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Gotham's on lockdown & Bane's on patrol. He sees a shadow out the corner of his eye - it's John Blake out of uniform with his hood down. B follows him & J leads him to this enclave under a bride where a bunch of old & sick homeless people are. Taking off his backpack, J starts distributing food among them. B realizes that J doesn't actually know any of them personally & is just being a kind person. B is impressed and also starting to doubt Talia a little when she said the city is full of scum.

You got it!


Bane had never doubted Talia’s word, her plan, her actions. He never had reason to, she was right and he believed in her like she believed in him.

As Bane did patrol in the city one chilly winter day, before the snow fell, he caught sight of a single man trying his best to remain unseen. It would have been easy to miss him, he dressed in all black and carried a bag on his back and moved fast but silently.

So did Bane.

Bane followed him from a distance and watched the young man. It took Bane only moments to realize it was officer John Blake, the young officer was running around, sneaking about as if making his way somewhere. When John Blake reached his destination, he saw him getting to an enclave under a bridge. For a moment, Bane thought that it was John’s place, where he was hiding, where he was living away from all the chaos that was happening in Gotham. But as he got closer, he saw there was someone there. Actually, more than someone, someones.

There was a small group of people, about ten to fifteen, huddled for warmth, emerging from the space under the bridge, getting closer to John. Bane hoped that they weren’t attacking him but then John removed the bag he was carrying and opened it, removing….canned food.

The people began to smile and thank John as he handed out canned goods, bottled water, candles and matches, even blankets. When the bag was empty, John spoke to them and Bane wished he could hear what they were saying, but he was too far. But he only had to watch, read everyone’s actions, their body language to know that none of those people knew John personally. This wasn’t his family or a group of friends he was tending to, these were just helpless people of Gotham that John was tending to.

It was something that took Bane by surprise. He wasn’t exactly sure why John would bother, why would he risk himself, take food from his own mouth to make sure others could eat. The only conclusion Bane came up with, was that John was being kind. 

It was the first time that Bane began to doubt Talia’s word - Gotham was not full of scum, of wretched souls that needed cleansing, of people that were selfish. Not with the likes of John Blake in the city because if he was this good…then maybe there were others.


So here are a compilation of my favorite pics from the con, Gotham Rogues edition ! We had a lot of fun doing some riddlecrow silliness and I had the most wonderful time during these two days, I met such amazing people and I hope to see them all again next year !

(some pics are mine, some from my friends, and some from Expobook photographers)

bonus :

(also captions)

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