 and me, we’re not trying to write so the AU is just a bunch of events without an actual plot (for now- we’re open to collaborate w/ writers tho ^^)

The au is very violent and very sad. If you don’t like seeing your favs getting hurt, it’s probably not for you!

the HQ teams are criminal families. The captains are heads of these families.

The characters are aged up to mid thirties, the youngest is Akane at 18.

There are big time gaps between these events:

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Some of the Best Brobecks Performances

If You Like It Or Not, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah

Visitation of the Ghost, 2013, LA, California

Die Alone, 2013, LA, California 

Le Velo Pour Deux, 2007, Hollywood, California

C’mon Vietnam, 2010, Layton, Utah

Small Cuts, 2009, Taylorsville, Utah

Bike Ride, 2099, Taylorsville, Utah

Boring, 2013, LA, California

If You Like It Or Not, 2008, Hollywood, California

Bike Ride, 2006, Provo, Utah

I’ll Be Fine, Really, 2006, Riverside, California

You Stole My Head, 2008, Riverside, California 

Better Than Me, 2005, Salt Lake City, Utah

Small Cuts, 2008, Unknown Location

Goodnight, Socialite, 2008, Unknown Location (the famous hands thing)

I’d Be A Punk If My Mom Would Let Me, 2010, Orem, Utah

The Nerve, 2010, Orem, Utah

Why I Don’t Smile, 2007, El Paso, Texas

Second Boys Will Be First Choice, 2008, Provo, Utah

Small Cuts, Le Velo Pour Deux and Visitation of the Ghost, 2008, Hollywood, California

Claustrophobic | Draco Malfoy Imagine.

I combined two request hope you don’t mind x

Request 1: Draco x reader. The reader is claustrophobic and pansy locks her in a broom cupboard to keep her from going in to hogsmead with Draco 

Request 2: Imagines where reader is studying really late and then when she’s on her way back to meet draco Pansy does something horrible to the reader and Draco feels like it’s his fault.

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The Shooting Pt. 2 // 13rw Group

The Shooting

13 Reasons Why Cast x Reader


A/N: Finnalllyyyyy part 2 to this series. alot of you guys liked it. im really happy you did. Much love for all of you.

Warnings: Cussing, Graphic Imaging  


Running, is all I remember. The feeling of sweat was nonexistent. I wasn’t gonna let myself stop for a break because I knew what would happen.

//Flashback To This Morning\

“Tyler, sweetie do you want lunch?” Tyler’s mom yells to the closed door of his bedroom.

Tyler grabs his school things and an extra bag full of nightmares. “No, I’m not gonna need it.” he says loudly. Then under his breath “I don’t think lunch will be held today.”

\The Present//

*bang* *bang*

You stop by a near by classroom “Please let me in, god please” you cry. The window blinds shift and nothing happens. You slowly slide down the door and just cry in your hands. Your worst nightmare has became real. Tyler Down is the Liberty High shooter.

“(Y/N), what are you doing out here.” Clay whispers and kneels down next to me.

You look up with mascara down your face mid panic attack. “It- it’s Ty- Tyler.” You look up at him. “It’s Tyler.”

Clay lifts you up and grabs you hand as he leads you into a janitors closet. He hold you tightly as you hear silence. “It’s gonna be okay. It’s okay.”

“It’s too quiet” you whisper to yourself. You look and a jerk to the door. The classroom you just were wanting to be in was full of screams.

You gasp and Clay holds his hand over your mouth. “Be quiet!” He whispers.

The screaming went to silence in seconds. And all you can hear is footsteps running in every direction.

\Mrs. Bradley’s Classroom//

“Justin, Justin help me block the door with the cabinets.” Mrs. Bradley points to Justin.

“Sure Mrs. B” Justin grabs the cabinet and places over the door. Then continues comfort the sobbing girls.

*bang* *bang*

Justin gets up and looks in the window.

“Please let me in, god please!”

Mrs. Bradley motions Justin to sit down even though you were standing out there crying. Justin couldn’t help but shed a tear to hear the sobbing girl begging for her life.

The slam of the cabinet falling over made everyone scream. Then the gunshots.

