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His reply came from a particularly well-foliaged bush of Nagrand arrowbloom, as he was seeking out seeds from the deeper branches of the plant.

“I could trim back some of the existing plants, Light knows the hydrangeas are getting a bit out of hand.” Ellister emerged from the brush triumphant, a lovely full seed pod held in his hand. He relished his victory for a moment before dropping the pod into his bag and continuing on to the patch of Starflowers.

“There is unused land behind our house, surely the town would not mind if we acquired it from them.” It was an idea he’d bandied about before, and it really depended on how busy they would be once they returned home. Ellister smiled at the thought; he knew exactly where he’d grow a Starflower plant next to the porch.

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Took my mom to lush and this $130 later this is what we come out with!

2 big blue bath bombs (one for me one for my boyfriend)
1 honeybee bath bomb
1 stepping stone
1 pearl massage bar and tin
1 chunk of Miranda soap
1 sunny side bubble bar
1 creamy candy bubble bar
1 popcorn lip scrub
1 small let the good times roll cleanser
1 250g or 8.4 fl oz of Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo

(Not pictured, her stash, of one Avobath and you’ve been mangoed)

so apparently there’s this idea being bandied about the steven universe theory sphere about a masculine counterpart to the gem race called “metals”, and let me just say I really dislike it

for one thing, it reinforces the gender binary that the gems have been so awesome about breaking so far by saying that there can’t be a bunch of feminine-appearing people who go by she/her running around without an equal number of masculine-appearing people who go by he/him

it also reinforces gender stereotypes by saying colorful, decorative, fragile gemstones are feminine, and strong, practical, largely monochrome metals are masculine

pretty much the only thing these theorists have to go on to support this theory (besides sexism) is that bismuth crystal with Rose’s things inside the lion mane pocket universe, but bismuth counts as much as a crystal/stone as it does a metal, like pyrite does. the distinctions between mineral types aren’t always as clear-cut as “gem, rock, metal”

so yeah, don’t buy into that bunk theory yo

10/16/2012: Missing Teens and Vehicle: CATAWBA COUNTY, North Carolina: Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are now involved in the search for two missing teenage boys fr

om Catawba County. Investigators say 18-year-old Jake Ziegler and 17-year-old Ray Pierce have been missing since Friday.

The Bandys High School students left a party and were supposed to be headed to Myrtle Beach, according to family members.

The last known contact with either of the teens was around 2:45 a.m. when Jake made a phone call that pinged off a cell phone tower near Rock Hill, SC.

Both families are worried.

“There is no activity on their cell phones, on their debit cards. We don’t believe they don’t have any cash with them. They have one Shell card for gas and they can use it for food,” Jackie Ziegler said.

Jackie says she hopes police will take her case seriously, because it is unlike her younger brother, Jake to not contact her.

“I understand the statistics and I understand that but this is not my brother. And there’s no chance in hell he would go this far without contacting me,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler says they are looking for a 2006 Green Pontiac G-6 with NC plates BBD-8844.

Jake’s father, Zig Ziegler, told WBTV that he has driven to Myrtle Beach and back looking for the car the teens were last seen in. 

He’s even rented two planes to fly the route from Denver to Myrtle Beach to search for the car.

Ziegler says federal investigators are now among the agencies investigating the case.

Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes said the city is a magnet for runaway teens and people looking for a hide-out. 

But, he added, missing juveniles does not go unnoticed. Knipes said a special group of officers make up a juvenile department, specializing in locating missing persons.

“They’ll take the flyers and literally canvas door to door and Ocean Boulevard, hand out the flyers to the different hotels and see if somebody might have seen these people to give them that extra little help,” Knipes said.

“They’re just an anonymous face. With Myrtle Beach having such a high transient population with people coming in for a weekend or a week at a time there’s different faces all the time so they can just blend in a lot easier.”

Jake Ziegler’s family says that he was an avid user of Facebook and Twitter, but both online social media sites have been quiet since he started the trip.

Classmates and friends of the two teens have taken to social media in an effort to raise awareness of their disappearance.

They are tweeting photos and information and asking questions, using the hashtag #FindJakeandRay. Hundreds of tweets have gone out asking for help to find them.

Again, the boys were last seen driving a 2006 Green Pontiac G-6 with NC plates BBD-8844.





SOURCE: - Andrews beats Bandys 57-51 for 2-A women’s title -

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Imani Watkins scored 27 points to help High Point Andrews beat Catawba Bandys 57-51 in the Class 2-A North Carolina High School Athletic Association women’s championship game.
Watkins was named the most valuable player of Saturday’s game for Andrews…