bands you should check out

You guys should check out the band AJJ

They are a folk punk band that sings about a wide range of things. Frontman Sean Bonnette writes most of the songs, and the band sings about a lot of topics, including:

I’ve loved this band for years, and I want others to enjoy them just as much

Weird bands you should check out

Idk I felt like making a list:

Glass Animals - literally sounds like a liquid in my ears

Mother Mother - relatable and uses really nice flats and sharps in their singing

Tally Hall - gets that ol’ brain going. almost every song is in a different style

Rob Cantor - made the Shia Lebuff song and used to be the yellow tie from Tally Hall

Andrew Jackson Jihad - real nasty slice o’ life but good

Cosmo Sheldrake - like old folksyish but with minimal instruments and words and nice beats

Lulu Mae - not so much weird as really sweet. I knew these people irl and they’re really close in my heart

Radical Face - soft and thought provoking

Loch Lomond - indecipherable lyrics but strangely addicting. you literally can’t find set lyrics to “the mountain” anywhere online

I probably forgot one or two


The weather forecast predicts a 150% chance that this blog is a very big FHQ! AU fan hello

if you guys live in the St. Louis/House Springs Missouri area and like metal/metalcore

then you should check out a band called Unimagined. they sort of like The Funeral Portrait if you have ever hear of those guys. my friend’s boyfriend is the lead guitarist and they’re trying to get some recognization. they’ve recorded some stuff but it’s not quite done yet. they’re gonna be at Fubar St. Louis on June 10 and tickets range from $10-13 if you wanna go see them. they can use all the fans they can get. they have a facebook page too if you wanna check it out

Three's A Charm... Or Is It?

Hey guys, I feel like it’s been forever since I actually posted a one shot on this tumblr. I always just share vines or Instagram posts. 😂 I’m so sorry. I have a wattpad so if you would like to go there and follow me, it’s biersackayyy. Just like my Instagram and Twitter. But anyways here’s the one shot. I wrote it about myself, but you can replace my name with (y/n).