Mrs. Bradley jumped in front of the students and got shot 4 times. Everyone scrambled in the room. Running out and dying in the room, Justin with them.


“Clay, Clay oh my god we have to check on them” you sob looking into his eyes.

“No, (Y/N). We can’t it’s too risky. We’ll die.” Clay scream whispers at you.

“I don’t give a fuck if I die, at least I’m checking if someone is alive.” You scream at him as you stand up and open the door. You walked into Mrs. Bradley’s room. You slowly put your and to you mouth as tears run down your face. Looking into the mess of blood everywhere. You run to Justin and kneel down soaking your jeans in blood. You grab his hand the was once firmly pressed on his bullet wound and raise it to your face. “Justin. Stay with me please. Justin” you cry. Knowing that he was long gone.

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- You Can’t Have My Heart by AnAverageGirl15

To unify two worlds after centuries of war, Kara Zor-El, Princess of Krypton, must marry the Prince of Daxam.

Assigned to protect the Kryptonian Princess, Mon-El of the Royal Guard, will face his biggest challenge yet.

- my heart is blind by thoroughlytrash

Mon-El waited, and waited, and waited, but no letters showed up on his skin. Not on his wrist, not further up his arm, not anywhere on his body.
In which Mon-El arrives to Earth only two years after Kara, in which he isn’t her soulmate, and in which the fact that he’s her first kiss (her first everything) seems to mean a bit too much.(In which soulmate marks appear on your skin when you turn eighteen.)

- Mating Season by Fanfic_or_bust

It’s spring time in National City and Kara and Mon-El have been feeling strangely lately. They’ve both snapping at everyone, and their sex drives have been increasing at an alarming rate. It’s been getting worse and worse for a while but they’ve been able to hide it, but as they wake up one day out of control and they get themselves into an uncomfortable situation at the DEO, they find themselves locked up so Alex, Winn, and J'onn can figure out what is happening to our heroes.

- Betrayal Never Comes From Enemies by KaramelHaven

Betrayal never comes from your enemies. It’s a lesson Kara and Mon-El have learned the hard way, and in the worst way possible. A deep trauma and horrifying situation set in motion the fracturing of one of the soundest partnerships, shattering all parties involved. Years later, it appears no closer to healing. But, then again, the supers don’t seem at all keen to heal anything with anyone. They just want to protect each other and the city and be left in peace.

- 30 Day OTP Challenge by KaramelHaven

To help with the hiatus, just going to try my hand at doing a 30 Day OTP Challenge for Karamel :-) I’ll try to post every day, maybe even twice a day at times, and I’ll be adding tags and characters as they come up ;-)

- one hundred ways to say “I love you” by gracecastellan

“People say I love you all the time- when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or 'hurry back,’ or even 'watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it- you just have to listen for it, my dear.” -John Patrick, The Curious Savage. Inspired by a list of one hundred ways to say “I love you,” one hundred one-shots of Kara Danvers and Mon-El, from friendship to lovers and everything in between. 

- to the well of stars and back by shipwreckinabottle

“He is not the same as us,” the man says, “Mon-El is our father’s mad dog, set loose from his cage whenever diplomacy fails. The Harbinger of Death, as he is known. I hope you’ll do well to tame him, Kara of Krypton.”

The twelve noble houses of Daxam are at war, and the only solution for the centuries of bloodshed and strife might take the form of an arranged marriage between a bastard prince from Daxam, and a Kryptonian girl from Earth.

AU; Arranged marriage.

- Man on the Moon by ShadowJaySmith

AU~ Mon-El Matthews is an author who hates his book. Kara Danvers is a reporter who also hates his book. They meet for coffee to discuss it, and eventually, a small interview becomes a relationship that means a lot more to both of them. (One Shot)

- Camp Falling Star by Fanfic_or_bust

Summer Camp AU!
Mon-El crashed to Earth six months ago, landing near the Matthews’ family home on their remote camp ground. They took him in, but he hasn’t had the easiest time adjusting to life on Earth. When summer comes around, Carol and Phil Matthews decide that he should work as a counselor at the couple’s summer camp, thinking it would be good for him to meet new people. He’s been expecting to hate it and dreading it for weeks. And then he sees her. The girl with the blue eyes. Can summer camp be fun, after all?

