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i-saw-you-sneaking-food-out-of-the-dining-hall college AU for jily prompt? i loooove the neighbors one you just posted 👌🏻❤️

Here you go! This was fun to write :)
Thanks for sending me a prompt! 

He’s rounding the corner of the dining hall when she stops him – the beautiful redheaded girl from his history class. Just appears out of nowhere, really, running up from behind him and swinging round in front of him to corner him there. For a long moment, she just stands there and stares at him, wide-eyed and crazed and pretty. His hand jumps to his hair, gives it a slight ruffle.

“Hello,” he says, trying his best to sound confident and charming and even half as cool as his best friend and roommate, Sirius, who has had more girls in his bed since the start of term than James and their two mates, Remus and Peter, have in their lives combined. “Not that I mind being cornered by a beautiful woman, but…”

Before he can give his best attempt at charming her, she cuts him off. “I saw you.”

“Yeah?” His eyebrows, he is sure, are attempting to join the gravity-defying mess atop his head, but she doesn’t seem to care. “I saw you, too.”

He had, after all, seen her in class earlier. He didn’t think she had seen him, though. Until this moment, actually, he had been under the impression that she had no idea he existed. She sits nowhere near him, is always there before him, and tends to stick around after class to talk with a small group of girls long after he heads out for his next class.

Her eyes narrow in confusion. It isn’t until she switches her focus to his face that he realizes she has been staring at the two bags he’s got slung over his shoulders this whole time. Oh shit.

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letters to the zodiac

aries; you are so good and kind. don’t lose your fervor. the world is wide and sometimes dark but keep looking for the places where sunlight is warmest. don’t let harshness wear you down.

taurus; i know the melancholy in your chest makes it hard to breathe. i know the hollowness feels so heavy, but someday it will be filled with the most beautiful flowers and you’ll forget what this pain feels like.

gemini; you are so very beautiful. your voice sounds like the chime of churchbells, full and warm and holy. someone will be so unbelievably in love with you someday.

cancer; look for the light pink streaks in sunsets, the ones that look like cotton candy. you’ve got a heart as soft as summer rain, don’t let it shatter; be careful with yourself. surround yourself with gentle people.

leo; you feel everything so deeply, don’t you? take a breath; the air is sweet and warm and so very alive. i know that change is so very hard but the feeling of wind in your lungs always stays the same. it will heal you.

virgo; you aren’t dangerous. it’s easy to feel like barbed wire, like broken glass, like power lines humming with electricity, but you are human. blood and veins and skin. you sharpen all your edges, make yourself dark and harsh and untouchable but maybe it’s time to let someone in.

libra; let go. i know that you cling to every person so hard that your knuckles turn white, but if they’re not good to you let them go.

scorpio; i know how hard it is to keep going. i know how hard it is to shatter like porcelain in the nighttime and put the pieces back together at dawn. let the dreams linger on your skin, wake up and unbury the sun. it’s okay if you’re still broken in the morning.

sagittarius; pushing yourself to the very brink again and again will never solve it. be gentle with your tired body, let your weary feet rest.

capricorn; you don’t need to blaze yourself into the heart of everyone you meet. you don’t need to linger like the blue spots in your eyes after you look at the sun. you can ease up, it’s okay not to be everything at once.

aquarius; when the water swallows you whole and you can’t breathe let it. tomorrow will come and it will be more beautiful than you can imagine. the golden warmth of the sun will make you feel more human; daylight will wash away the hurt.

pisces; keep creating. your mind is so beautiful, so draw until your fingers bleed. write until your palms ache. sing until your throat is raw.


I’m not too late to the crop top Yuuri love am I??? And crop top Victor is invited too, right?? My homage to @zephyrine-gale‘s beautiful body-positive, gender-role-crushing flaunty shirt revolution starring confident happy Yuuri (the best Yuuri) and @inarisushi‘s iconic IRL homemade crop top

this was @bringmethatvegenaise ’s suggestion AGAIN

me: can I please copy your notes
music student: notes??🎶 there’s WAY more to music 🎼🎧than just NOTES 🎵phrase🙏🏻 accent💥RIP Beethoven😔👴🏻🎻Brahms 3 mvt 3✨

me: do you know the angles of this triangle
music student: the only🙅🏻 triangle 📐that I know🙇🏼is the orchestral triangle 📐🎻🎶 Mahler 1 mvt 4 🙏🏻✨

me: look at that iceberg
music student: iceberg?❄️🗻I think you mean 🙇🏼 SCHOENBERG👴🏻🎶 retrograde↔️inversion↕️😩 retrograde inversion ↕️↔️💯

So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU