Banehallow Rules!!!

I played DotA with my brother tonight. We played three rounds on random mode (two 5v5 rounds and one 3v3) and one round on single draft mode. I didn’t win even once in random mode ‘cause he was lucky with his heroes.

In the first round, I got Crystal Maiden and he got Doom Bringer so every time I walk past him on the map, I die. Yeah, Crystal Maiden is that weak against Doom’s final skill. My brother loved that fact so he kept on chasing and killing me.


In the second round, I got Ancient Apparition and he got Oblivion (Pugna). I killed him and got FIRST BLOOD! >:) “I killed him” sounded kinda eerie. Anyway, Pugna is such a great pusher that he ended up farming here and there. He got so many god items and he killed us like cockroaches. My AI teammates were useless! Pugna ate them alive. So, I lost again.


In the final round on random mode, I was really hoping to get a pusher type. I got Thrall and he got Furion. He’s so freakin’ lucky… Anyway I thought I can pawn him non-stop so he can’t push. Unfortunately, when he reached level 6 he got the BoT skill of Furion so he just kept on running away from me so, yeah, he managed to push AGAIN until I lost.


I was starting to get pissed with my luck so I told him that the next game will be our last round and we will play single draft mode. My choices were Phantom Assasin, Holy Knight, and Banehallow! Of course I picked Banehallow! He’s my third favorite hero. My brother got all excited too 'cause he got Stonehoof. Man, Stonehoof is really strong in 6.68 but Banehallow is just too awesome for him. I kept pushing until I got Power Treads, Vladimir’s offering, Battle Fury, Vanguard, and Assault Cuirass. I harassed the enemy heroes by letting my dogs chase them. :))


As the game progressed I can see my brother getting pissed because his beloved Stonehoof can’t even bruise me. Gaaaaaaahhhhh!!! You should see his face whenever I get to kill Stonehoof! Priceless. :)))) And he kept uttering excuses why Stonehoof died. My cousin and I always laugh secretly when we play together and my brother starts making up excuses when he’s losing. He just hates losing. So do his kids.

I have to learn more about the items. I want to beat him on random mode next time. Wish me luck! ;)

Banehallow, Lycanthrope

 A.  Strength Hero

 B.  Hint: Get him Strength items

1.  Beginning LvL 1-7:

·         3 x Ironwood Branch

·         Magic Stick

·         Animal Courier

·         Boot of Speed

·         Magic Wand

·         Flying Courier Scroll

·         Bracer (Circlet of Nobility, Gauntlets of Ogre, Bracer Scroll

·         Ring of Health

2.  Mid-Game LvL 8-15:

·         Strength Treads (Boot of Speed, Glove of Haste, Belt of Giant)

·         Perseverance (Ring of Health, Void Stone)

·         Mask of Madness (Mask of Death, Mask of Madness Scroll)

·         Battlefury (Perseverance, Claymore, Broadsword)

3.  Late-Game LvL 16-25:

·         Treads

·         Mask of Madness

·         Sell Bracers

·         Radiance (Sacred Relic, Radiance Recipe)

·         Heart Of Tarrasque (Messerschmidt’s Reaver, Vitality Booster, Heart of Tarrasque Scroll) or kill Roshan and get his Aegis

·         Battlefury (Perseverance, Claymore, Broadsword)

·         Assault Cuirass (Hyperstone, Plate Mail, Chain Mail, Assault Cuirass Scroll)

·         Black King Bar (***If Necessary)