bane shirt

ok but i think there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is sheer silk shirts for magnus in season 2 but i don’t mean just any plain one, i want expensive and exquisite patterned ones:

imagine his broad chest and arms in that, like. make this happen guys


Anon, why -A

Make me a pie I want to see how bad it can get -M

(Ai it’s been so long I’m sorry if the resolution of the picture isn’t that good here have the text because I’m 50% sure my handwriting cannot be read:

M: I didn’t know you baked.

A: That would be because I don’t. Bake.

M: Aw Alexander won’t you make me a pie? *puppy eyes*

A: -grumbles- I don’t even know how to make pies

So yup. Anon, why did you bring this up. (; -Admin