- It’s Just Cuddling by xxashleyxx

“He didn’t know how in Rao’s name this had happened. How she’d managed to succeed in moving into this position was beyond him. And he swore this time he was actually sleeping when it happened.” – Sequel to It’s Just Sleeping. Mon-El wakes up the next morning with Kara still in his arms…and in an interesting position. He tries (and fails) to keep his cool.

- For Love by bilgegungoren00

 Blue for Kara’s comet-like eyes and trust, yellow for her golden hair and sunshine, white for her light and purity, and red for passion and love.

Or Kara and Mon-El are finally getting married, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by kryptonstydia

Karamel fiction based on the song Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra. Alternate alien lives.

- i’ve gotten in over my head by thoroughlytrash

Kara, for some reason, enjoys running her fingers through Mon-El’s hair.

- Let’s Talk About Sex by xxashleyxx

“‘This is serious, Mon-El.’ She turned her body so that she sat cross legged and faced him. He dropped his can of soda back on the table and pressed the off button on the TV remote. ‘I want to know right now why you won’t have sex with me.’” – Kara had been patiently waiting for him to make the first move. Kara’s tired of being patient. Takes place before 2x14: The Homecoming, sort of.

- Contact by harcourt

Daxamites can’t go too long without physical contact. (Whether that’s hugging/cuddling or full sex and hormonal release is up to you.) Mon-El worries that Kara and company and their prudish alien mores will not understand, so he refuses to tell anyone about it. After going without for too long, Mon-El collapses and comes on/confesses to the nearest person in the feverish aftermath.

When something goes wrong with Mon-El, the DEO puts him back in containment, in case he’s a hazard. It’s not helpful.

- Coffee Fixes the Universe by I am not sure I like this show (thisisnotanendorsement)

Kara has memories people tell her make her crazy, of abilities and aliens. She’s trying to live a normal life when she meets a guy in a coffee shop that she remembers and stumbles onto a world that both is and isn’t from her dreams.

- The Lion & The Rose by Sunflower_Nation

The dark world of organized crime, drugs, money, and power. An assassin. And a girl without a heart or a home. Upperclass Criminal AU. A Karamel fic.

- A Favorite of Lirra by handlewithkara

Mon-El has never been the religious type.

children of light by shipwreckinabottle

we must bring
our own light
into the darkness


in which Kara Zor-El is a Child of Light, born once a thousand years, destined to keep the darkness at bay.

- Please Leave an Affirming Note by TheMeddaFiction

“Oh, nothing really important dear. I’m just putting up this bulletin board for the tenants to write down some notes for the others. Just you know? Some friendly greetings and comments to each other for you to get to know each other.”

Or, Kara returned back to her apartment and found a new bulletin board that encourages her to get to know her new neighbor, when she never paid attention to them. Could this sparks a relationship, or cause hatred between them.

- Sunshine In Your Smile by canonickaramel

There’s a flower shop on the corner and a girl inside with a smile so radiant it might as well be the sun.

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Unhealthy relationship fics?? Can't find any other than a handful of one shots.

not sure if you’ve read these already, but these are some that I know of! you can probably find more in our psychopath jungkook and psychopath tae tags^^

Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) by eclairdeluxe - In a realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding love.

Parallel lines by tbz - But if they were to start over and meet again for the first time, Jungkook would rather want them to be like parallel lines. Similar and harmonious in every which way, but never to connect and touch.

Abaddon’s Waltz by eclairdeluxe - Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

Pretty When You Cry by GloriousSloth - They’re fucked up, but Jungkook decides he doesn’t care.

If your heart was full of love (could you give it up?) by Doeeyedmisfit - Jungkook finds the utmost pleasure when others so willingly submit to him, but even that sometimes becomes just-old, repetitive, boring. Especially to Jungkook, a being who lives for the thrill.And even though Taehyung has been nothing but compliant, Jungkook isn’t stupid, neither is he unobservant to not see the sparks of defiance in those huge, stunning eyes, how something akin to fire would ignite and diminish so quick, it may be passed as a trick of the mind to someone not completely immersed as Jungkook. He wants to see just how much Taehyung could endure before surrendering to the dark shadows that lick at him. Jungkook is positive that he will, just enough exposure to the worst of things, and you can forget that this world had any good to begin with. After all, angels are just demons playing pretend.