“You’re such a f*ucking asshole!” I screamed at my boyfriend as I yanked the door open to the coffee shop. I was livid. He stepped in front of me and shut it before I could walk in. He had been texting his ex girlfriend again. It made me absolutely furious.
“Babe, come on. I’m sorry, she just wanted to know what I was up to is all.” I shoved his chest.
“Leave me alone! Don’t talk to me. If you really loved me you wouldn’t be talking to her! Now let me go in.” I growled. I did not have time for his silly little games. He was immature and constantly played with my head.
“Baby. Stop.” He whined. I rolled my eyes in disgust.
“Just go Jason.” I said through my teeth.
“But I drove you here!” He whined again.
“Just go!” I growled. “I don’t want to see your f*ucking face!” He sighed in defeat. This was the last and final straw. I wasn’t going to let him do this to me again. He cheated on me with the same girl a few months ago, and like the naive idiot I was, I took him back, thinking he would change. I pushed passed him, and yanked the coffee shop door open once again. I immediately noticed one of the tables crowded by a group of interesting looking men. All five pairs of eyes were glued to me, and I suddenly felt very embarrassed. My cheeks flushed hot and I walked passed them as quickly as I could to wait in line. They probably just witnessed me fighting with Jason. I sneakily looked over my shoulder at the table they were sitting at. They’ve moved on from gawking at me and were now having a conversation amongst themselves. The one stood out the most to me. He had messy black hair, high cheekbones, a slightly round chin, and an extremely defined jawbone. His lips were plump and pink and his nose was pierced on the right side. A single silver hoop hang from it. What I noticed most about everything was his striking blue eyes. Even from where I was standing and sneakily grabbing peeks of the beautiful boy, I could see them. They were so blue, that they were almost silver-like. He was wearing a leather jacket, a black t-shirt underneath and black jeans. I could tell he had a few tattoos on his neck, but that was about it.
“Ma'am can I take your order?” I was instantly snapped out of my thoughts and startled when the young girl behind the counter spoke.
“Uh-um can I just get a large coffee with three cream and three sugar please?” I said, feeling my pockets for my card. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and he was so tall compared to my small five feet. I came up to just about his armpit. I was mesmerized when he spoke. His voice was so deep and had a little rasp to it. He reached passed me and handed the girl behind the counter a credit card.
“I got it.” He said. I was completely flabbergasted.
“A-are you sure?” I asked the beautiful boy. He chuckled.
“Yes, I’m sure. A $3 coffee is not going to break my bank.” He chuckled, as the girl behind the counter handed his card back.
“Thank you.” I said, nervously.
“I, uh saw what happened out there earlier. Are you okay miss…?” He was trying to get my name I realized.
“Uh Racheal, my name is Racheal.” He smiled warmly and offered me his hand. I shook it. Weird. I thought.
“I’m Andy.” The way he said his name was even attractive. This man was gorgeous.
“I’m okay, he’s just an asshole.” I said, sighing.
“Is he your boyfriend or something?” He asked.
“Was.” I said, giving the word emphasis.
“Oh.” Andy said, putting his hands in the pockets of his jacket. The girl behind the counter handed me my coffee.
“Thank you.” I said smiling.
“Come sit with me.” Andy offered, gesturing towards a booth by the wall. “They won’t mind if we sit by ourselves.” He said lowly. I glanced at them. They were all gawking at us. I felt embarrassed once more.
“Okay.” I said. Andy lead us to a booth by the window. It was starting to snow.
“Tell me what he did.” Andy spoke.
“He’s just been extremely shady. He’s been talking to his ex girlfriend behind my back. He cheated on me with her at least twice that I know of, but silly me, I just keep taking him back, hoping he’s going to change. I’m so sick of his shit.” I could feel tears start to threaten their way out of my eyes.
“I’ve been in that type of situation before. My last girlfriend cheated on me constantly. I put up with it for five years, because I also thought she would change. I’m in a band, I tour constantly. I’m out on the road for six to nine months at a time. I could have had any girl I wanted as a one night stand, I could have so easily cheated on her and she would never find out about it, but I never did because I loved her. Obviously she didn’t love me at all. The entire time I was out on the road, it was guy after guy and I only found out because I set up a camera in our room. I was suspicious. I didn’t want my heart broken and I wanted the truth. She had sex with four different men in two nights while I was away. Could you imagine how pissed off I was?” He had a pained look in his eyes, and the color was starting to fade to a dull gray. He was truly heart broken. I just met this man, but yet he was so easy to talk to and open up with.
“I’m so sorry to hear that. I never caught Jason in the act. He straight up told me. I was dumb enough to just be like, ‘well it means a lot to me that you were so honest. Promise you won’t do it again.’ And he promised and promised and promised and just played head game after head game, after head game. When am I ever going to learn?” I could feel the tears threaten once more to spill over.
“A beautiful girl like you doesn’t deserve that at all. I see he drove you here. Do you have a ride home?” I suddenly felt embarrassed once more. I was twenty-three and I didn’t have my own car.
“No, I-I don’t have a car.” Andy chuckled, making my cheeks flush again.
“You’re cute when you do that.” He giggled, making them flush even redder and I covered my face with my hands. He reached across the table and pulled them away from my face. His hands were so soft, but the tips of his fingers were ice cold.
“Your face is far too pretty to cover with your hands.” I then noticed he still had ahold of my hands, resting them on the table. I then smiled genuinely, for the first time in a really long time.
“Come on, let me take you home.” My heart was flip flopping in my chest. He was so gorgeous, and he was incredibly sweet.

