I did a thing

So the other night I was with some of my friends and I walked by my friend’s ex boyfriend and he tried to high five me, but I didn’t and just walked past him. A few minutes later he comes up to me and says that me not high fiving him was a bit of a dickish move and asked him if he knew something else that was a dickish move and he asked what. I looked him straight in the eye and said “Breaking up with someone over text” and walked away.


Hey guys! This is my band, we’re called The Groots! Here you can listen to the acoustic version of our song “The Quay”. If you like it, please subscribe and check out our Facebook page and please please please help us sharing it! It means a lot for us! 🙏🏼
used to be “oldscxrsfuturehexrts”

hiiii, so i kinda renamed my blog, and changed my theme. And now i’m gonna make some changes about what i post.


I’m still gonna post bandstuff, like a lot of it, I’ll just be posting more aesthetic things and also more spilled ink, and photography. No more nsfw than it it now, and that will ofc be tagged. 

That’s all, thanks for reading!!