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the very belated and very unnecessary valentine's day fic

“Rough night?”

Cas taps the rim of his empty shot glass.“The worst. Whiskey, please.”

“Good choice.” The bartender crosses overand pours out a shot. “You want something to eat too? You’re taking in a lot of liquor, buddy.”

“Already had dinner.” Cas sighs. He holds his glass up to the light, then takes the shot. Too strong– he’s not much of a drinker, usually. Tonight he just wants to get drunk as fast as possible.

“You have, huh? Valentine’s Day date?” The bartender winks, and it makes something in Castiel’s stomach tighten. He has a very, very nice smile.

“No,” Cas says, “worse. Dinner with my ex.”

“Oh my God,” the bartender says. He puts down the glass he was cleaning to stare at Castiel. “You’re kidding. On Valentine’s Day?”

“We do business together,” he explains, “though that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. It was awful. He was hitting on me and I was trying to finish my work and– you get the picture.”

The bartender laughs and reaches for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. “I get it. Here, have another shot. On the house.”

“Thank you. I was hoping to get drunk enough to forget this entire evening.”

“Yeah,” says the bartender, “I’m with you there. What’s your name?”

“Castiel. Cas.” He glances over the bartender, eyes catching on the long fingers scrubbing out a wine glass. Mmm. Nice hands.

“I’m Dean,” he says. “Nice to meet you.”

And maybe he holds Cas’s gaze for a moment too long, but they’re two strangers in a bar and nobody’s counting the seconds.

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