He explained to his friends that we were leaving, and they all chuckled and made perverted jokes and what not and it made me blush again. I didn’t want them to think that that was the type of girl I was. I assumed the group of gentlemen was Andy’s band. They all had long hair and tattoos. They seemed polite enough though. They were just being typical men.
Andy had a nice, black, sleek car. It had two doors, and the windows were tinted black as well. It was a Dodge Challenger. He opened the passenger side door for me. I was actually really grateful for such the small gesture of kindness.
“Thank you.” I said, as I slid into the seat.
“You’re welcome beautiful.” He said, making my heart race. He shut the door and I fastened my seatbelt, taking a sip of my coffee and putting it in the cup holder. He got in the driver’s side, turning he car on and flipping on the heater. He opened his center console and was digging for something. He first pulled out a CD, and then a pack of cigarettes. I noticed the cover had a demon like creature on the front, fangs bared and drool dripping from the teeth. There was some kind of star symbol clenched in its claws and the name above it said 'Black Veil Brides.’ He handed it to me.
“This is my band. You should check us out.” He said with a smirk. I flipped the CD over in my hands and I recognized him immediately in the center. He was flanked on either side by the same guys that were in the coffee shop. I was right. I opened the cover and took the CD out.
“Can we play it now?” I asked, eagerly. He smiled and took the CD from me, feeding it into the slot on his dashboard. He took a cigarette from his pack and lit it. He offered the pack to me and I gladly took one.
“Here.” He said, leaning towards me. I placed the cigarette between my lips and he lit it for me. The opening guitar chords started playing through the speakers. I took a drag off my cig and blew the smoke out of my nose. He put his car in reverse and we pulled out onto the road. As soon as the lyrics to words floated through my ears, I realized that Andy was the singer. His singing voice differed from his talking voice, but I loved the way he sang. I loved the low growls he sometimes used as he finished off a word. I would say his singing voice was just as sexy as his talking voice. I pointed him in the direction of which road to take.

