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sebastian is that character that you love to hate, you spend the entire saga hating him and waiting for him to die and then CASSANDRA CLARE JUST DOES THIS THING WHERE YOUR HEART BREAKS AND ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS PROTECT THAT POOR CHILD WITH DADDY ISSUES


I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF😂 I finally discovered how to put texts on gifs…so expect a lot more.


Shadowhunters vs Ao3 tags  Part 1/??

Imagine “listening” to Magnus when he talks about Alec and vice versa.

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Magnus: Read my list back to me.

You: Okay?? Margarita mix, a dozen Ashwinder eggs, rose thorns, peppermint, moonstone, toothpaste, and a deck of cards.

Magnus: One more thing: I need Alexander.

You: Meaning?

Magnus: I just need Alexander Lightwood. Go ask if he’s single. 

You rolled your eyes

You: Alec, wait up! *jogs over to him and is a tall caramel frappucino next to the Empire State Building* Magnus needs -

Alec: Magnus is quite magical, is he not?

You: I’m done! Just go make out with him!!!


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Masterlist Request things!!


By me😂 Stayed up late on a school night editing it because I just couldn’t resist. For those who don’t know spanish: ‘Dios mio’ means 'my God’ , 'superalo’ means 'get over it’ and 'papi’…Well, we all know what that means.😂 Enjoy💕

Person : “She’s a latina , they won’t looklike sibl-”