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Creating a solid film interpretation of Superman has been like spinning a roulette wheel. We landed on “charming, stoic friend to mankind” once in 1978, but since then, all we’ve hit are “slapstick boy scout,” “gloomy alien stalker,” and “grim bodybuilder.” This is probably due to the fact that, rather than actually construct a proper Superman character, everyone’s first instinct is to “fix” Superman. They just blindly throw attributes at him and get pissed off when people criticize them, which is kind of like building a house roof-first and then throwing a fit because there’s nowhere to fucking stand.

It’s because of this that the Superman from the DC Animated Universe stands head and shoulders and broad, heroic torso above any other Superman you can watch on your television. The DC Animated Universe is a sprawling epic that spans multiple TV series and encapsulates everything good about DC Comics characters, including Superman. And how did they pull the sword from the stone and make a likable, engaging Superman? Well, first off, they didn’t try to make him the anti-Batman.

5 Characters Movies Can’t Get Right (That Cartoons Can)


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Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: A Batman imagine

Summary: Reader is Bruce’s assistant, she doesn’t know about his alter ego. Bruce knows everything about her but one thing, he does know that you’re friends with a certain red head but doesn’t know why.

Word Count: 1640

Y/N L/N was Bruce Wayne’s assistant; she has been for a while now. She’s been there since the day Rachel had died and she was still with him through thick and thin. She helped him in the office and at home too. She did everything that he asked of her without a second thought but he never gave her anything that could potentially put her life at risk. Bruce didn’t want Y/N to be part of the life of Batman. But sooner or later secrets were bound to happen.

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Which superhero would you like to be?
  • Jace: I am....... BATMAN.
  • Simon: Well, asking a comic expert, I have so many superheroes I want to be. You probably haven't even heard of some of them...
  • Isabelle: Wonderwoman!
  • Clary: Black Widow. I have red hair, afterall
  • Jace: why not Batgirl? you are my girl, after all
  • Isabelle, Clary: *glares*
  • Simon: I've decided. I am Naruto. He is SO AMAZING! HE'S A NINJA.....
  • Clary: Okay, next
  • Magnus: I am MAGNUS BANE, the superhero. None can match my fluid moves, my wisdom, my...
  • ALec: I'm Wolverine. Okay, end of discussion.
Why Villains Are Better Than Heroes (And You Know It)

One of the best parts about reading the sequel to The Young Elites, THE ROSE SOCIETY, is getting back into heroine-turning-villain Adelina’s head. Will she be redeemed?? Will she slide further down the slope of darkness?? Whatever the case, we’re officially on team evil. Read on for our top 6 reasons villains are better than heroes:

1. They’re complex.

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Don’t you get tired of the shiny, golden, all-around good guy hero trope? How can anyone be that perfect? Our favorite villains have a back story as to why they’re evil, and it’s soooo much more interesting watching the decisions they make because of it.

2. Their outfits are better.

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How many heads are you going to turn at your Halloween party in a basic Superman costume? Zero. That’s how many. Supervillains have way more edge when it comes to fashion choices. 

3. They’re unpredictable.

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As we learned from Adelina, villains can change their mind in an instant – which makes things way more exciting. Instead of being predictable like superheroes, supervillains keep you on your toes.

4. Their monologues are the best.

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Every good villain has an anger-filled, chills-inducing, ultimately awesome speech prepared for the moment they finally come face-to-face with a superhero, and we think they’re often Oscar-worthy.

5. They’re way more creative.

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A superhero has pretty much one job: go stop the villain from doing whatever they’re doing by using your strength/power/overwhelming goodwill. Villains, on the other hand, NEVER cease to amaze us with their intricate, mind-bending plots. Sure, you know their ENDGOAL is always earthly destruction, but HOW are they going to get there??

6. Nobody’s perfect…

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At the end of the day, perfection can be boring. It’s the antagonist that pushes the boundaries of a story and what’s even more awesome is when the main character is also a villain, like in THE YOUNG ELITES and THE ROSE SOCIETY.

Hungry for more evil-doing? Peek inside THE YOUNG ELITES and THE ROSE SOCIETY!


And it’s the truth; he doesn’t need Bane to fuck him. He can stop doing this, stop coming to Bane, anytime he wants. He can.


That frisson of doubt worms deeper when he asks himself: what will you do then, when you need to stop thinking?

Touchstone, Command, and Pivot by Sibilant

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