He pulled into my driveway.
“Would you like to come in?” I asked, pushing the eject button on his CD player and pulling the CD out and carefully placing it back into the case. I grabbed my coffee and unbuckled my seat belt.
“Um, sure.” He said, a smirk playing on his lips and we both exited the vehicle. I stepped onto the sidewalk leading to my steps and I immediately started to slip on the ice. I felt Andy’s hand grab my elbow before I could actually fall and spill scolding hot coffee all over myself and him. I was so clumsy and now I was more embarrassed than all the times I was embarrassed today. Andy chuckled a bit.
“Are you okay Rach?” He asked. I took a deep breath in.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said going up my steps. I pulled my key out my jacket pocket and unlocked the door. My cat, Jasper welcomed me with a warm meow and leg rub. He was an all gray cat with white paws.
“I love cats.” Andy said, coming into my home. He squatted down and let Jasper sniff his hand. Jasper nudged his head into Andy’s hand asking to be pet. Andy gave him a gentle scratch behind his ears and Jasper shook his head. Andy stood back up and looked down as Jasper rubbed himself up against his leg, his tail stretched upward. He was purring.
“His name is Jasper.” I said, smiling admiring my furry little friend.
“Have a seat.” I said, gesturing to my couch. I was a terrible host. I hardly ever had people over.
“Would you like something to drink?” I asked, as Jasper leapt onto the couch and made himself cozy in Andy’s lap.
“No, I’m fine thank you. Sit down here with me, relax. Let’s just talk. I want to get to know you better.” Andy said, stroking Jasper’s fur. Jasper wrapped his tail around his body and began to purr contently, closing his emerald green eyes and enjoying the attention. I sat next to Andy.
“What kind of music do you like Racheal?” He asked. I loved the way he said my name. I found it very attractive.
“I like a little bit of everything.” I admitted. “But my favorite genre is definitely classic rock. Kiss is one of my all time favorite bands.” Andy’s eyes lit up.
“I grew up listening to Kiss, and I still do on occasion.”
“I love them. My father was in a cover band when I was a child. Sadly, he’s no longer with us.” I said sadly, looking down at my lap.
“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” He said, putting a hand gently on my knee, causing my heart rate to freak out.
“Tell me about you.” I said, switching positions so that I was sitting cross legged, facing him.
“Well, like I said I’m in a band. That’s what takes up the majority of my time. I’m originally from Cincinnati, but I live in L.A. now.” My eyes lit up when he said Cincinatti.
“You’re from Ohio too?” I asked. He nodded his head.
“I’m from Ashtabula. I know that’s far from Cincinnati, but that’s cool that you’re a Ohio native. Bengals fan I assume?” He chuckled and nodded his head.
“I’m assuming you’re a Browns fan?” I shook my head in disgust.
“Hell no, Pittsburgh Steelers all the way.” He chuckled and shook his head.
“Nooo. That’s not good at all.” I chuckled this time.
“Actually what brings you to my small, Pennsylvania town?” I asked, curiosity getting the best of me. He cleared his throat.
“My band and I were headed to Pittsburgh when our tour bus broke down on I-79. We were really close to this town called Meadville, and we thought we would stop in and check it out. Not many kids around here know who Black Veil Brides are do they?” He asked, with a smile. His subtle cockiness was kind of adorable to be honest. I shook my head.
“I didn’t even know who you were…” I playfully whispered. He chuckled. I really liked him. He was so easy to talk to.
“If your tour bus was broken down, how is your car here?” He laughed. “I always bring my car. I sometimes prefer to follow the bus to wherever we’re going in my car. If I’m not driving it, one of the other guys are.”
“So how are they going to get home?”
“You’re full of questions aren’t you?” He asked playfully. I giggled. He seemed to make me giggle a lot. “They’ll call a cab and stay at a hotel. You’re so cute when you laugh.” I blushed again and covered my face. He scooted closer to me, causing Jasper to jump onto the floor and stretch out, sauntering away with his tail outstretched in the air. He pulled my hands away from my face.
“Don’t cover your face beautiful, I like looking into your gorgeous green eyes. The color is extremely fascinating to me.” He cupped my chin with his hand, and he slowly pulled my face to his. We were just centimeters away, about to lock lips for the first time. How badly did I want to feel his plump lips pressed against mine. We were both startled right out of our skin when Jason opened my front door. I immediately jumped to my feet.
“Who the hell is this?!” He asked jealously. Andy stood up next to me, putting a protective grip on my arm.
“Go Jason, get out!” I yelled at him.
“No, this is my place too and you’re sitting on this couch about to make out with some guy?!” He yelled.
“Get the f*uck out now.” I said, shoving his chest. He balled his hands into fist at his sides and stepped towards me, I was shocked when I felt two hands push me out of the way.
“Don’t you dare lay a hand on her!” I heard Andy growl. Jason took a step backwards.
“She wants you to leave. Now, get your things and leave. Her and I have some business to do.” I just stood there, completely shocked. Jason and Andy were at a stand off. The air was thick of tension and testosterone. Jason angrily pushed passed me and went into what used to be our room, slamming the door shut, causing me to jump. He came out a few moments later with some bags of clothes.
“I’m staying with Nicky.” He taunted me. Nicky was his ex girlfriend.
“That’s perfectly okay with me. Go have fun with your little slut. Remember you’re throwing away a good girl for a piece of trash.” I taunted him sarcastically. Jason scoffed and angrily left, practically slamming my front door right off the hinges.
