I just finished watching the MADE movie and there was something Taeyang said towards the end of the film that really struck a chord with me. 

He started by mentioning how the term ‘Big Bang’ itself refers to a beginning in the universe. And then he continued that similarly, the five of them as Big Bang are always seeking new heights, always looking for new ideas - concepts that no one else has done - to try out. So in a way, they’re always beginning. And that even ten years on, they’re just at the beginning. 

What a beautiful and poetic way to summarise their entire career thus far as five. As sad as I am that a hiatus is nearing, Taeyang’s words were a great source of comfort and a reminder of why us fans admire them and their work so much. 

So here’s to many more beginnings with Big Bang ♡♡♡

Reblog this is you love your idols for who they are whether they have abs or not! I don't care if my bias have abs I'd rather see him/her eat and be happy than to starve and have abs! I care about their happiness! And love them for who they are not their bodies!!

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***Journal 3 Spoilers Below***

“Stanley Pines was the man who saved the world, not me. … If I’m totally honest, I must admit that he’s a hero and I’m…a hero’s brother. And I’m OK with that.”

I have a lot of feelings. ;_;