Bang Bang, You Shot Me Down by taehansik - Revenge [noun]
• The livid desire to repay the pain with which one has been afflicted. “Revenge, Jungkook, is a dish best served cold. Fuck that.” Taehyung said with a grin, “It’s hot outside and my blood is boiling. Together, baby, we’ll serve it ablaze.”

Vkook as HarleyQuinnxJoker by BloodLikeRoyalty - Kim Taehyung is a psychiatrist that is supposed to evaluate Gotham’s most dangerous criminal—Jungkook aka The Joker. His initial motivation was to have a breakthrough in his career, but he slowly begins to realize that there could be another side to the city’s Clown King.

The Psychotic series by Mochisshi - Jungkook is the heir to the biggest gang empire in South Korea, BTS. Kim Taehyung is his right hand man as well as his lover.  They both are psychotic but that’s what makes them perfect for one another.

Trouble is my business by deliriouslyaddicted - Jeon Jungkook thinks the world revolves around Kim Taehyung; don’t tell him otherwise. Kim Taehyung is maybe a little bit too obsessed with ruining what is his. i.e. when Jungkook met his Dominant in high school, his life turned upside down.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

In The Name of Love (Chris Jericho x Reader)

Context: Would you risk it all to protect the one you love? Reader’s job is dangerous…but this time it may come at the cost of Chris’ life.

**A/N: ** I had about three thousand television shows and movies running through my head for this one: Hunger Games, Criminal Minds, Codename Kids Next Door, 24. I just took all of them and ran with. Anyways, the song choice is “In The Name of Love” by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha.

**SB: ** I know I said this will be written in the next two weeks but hey, it’s done now. I might write a sequel. I might not. Chris doesn’t get enough stories involving him.

***WARNINGS *** MYSTERY; CONSPIRACIES; MURDER; SLIGHTLY NSFW (Idk what else. If you watched any of the shows named above then yeah. That’s what I’m going with.)

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“If I told you this was only gonna hurt

If I warned you that the fire’s gonna burn

Would you walk in?

Would you let me do it first?

Do it all in the name of love”…

Case File: Romeo-Echo-Victor-Echo-November-Golf-Echo (REVENGE)

Good evening to all members of the Secret Society,

     We have found the second in command agent, who successfully infiltrated our ranks, before we were able to take over the Capitol. Because of this agent, many of our former leaders lost their freedom in the fight. This is our new mission for revenge. Eliminate the agent and everything she loves. She’s extremely talented. The plans for the future have changed and are in motion. You know where to find me.


         Being married to an FBI agent, especially one who was second in command of an entire branch, is difficult when you’re already in the public eye. Chris Jericho is a man who is more than a professional wrestler, musician, and an actor. He is my husband and an amazing one at that. For that reason, I was always worried about him, about me, about our family, and the current state of the government. I couldn’t risk a thing; not after the last incident.

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❝ You won't get away again. ❞ 

Zankyou N O Terror Playlist ;;

dare ka umi wo // aimer ✢ prayer in c // lilly wood & the prick ✢ bang bang (my baby shot me down) // nancy sinatra ✢ home is where you hang yourself // her space holiday ✢ forest fires // lauren aquilina ✢ lydia // highly suspect ✢ BITE // troye sivan ✢ is // pop etc ✢ warriors // imagine dragons ✢ paint it black // the rolling stones ✢ undisclosed desires // muse ✢ lilo // lauren aquilina ✢ fitzpleasure // alt-j ✢ trigger // yoko kanno


“What if”: The Epilogue

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: Okay so, the epilogue is official ending. If you want to believe part 8 as your ending, you could.Thanks and enjoy! (I highly advise you re-read part 1, for a better understanding)

Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

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by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary:  A sequel to Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down. Post-all things, Scully finally catches up to Mulder.  Spoilers for pretty much half of season 6 and 7, but if you haven’t caught up by now, why are you here?