“I’m so sorry Andy.” I said after Jason left. I secretly hoped he slipped on the icy sidewalk. Andy started to make his way over to me quickly, he grabbed onto my shoulders, and locked his lips onto mine. I was taken aback just a bit but then I started to kiss him back. His tongue played at my lips, begging for entrance and I allowed it. He began massaging my tongue with his. His hand slid up to the back of my neck and then tangled into my hair. He was such a good kisser. I couldn’t get enough. I just wanted to keep kissing him forever. He broke our kissing and started at my neck. I moaned sweetly, letting him know I thoroughly enjoyed him doing that. He wrapped my arms around his neck and hoisted me up by my waist, I instinctively put my legs around his waist and he began carrying me down my hallway. He opened my bedroom door and tossed me on my bed. He crawled on top of me, placing his hands on either side of my head and bending his neck down, locking lips with me again. I wasn’t usually the type of girl to hook up with a stranger, but there was something so different about Andy. He started in at my neck again, and then kissed across my collarbones and then our lips were tangled together once more. He broke the kissing to whisper something in my ear. His breath was heavy, and it tickled my earlobe.
“Do you want to?” He whispered, then nibbled my ear gently. Sex. Sex sounded so heavenly right now. I haven’t had it in about three months because I couldn’t trust Jason and I didn’t want him having sex with me if he was cheating on me.
“Yes.” I practically moaned.
“Good, because I want you.” He moaned into my ear, causing me to break out into shivers. He started kissing me again, pushing my thighs apart so he could lay on top of me better. He shrugged out of his leather jacket. I then noticed his arms were all also tattooed. The left one having an entire sleeve of ink down to his wrist. He worked his way down my body. Slowly sliding my shirt up, licking me from where my pants started to my belly button, and then trailed kisses up my tummy as he slid my shirt up even farther, up over my breasts and then off my head.
“Wait, wait…” I said, briefly interrupting him. “I don’t even know your last name.” He chuckled.
“Biersack.” He said.
“What’s yours?” He asked, fiddling with my bra. It clasped in the front.
I placed my hand over his, causing him to look at me.
“Goodman.” I said. He grinned and pecked my lips.
“Now that we’re fully acquainted, can we get back to business?” We both chuckled. I nodded my head. He unclasped my bra and I shrugged out of it, tossing it on the floor. He kissed in between them. His hair fell from its place and danced softly against my bare skin, tickling it as he kissed across my chest. He gently pulled a nipple into his mouth as he squeezed my other breast gently. I groaned in response. He switched and did the same thing to the other breast. He got up, breaking contact and that’s when I noticed I was practically out of breath. He pulled his shirt up over his head and started to unbutton his pants. He was now in his boxers and I could see the delicious outline of his manhood. He was definitely ready to go, but he was taking his time with me. Something told me deep down inside that gentle sex was NOT his thing, but he was being a gentlemen for me right now.
“Lay this way.” He said, motioning with his finger. I moved so that my head was on the pillows and he walked to the foot of my bed. He even had tattoos on his chest. A heart with a dragonfly on the right side and then some kind of lettering on the left. He climbed into my bed. He undid the button to my jeans and began to slide them off my legs. Thank god I was wearing a cute pair of undies today. They were just black boy shorts. Nothing fancy. Andy’s tongue played at the top of my panties. He was kissing my lower belly again. It honestly drove me completely wild. He hooked his fingers into the sides of my panties and began to slide them down my hips. He slid them all the way down and reached down a bit to get them off my feet.
“Have you ever had a guy eat your p*ussy?” He asked, running his finger up my slit and just barely grazing my most sensitive part.
“Yes, but no one has ever done it good enough.” A devilish smile played on his lips.
“Really…? Because all I wanna do is taste you.” He said, opening my thighs even more. His head descended in between my legs. He kissed each of my inner thighs gently, teasing me. He put his arms under my knees and pulled my hips to the edge of the bed where he knelt down on the floor. His tongue ran up my slit, causing me to gasp and then moan softly as it flicked gently across my most sensitive area. It didn’t take him long to get me to the very edge.
“Ugh, yes Andy, right there… Don’t stop… Keep going…” I moaned. He grabbed my hips harder, keeping me in place. I was so close… I was teetering on the edge of orgasmic bliss. My orgasm hit in a tidal wave, washing over me wave after wave after wave. He didn’t take his mouth off me until I was completely done. My entire body was now shaking, and I felt sedated. He worked his way back up my body. He must have taken his boxers off while I was previously preoccupied…
He got in between my thighs and placed his tip at my entrance, running it up my slit. He nipped at my neck, nibbling it gently.
“It’s not going to take me long to bust baby. You’ve got me so worked up, and it’s been so long since I’ve been physical with anyone.” He whispered against my ear. He started to push himself into me, inching it slowly inside. I was surprised by how thick he was. He stretched me nicely.
“Mmm, you’re so tight. How many people have you been with?”
“Just two.” I moaned as he began moving slowly in and out.
“I’m your third?” He asked. I nodded.
“Three’s a charm honey.” He groaned as his movements became quicker.
“I’m so close already, and you’re so tight. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to bust.” His d*ick felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop. He buried his head into my neck, while resting his left arm across my chest and tangling his fingers in my hair.
“I’m gonna c*um.” He groaned against my neck, he quickly pulled out and rubbed himself until he came in spurts on my belly, moaning lightly under his breath. The liquid was hot and sticky on my skin. I laid there trying to catch my breath. He wondered off to my bathroom, which was attached to my room. I heard him run the water and then he came back out with a damp wash rag. He cleaned me off and then himself off. He reached for his pants.
“Wait, don’t go…” I said, “come here, cuddle with me. Lay in this bed with me.” He grinned, and put his boxers back on and handed me my panties and my shirt.

