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fave fictional characters: Magnus Bane, Naomi Nagata, Jack (Mass Effect)

fave books: hmm…Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Good and Happy Child, Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse, Bad Monkeys, In the Dust of this Planet….mostly scifi,apocalyptic, horror, and scientific research about viruses and diseases

video games: Mass Effect (minus Andromeda), Borderlands, Fallout, Dragon Age, The Last of Us, Until Dawn, TWD, and horror games

sports: MMA

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first language: Romanian, but no longer. Stick to Serbian, Polish, and English now. 

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I better see some HANDS!!!
Alec my man touch his leg it’s fine, touch his torso; come on you saw them abs, touch his neck or face bc magnus need some genuine love and care for once.
Magnus!!! My main man Magnus get up in there. Go head put your hand on that torso, bc you saw them abs mutable times already bc Alec can’t keep his shirt on, touch his neck and that beautiful deflect rune. Touch him bc he never got to be touched before.
OR both of you can do it bc that’s your future husband right there waiting for your love.

Magnus Bane & Jack Sparrow

When I first saw Magnus Bane in the show he reminded me of our beloved Jack Sparrow. I mean comon

The thing they do with their hands

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Their love for eyeliner

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Their hands full of rings and stuff

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their habit of drinking

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so many similarities 

Either Magnus Bane has a secret he hasn’t told anyone yet ( in reality he was Jack Sparrow in the 1700s, it IS possible because Magnus was already born there, even though Jack isn’t asian don’t forget the magic)
or he is related to Jack. Maybe a uncle of his uncle of his grandma or something like that. 

maybe i should get a life

A list of my totally, definitely canon non heterosexual ships


- Janto

- Snowbaz

- Aridante


(It’s sad how short it is)

Malec Week Day 2: Disney Day
“An angel come to save me who didn’t even know [he] gave me something to believe in” / “You’ve unlocked something in me”
“The world finds ways to sting you, and then one day decides to bring you something to believe in” / “I always knew I couldn’t have what I wanted, until you came along”
Newsies AU with Magnus as Jack Kelly and Alec as Katherine Plumber


I have a need to share the parallels between 3 of my otps. Spoiler Alert.

The ships: Janto (Captain Jack Harkness x Ianto Jones), Malec (Magnus Bane x Alec Lightwood), Merthur (Merlin x Arthur Pendragon)

Now to list the things I’ve found in common with these relationships (Look, I know Merthur technically isn’t cannon, but come one. “Two sides of the same coin” “I see how much you need him and how much he needs you” “Arthur values your opinion above all others” but that’s a rant for another time. Plus, a friendship is still a type of relationship.)

1.) One person in each relationship will die and the other will not. Ianto, Alec, and Arthur will all die (or have). -Jack can’t die (for good), but he watched Ianto die because Ianto is human and no matter what, Jack would have watched him die. -Magnus is immortal, he’s a warlock, but Alec is a shadowhunter. One day Alec will die and Magnus will have to live on without him. -Arthur dies, but will one day return when he is needed. Merlin watched him die and now continues to live, waiting for Arthur to return. Jack, Magnus, and Merlin will all outlive the other because of some form of immortality.

2.) They all fight creatures together like badasses. -Jack and Ianto find and fight alien species. -Magnus and Alec fight demons. -Merlin and Arthur fight griffens and evil magic and other stuff.

3.) They risk so much for each other in each of these relationships. -When the 456 put poison into the room with Jack and Ianto, Jack begged them to stop, he literally said he’d take it back as long as they spared Ianto’s life. He was willing to risk whatever they would make him do to spare Ianto. After Lisa, Jack still yet Ianto come back because he cared for him, he couldn’t be sure if Ianto would snap, but he took that chance and let him stay. -Last book in The Mortal Instruments, when they’re in the shadow realm, Magnus is going to give himself up to his father and Alec asks to stay with him as he dies. Alec can’t go back to his world if he doesn’t leave with the others, but he doesn’t care, he wants to be with Magnus in this moment. Also, Alec is a shadowhunter and at this time being gay wasn’t really an option for him, but he still came out and was with Magnus because he loved him and realized that’s so much more important than his reputation (I mean he also did it because he was tired of hiding who he is). -Countless times Merlin has risked his life, risked exposing his magic (which could get him burned alive or beheaded) to save Arthur and protect him. Arthur stands up to his father, who scares him sometimes, to defend Merlin and trust in what Merlin tells him. Arthur was willing to drink the poison.

4.) The people around them knew. -The others in Torchwood can tell there’s something between Jack and Ianto even before they’ve seen them act like it. -Izzy knew that Alec liked Magnus and Jace caught on very quickly (okay, maybe not very quickly, but he got there eventually). -Merlin’s mother even commented on how much they need each other. Gwen knew their importance to each other and commented on it a few times. Once again, “Two sides of the same coin.” Multiple people have compared them to that phrase throughout the show. Morgana knew, that’s partly why she would use Merlin against Arthur.

5.) One side of each relationship was fairly new to it all. -Ianto had never been with a man before. -Alec never had a real relationship because he was too busy hiding the fact that he was gay. -Merlin had only really had Will as a close friend before Arthur (and then some of the nights and Gwen).

6.) They weren’t exactly fond of each other in the beginning or showed fondness. -Ianto was in love with Lisa and just tried to save her and after her death he was pissed at Jack, avoided his fondness towards him. -Alec tried to avoid Magnus and his feelings for him because he was still having trouble with being a gay shadowhunter. -Merlin and Arthur got into fights and Merlin would call Arthur a prat and they were not happy when Merlin became Arthur’s manservant.

Malec: Coliver Reference
  • Alec: I hate you
  • Magnus: That thing I feel in your pants is telling me a different story

character: *is a shady person with questionable morals, maybe dreams of murder, has no qualms about killing someone and prob has, seems to either have no feelings at all or has feelings that are…um…not good, does dangerous things, somewhat prone to being manipulative*

me: [pointing at them] THAT ONE I WANT THAT ONE