me: can I please copy your notes
music student: notes??🎶 there’s WAY more to music 🎼🎧than just NOTES 🎵phrase🙏🏻 accent💥RIP Beethoven😔👴🏻🎻Brahms 3 mvt 3✨

me: do you know the angles of this triangle
music student: the only🙅🏻 triangle 📐that I know🙇🏼is the orchestral triangle 📐🎻🎶 Mahler 1 mvt 4 🙏🏻✨

me: look at that iceberg
music student: iceberg?❄️🗻I think you mean 🙇🏼 SCHOENBERG👴🏻🎶 retrograde↔️inversion↕️😩 retrograde inversion ↕️↔️💯

All these people saying “OMG have you listened to that song stressed out by 21 pilots???”

I’m like

“Bitch, first øff its twenty øne piløts, nøt the number, write that shit øut. Secønd, have yøu listened tø Fake Fan by Every Twenty Øne Piløts Fan?”

And they’re like

“Of course, that song is my jam!”

Then there’s me with a


“Fucking bandwagøners, listen tø anything that isn’t øn Blurryface and then cøme back tø talk business.”

So here i am on the BNHA bandwagon. Thank you @floodway17 for bringing me here. 

Alright, here we have my two OC’s Cathleen o’Rainse (girl with gray hair) and Tora Hanazaki (boy with dark hair). Both of them are shapeshifters, Cath’s form is wolf and Tora’s is (obviously) tiger. Basically they’re not friends, but Tora greatly enjoys harassing Cath (as you can see i really like shoujo manga).