We just laid there for hours, my head on his chest and him tracing lines into my arm with his fingers as we talked about everything and anything.
“Racheal, I really like you a lot. I would like to give you my number. We should talk more, and get to know each other some more.” He placed his lips against my forehead gently. They were so incredibly soft.
“Okay.” I said quietly, suddenly sad that it sounded like he was leaving.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“I don’t want you to go yet.” I admitted. He chuckled.
“Well what if I don’t want to go yet? What if I wanted to stay here all night?” He ran his hand down my back.
“I think that sounds like a wonderful plan.” He hooked his hand under my chin once more and we locked lips again.

Six Weeks Later
Andy and I were talking sparely ever since he left the next day after our little tryst. I understood though, he was busy with touring and not to mention he did just get out of a five year long relationship. He wasn’t quite ready for a fully committed relationship just yet. We both agreed to not see other people though. He promised he would come back for me. That all made me warm and fuzzy, but I was actually in a sheer panic. My period was late, by more than a few days. I started weighing the odds in my head. We didn’t use a condom, but he pulled out, but I’m not on any type of birth control. I didn’t want to freak him out by telling him I think I might be pregnant. I also felt extremely guilty. I couldn’t be having his baby right now. He’s in the middle of his career. This baby would put that on hold. I toyed around with the idea of not telling him and just cutting him off and never speaking to him again, but I couldn’t bare the thought of never seeing him again.

