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➸ favorite group dynamic: Alec, Izzy and Magnus

“A brother and sister who disagree on everything except for how much they love one another … and how loyal they are to each other. A man who took this case pretending to want payment in rare objects, but who really believes that injustice toward his friends is intolerable.”


This moment, to me, is so sad because for a split second you can see the walls that Magnus is using to hide how he’s really feeling starting to come down and for just a second it looks like he might actually tell Alec what’s really going on inside his head and that he’s not okay and that he’s not fine. Then, just like that, the walls are back up and the brave face is back on. And it’s heartbreaking because, like us, Alec knows the truth. He knows Magnus isn’t fine.


not to be That Person™ but do you see the arm? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

malec got a multi episode arc. A real, political, personal, everything problem that has everything to do with their individual roles as leaders. An arc that will last for more than one episode.

In which Magnus is allowed to be hurting and yet not make rushed, stupid decisions even though he wants to. In which Luke is there to help Magnus. In which there is no clear good guy or bad guy because there’s nuance. 

And then we will finally get a malec scene in bed. A show of intimacy, of companionship.

what a blessed night

People who deserve the world and everything the world has to offer :
1. Magnus Bane
2. Alec Lightwood’s boyfriend
3. Max and Rafael Lightwood Bane’s adopted dad
4. High warlock of Brooklyn
5. Mr. Bane
6. Chairman Meow’s human
7. Warlock Representative of the downworlder council
8. Raphael’s mentor
9. Catarina’s friend
10. Prince of Edom