I sob every time I think about it too, and then I think, “Okay, but how can I make this worse?” Oh anon, it gets so much worse. I’m an emotional, self-indulgent masochist. Bandwars was the worst thing I ever did to myself. ( ;∀;)

Have some late night doodles, because it’s three in the morning and I’m barely heading to bed. 

anonymous asked:

I remember your Regular Show music au and the part where Mordecai starts to catch feelings for Rigby when he sees him doing a solo thing with a guitar somewhere in town. I loved that. What if he were singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz?

Ahaha anon why do you wanna hurt me? :,^) Making me sad with sad songs that are actually supposed to be happy. That’s a good one, I’m vague on the songs just because I figure sometimes it’s fun to plug in your own songs.
My personal favorites for the solo part are probably By Now, and Dearly Departed.

Added a quick drawing because why not, but now I must retire to the rat’s nest I call a bed.

✪ Musician AU where Mordecai and Rigby are a local band that gets recognized but the talent scout only wants Mordecai for a band he’s putting together. Mordecai being blindsided by success accepts the offer, and Rigby feels rejected and betrayed as shit. They make a big scene about who puts in more work and who’s really carrying all the weight in the band. So when Mordecai joins the new band he’s a little confused as to why they don’t listen to him/take his suggestions even though he’s the lead and the talent scout basically implies that he only picked Mordecai because he had the right look. So Rigby remains with his local band and takes the spot as lead and does all the writing since Mordecai isn’t around to help with that, and he’s actually really good, and the band gets more recognition. Then of course the day comes where Rigby’s band has to open for Mordecai’s band and that’s when Mordecai hears how much better the band sounds with out him, and is really upset and jealous especially because Rigby has a couple of pretty “romantic” songs, and it turns out Rigby had a better voice so Mordecai wonders why he ever let him lead because in the first place. After the show is over they pass each other backstage and a fight breaks out between them after Mordecai makes a comment about Rigby’s breaking his rule about not writing shitty love songs for girls, and Rigby calls Mordecai a brainless, sell out. They’re pulled apart by their band mates and Rigby just shoves everyone off and turns to leave, and Mordecai just keeps shouting at him, saying he’ll never be more than an opener and Rigby just keeps walking middle fingers in the air. And one of Rigby’s band mates tells Mordecai he should cool it because Rigby dedicated their first EP to him and Mordecai is really confused. So the band mate gives Mordecai a copy of their tape and when he goes home to listen to it, it all clicks and he feels like a tool because Rigby wrote all those “stupid love” songs about him. And then Mordecai goes to a local performance a couple of weeks later where Rigby is just doing solo acoustic stuff, and he’s all “Oh no, I’ve caught feelings." ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ ✪

Bonus doodles because Mordecai in glitter jacket = yes. Also after and before they split because also yes.