Over the next week my period still hadn’t shown up. I had horrible nausea. Even just the smell of certain foods made me run to the bathroom and throw up everything I ate for lunch. My breasts hurt and if I wasn’t mistaken, they looked a little bigger. F*uck. He’s going to kill me. It’s that simple. I decided to be brave. I was going to walk down to the nearest drug store and buy a test. I felt as if I was going to have a full on panic attack walking into that Rite Aid. I decided to buy an expensive digital one that came with two in a box. I practically ran back home. I wanted to know, but I was also completely terrified. Would Andy want me to have the baby? Would he want me to put it up for adoption? I knew he wasn’t the type to suggest the other thing and I was completely against it for myself. I opened the box and took the test out, I held it up in front of my face. This little plastic stick was going to determine if my life was about to drastically change. I took a deep breath and stuck the test between my legs while I peed. I replaced the cap, sat it on the corner of the sink and washed my hands. Jasper nudged his way into the bathroom and lovingly rubbed against my legs, purring. He let out a soft meow.
“Mom?” It almost seemed like was asking me.
The test beeped and I jumped. It was ready for me to look at it. I took a deep breath. I was shaking scared. My knees felt as if they were going to give out. I picked the test up and held it in front of my face. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard someone knock on the bathroom door.
“Racheal?” It was Andy’s voice. F*uck. What was he doing here? I hid the box and put the test in my back pocket and I opened the door.
“Hey what are you doing here?” I asked nervously, giving him a hug. He kissed my lips, and I gratefully kissed him back.
“I came to surprise you.” He said with a grin.
“We need to talk.” I said, grabbing his hand. His face fell. He looked sad and I felt terrible. I took him into the living room and we sat on the couch.
“What’s wrong baby?” He asked. I was happy and just completely thankful that he was here so we could have this conversation in person.
“I missed my period Andy.” I said quietly. He looked at me confused for a moment.
“Oh?” He asked, “do you think that you might be…?” I pulled the test out of my pocket. I still haven’t even looked at it yet.
“Oh. That’s what you were doing in the bathroom.” He said, when he saw it in my hands.
“I haven’t even looked at it yet.” I felt like I wanted to burst into a sea of tears. He pulled me in to cuddle into his chest.
“We’ll look at it together, in 3… 2… 1….” He counted down and then we flipped the test over to look at it together. I gasped.
“Oh my god…” He whispered. There it was in small black letters, printed clear as day.
My breath hitched into my throat. I wanted to cry, I wanted to celebrate, I wanted to scream… I had all these emotions and didn’t know what to do with them. I started to break down. Andy rubbed my back.
“Don’t cry baby. I’m not mad if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I ruined your life.” I sobbed into his chest.
“Racheal, what? You did not ruin my life… You’re making my life better.” He hooked his fingers under my chin. “You’re eyes get a darker, more richer shade of green when you cry.” He kissed my lips.
“Don’t cry, please don’t cry.”
“What are we going to do?” I said sniffling.
“We’re going to have a baby.” Andy said, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way. Pack your bags honey, you’re coming with me.” I looked at him as if he was some type of new life form.
“What?” He asked.
“Are you sure?” I asked him.
“Why wouldn’t I be? You’re gorgeous, amazing, funny, and now you have my kid in there. Of course I’m sure.” I blinked slowly at him, letting this all just slowly register in my brain. I sniffled again.
“Well okay. Will you help me pack?” I asked. He chuckled.
“Of course.” We talked about a lot as he helped me pack my clothes into suitcases.
“First things first, tomorrow we need to call a doctor as soon as we land in L.A. You need an ultra sound. Also you’re going to need prenatal vitamins.” I could already tell he was going to be such a good daddy. He handled it way better than I thought he ever would and to think that we bumped into each other at a coffee shop on a completely random whim. I put Jasper into his cat carrier with a blanket and his favorite mouse toy. I was actually kind of excited to enjoy my life with Mr. Biersack.


simply fantastic. Nai Palm is a wondrous musician and vocalist. Hiatus Kaiyote remains one of my favorite bands. If you love them, and her (which you should) then definitely check out this video above. additionally, below is an inspiring, glorious video presented by the raw and emotional StyleLikeU series, in which Nai Palm shares intimate details about her life, and her powerful connection with nature.

Josh Dun x Reader : First Day at Chipotle

You nervously tied on your apron and put on your hat, looking in the mirror. It was your first day on the job, and you felt unprepared. When you first sent in the application to Chipotle, you didn’t think you’d get the job, but surprisingly, they enjoyed your optimism, energy, and bright smile, and claimed to be excited for you to come work for them. You looked back at your reflection, not sure whether or not you were truly ready to do this. I mean, it was your first job after all, and as much as you loved eating their burritos and chips, you weren’t totally ready to start making them.

The drive there wasn’t too bad, and before you knew it, three hours into the job and after being given thorough directions, you felt confident that this was the perfect job for you. You were wrapping up a chicken burrito with extra guacamole when he walked in, and your attention focused on him immediately. He had bright pink hair, a black backwards hat on his head, wearing ripped jeans and a tank top, showing off his muscles and his gorgeous tattoos. He had black ear piercings, was holding a skateboard, and a small smile on his lips as he walked in. He was gorgeous. “Hey!” the customer snapped. “I asked for some salsa!”

“Sorry,” you instantly fell out of your trance, nodding and apologizing to the customer.

He fell in line, and you silently hoped you’d be the one to help assist him. Maybe even get to know his name at least. You were helping the other customer in line, sneaking glances at the boy, when one of your coworkers, a girl, caught you staring at him. “Ha, you checking out Josh?” she wondered.

“What?” you widened your eyes, unsure of what she said.

“Josh Dun,” she repeated, giving a quick point over at him. “He comes here a lot.”

