bane x batman

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“Lonely girl meets Bane”-StoryLine

I always felt alone. Even being surrounded by people. I don’t have much and I live in a dark studio apartment in the bad part of the city. I have always been in the dark. Always the person to be put aside.
Gotham. City of Batman. I don’t make a lot of money. So I guess you can say I’m a “bad” guy to Batman and the cops. I steal. I usually just work at the bar. But it doesn’t pay much. So stealing is my second hand job. I don’t steal a lot but enough to have the cops on me. Sometimes good ol’ batty himself. It’s hard for a girl who is an introvert and ugly. What can I say?
So here I am walking the streets late at night. No work tonight and I have nothing else better to do. So this is the only option. I love night time. The dark. Hiding in the shadows and watching what is going on.
There was a glass breaking just a head. Looking up I noticed a big van. I ducked behind an alley. One guy got thrown through the glass window. Must have done something to piss someone off.
I noticed a huge guy walking out. He was massive. He stood there watching the other beat the crap out of the guy and his friend. He had something over his mouth. No clue what it was but it looked weird. Not that that was a bad thing. I stepped out of the alley walking a bit more to the next alley. I still couldn’t make out what the guy was wearing so I started walking again.
Before I could get close enough one of the guys spotted me. “Hey!”
Shit! I froze a bit meeting the eyes of the guy behind the mask. Then started running. I ran faster than I knew I could. Thank god I lost them. I kept walking until I found an open diner. I sat down in a booth away from the window and lights. Back booth was out of the light and far away from the windows as possible.
“Hey honey. What’s it for you tonight?” The waitress held up a pen and paper.
“Nothing.” I sunk down.
“Honey you look like you could eat something. Just order. I will pay for it.” She smiled.
I shook my head slightly. “Fries and a coke.”
“Coming right up doll.” She left me there.
The door to the diner opened. I looked up from under my hood. It was the guy who yelled after me. Him and the two guys who chased me sat down. “Hey! Come take our damn order!”
The waitress quickly ran out. “Yes sir. What shall I get you?”
“We want burgers and fries. Some milkshakes. Now fuck off.” They all started laughing.
The waitress rolled her eyes walking back to the kitchen.
My heart was pounding. I sunk even more the booth and pulled my hood even more over my face. I was startled. “Here dear. Eat up.”
“Thanks.” I shoved the fries down. They were so good. I hadn’t ate in two days. The coke was just as good.
Before I was done the guy yelled. “Hey!”
I didn’t look up. “Hey you!”
I kept my head down eating on a fry. “You in the booth! Fucking look at me!”
I got up and started walking fast to the exit. I was stopped when the guy grabbed my arm. “Hold on sweetheart. I just want to get a good look at you.”
I tried pulling away. “Let go.”
“Oh she talks.” He got up.
“Let me go.” I snarled.
He laughed. “Make me.”
He really shouldn’t have said that. Good thing I was a black belt. I started fighting the guy. Then the other two guys joined in. I got down one, the second, and then it was me and the asshat.
I right hooked him, knee to the stomach, and then another knock to the head to knock him out.
I stood there looking at them. I heard a plate dropped and looked over. The waitress was in shock. I took off out the door. I didn’t get far until I bumped into someone. I looked up. It was him. The guy in the mask.
“Sorry.” I was out of breath.
He just looked at me. I put my hood back on. “I am really sorry. If those are your men. I am sorry about that too.”
I was still looking at him. But nothing. He wasn’t saying anything. So I took off. I ran so fast back to my place. Once I was in my apartment I locked all the locks.
I went to the bathroom stripping off my clothes and stepping into the shower. It felt good but I had to keep it short. I washed off and got out laying on my bed. Sleep took over.

The dream was vivid. He was standing right in front of me. He wouldn’t say a word. He just stood there. I tried reaching out to touch him. Then he vanished. I woke up with a jolt. My apartment was pitch black still.
I looked around. Someone was in my apartment. I could hear them. I got the knife out from under my pillow. I walked through the sheets blocking the room from the living area. No one. But I could still feel them there.
I turned around almost cutting them. I tried to fight them but they had my back to their chest. My arms crossed over my body with the arms holding my arms against me.
“Drop the knife.” I strange voice told me.
I dropped it and they let me go. “Who are you?”
He laughed. “I am in your apartment. You rather know who I am than what I am doing here.”
I stood there naked. “You can answer both.”
“Before I do. You might want to put clothes on.” He walked over to the couch and sat down.
I quickly ran to my drawer pulling out a hoodie and shorts. I pulled the hood over my head. He has seen me naked kind of. But still.
I walked back in the room holding a lit candle. I lit some others to give a bit of light. I sat on the coffee table across from him.
“So who are you? What do you want?” I crossed my legs.
He leaned forward. “I am Bane. You are Y/N. It is a pleasure to meet you.”
“Bane.” I moved forward. Almost coming face to face with him.
“I am here. Because I saw what you did to my men.” He sat back again.
I got up walking around the room. “What, you’re here to kill me? So do it. I have nothing. I am worth nothing. No one would miss me. So do it.”
Bane stood up. “I am not here to kill you. I want to get to know you.”
I stopped walking and looked at him. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“I don’t kid around Y/N.” Bane walked over to me.
I pulled my hoodie over my head even more. “Leave. Just go away. Leave me here in my darkness.”
Bane slowly pulled the hoodie from my head. “Look at me.”
“I can’t.” I looked down hair falling in my face.
“Yes you can.” He gently took my face pulling it up to meet his.
I stood there looking at him. Neither one of us saying anything. Just looking into one another’s eyes.
“You are beautiful.” Bane tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.
I shied away. “No I’m not. What are you doing here?”
“To rescue you.” Bane rubbed his thumb across my check.
“I am fine right here.” I looked back at him.
Bane shook his head and sighed. “I know. I know what it feels like to feel alone. I know what it is like to be in the dark. To never feel love.”
Bane walked to the closet grabbing a bag. Then to the drawer stuffing clothes in the bag. “You are coming with me. I will take care of you.”
“What about my job? My apartment?” I touched his arm to stop.
“I have money. No need to worry. You will finally live a life you deserve.” Bane kept stuffing in things.
All I could do is look at him. It was like he was sent to me. Out of the dark to be my light. “Alright.”
Bane looked up at me. I could tell he was smiling even if the mask was in the way.


And it’s the truth; he doesn’t need Bane to fuck him. He can stop doing this, stop coming to Bane, anytime he wants. He can.


That frisson of doubt worms deeper when he asks himself: what will you do then, when you need to stop thinking?

Touchstone, Command, and Pivot by Sibilant