Trust Mulder to tell Scully he was in love with her one minute and then turn around and run off with Diana Fowley in the next.  It stung.  Badly.  Not just that he’d trusted Fowley over her, but that he’d accused her of letting her personal feelings cloud her judgment.  It was a long time before she could forgive him of that.  

She never doubted the sincerity of his confession, but the desertion and the accusation that came so quickly later threatened to dismantle both their personal and professional relationship.  The trust that had been so hard won between them became all but lost overnight.

Whether he knew it or not, Mulder, it seemed to her, turned to outside sources to fill the space she once filled.  His random, late night phone calls stopped, and she assumed it was due to the tension between them, and it probably was, but when she found out about his friendship with Karin Berquist, it made sense to her.  She could see that Mulder and Karin were lonely, kindred spirits, even if he could not.  It pained her to think of him like that, and it became the catalyst of her desire to see them once again on better terms.

Progress was still slow.  He had that same look in his eyes when she’d nearly had her heart torn out of her chest on his living room floor as he did when she’d been shot in the gut.  And though he held her while she cried and she had to reassure him many times that she was fine, the usual overt gestures weren’t there.  He didn’t offer to stay with her, he didn’t ask if she was sleeping okay, he didn’t even crack a joke about it.

Then he had confused her by coaxing her out late one evening to play baseball.  It was the happiest she’d seen him in a long time.  He was relaxed and it made her relaxed as well.  He made her laugh and just for a few hours, everything felt right again.  Not long after that, the return of Diana Fowley changed everything again.

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「° 。 ☾ . bang bang (you shot me down) — (dommie&sarah) ❞


               Imagine-se em uma situação parecida com esta: caso alguém o confronte, ameaçando com sua varinha mágica, você enfrentaria este ser ou se afastaria? Pois Domhnall, um ser desprovido de qualquer medo, decidira, então, por enfrentar Sarah, a filha da Fada Madrinha. De tal forma crescera dentro ambos um desgosto mútuo. Não poderia culpar a outra por isto, afinal, ele não tentara em nada para que a morena não lhe odiasse. Em verdade, apenas tornara aquela situação pior ao ameaça-la constantemente com sua flauta, assim como ela o ameaçava com sua varinha. Ameaças estas que poderiam ficar apenas do lado de fora das salas de aulas, contudo, os dois jovens não se contentavam e até mesmo dentro de salas de aulas era possível ouvi-los trocando farpas e mais farpas, ao ponto dos professores levarem-nos para a detenção diversas vezes. Ora, caro leitor, se porventura alguém o confrontasse ameaçando-o com sua varinha mágica, você o enfrentaria ou se afastaria? Para Domhnall, afastar seria a melhor opção naquele momento, entretanto, não possuía qualquer oportunidade de fazê-lo. Depois de uma grande discussão dentro de sala de aula, impedindo que um professor continuasse a lecionar aos alunos que desejavam aprender e não discutir entre si — palavras do docente. Sendo assim, o rapaz e a jovem garota foram conduzidos à uma salinha onde apenas ele e ela estavam. O local bloqueava qualquer encanto e, mesmo quando Dommie tentara encantar a sala com sua flauta, não conseguira, desgostoso com a situação. Seria obrigado a olhar para Sarah o tempo todo sem poder encantá-la para que calasse a boca? Só poderia ter ido parar no inferno. ❛ Klootzak! ❜ Incrédulo ele deixou a fala escapar. Poderia ouvir sua mãe dizer que não deveria utilizar palavras de tão baixo calão, contudo, diante daquela situação, não pudera evitar.

* This is not what I intended for you, Reyes. | LISTEN

1. Soap&Skin - Me And The Devil | 2. Jo Blankenburg -  Valkyrie | 3. The Spiritual Machines - Couldn’t Stop Caring | 4. Delta Rae - I Will Never Die | 5. Karliene - Become The Beast | 6. Benjamin Wallfisch & Disa - New World Coming | 7. Nico Vega - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  | 8. Archive - Bullets | 9. Position Music - Hellborn | 10. The Civil Wars - Devil’s Backbone | 11. Him - (Don’t Fear) The Reaper | 12. Tom Waits - Green Grasse | 13. The Civil Wars - You are my sunshine