Blue Shirt, Red Shirt - Spock and Sulu

Spock stepped into the Botany lab. He noted the abundance of plants flourishing in their planters and inside of controlled environmental containers. There were no plants that he knew from Vulcan. There hadn’t been time to save any of the flora or fauna. What samples they had were from Vulcan colonies that the Empire had allowed to continue due to their productivity and potential for profit. The illogic of waste in this instance was not a problem.

He ran his finger along the edge of a philodendron’s split leaf, noting how close to the color of blood the green was. Many of Earth’s plants were the same shade as Vulcan blood while Vulcan’s sands at sunset matched the red blood of the terrans’.

“Mr. Sulu,” he said, standing in an open area. “I have always wondered why you are not wearing a blue shirt when you are so well educated in the sciences. You would have been an asset to my department, although the opportunity for advancement is more common in operations and command. I need you to assign the Captain protection. I find that I am unable to devote my time to him and do my duties as First Officer and Science Officer.” 

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Most days, T'Androma took her console on the bridge before she was assigned to, which meant the next round of crewmen typically arrived for their shifts after she did. She preferred it this way. 78% of her time on-duty was spent working the Planetary Science console, which allowed her to form an unspoken familiarity with the rest of the bridge members.

But today seemed to be different. A certain pilot had arrived to his post earlier than her for the first time since T'Androma joined the ship. This, of course, she did not take well. She was unsure whether or not Sulu arrived early in an intentional effort to send the message that she had some reason to feel threatened, or if he simply had business to attend to at the helm which could not wait until his shift actually started. Either way, she was cautious, and remained silent until she took her chair.

“Something I may assist you with, Mister Sulu?”