“Oh,” you mumbled, probably blushing like mad.

“Don’t think I didn’t see you checking him out,” she raised her eyebrows. “Everyone does.”

“Does he um, is he in a relationship?” you wondered.

“Nope, he just broke up with his old girlfriend Debby Ryan about a month ago,” she replied. “He’s all yours.”

“What do you mean?” you asked. “Aren’t you interested?”

“If I didn’t have a boyfriend already,” she laughed. “But you go ahead. I wish you the best.”

“Thanks,” you grinned. Josh came into the line and you didn’t want to sound like a creep, already knowing his name and everything, but he smiled at you and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi, welcome to Chipotle. How can I help you?”

“Wow,” he murmured.

“Huh?” you narrowed your eyes, wondering what he meant.

“Nothing,” he chuckled, shaking his head and grinning. “Um, I’ll take whatever. You go make me something. I’ll eat it.”

“Well don’t you have a preference?” you inquired. “I mean, you surely have to know at least what meat you want on your burrito.”

“As long as you’re the one making it, I’ll eat it,” he reassured.

“Okay,” you laughed.

“Make your favorite order,” he suggested. “I’m just hungry, and Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat, so I’m up for anything.”

“Anything, huh?” you wondered, making your way down the line and adding almost everything to the burrito.

“Yup,” he nodded. “What’s your name?”

“I’m y/n,” you answered. “How about you?”

“You don’t know who I am?” he asked.

“Nope,” you lied.

“Come on, I’m sure you know,” he rolled his eyes. “Everyone does.”

“Everyone but me apparently,” you shrugged.

“But I come here all the time,” he insisted. “I’ve never seen you here, I mean, I’d remember if I did, but you have to have at least overheard a rumor or two.”

“It’s my first day on the job,” you explained.

“Still,” he protested. “You don’t even have a guess?”

“I don’t know who you are,” you fibbed. “Honest.”

“Well I’m Josh Dun,” he introduced. “You know? The drummer?”

“You’re a drummer?” you played dumb.

“Yeah,” he tilted his head to the side. “For the band Twenty One Pilots.”

“Never heard of them,” you chuckled. Lies.

“Well you should check out my band sometime, I think you’d like it,” he offered, handing you a ticket to his next concert. “It’s in town.”

“How come you’d think I’d like it?” you asked playfully, putting his burrito in a bag.

“I don’t know. Maybe cause I think I like you,” he winked.

“Maybe I think I like you too,” you grinned and then picked up a sharpie, writing your number on the outside of the bag, along with your name, and a smiley face. “It was nice to meet you, Josh.”

“You too y/n,” he nodded, picking up the bag and his smile becoming even bigger when he realizes your number is written on the bag. “So, um, will I see you at my show?”

“Probably,” you replied.

“Good. Cause I’ll have something there for you,” he handed you his credit card and you swiped it, handing it back to him.

“Like what?” you raised your eyebrows, curious.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to come to find out,” he joked. He picked up his bag and you blew him a kiss, and he laughed, walking out the door.

The other employee, the girl who had told you who Josh was, walked over to you and giggled. “So I’m guessing it went well?” she wondered.

“It went fabulous,” you sighed. “I just really hope he calls me.”

“I know he will,” she reassured. “He’s a nice guy.”

“So what do you know about Josh?” you wondered, turning to face your coworker.

“I know he likes you,” she teased.

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes.

“He does,” she persisted. “I bet he loves you.”

“I hope he does,” you chuckled to yourself. Josh Dun seemed like such a sweet guy, and you were basically counting down the hours until you could go to the concert tonight. It seemed like your first day on the job went a whole lot better than you thought it would after all.

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Here are a couple of band requests. Of Mice and Men, Beartooth, Being as an Ocean, Three Days Grace, and Oceans Ate Alaska. Sorry I didn't put lyrics. Thank you so much!

I only really listen to OM&M, Beartooth and Three days grace, so I’ll do a couple of those! If you want the other bands too you should mention some songs and I’ll check them out

Climb Out Your Window

Title : Climb Out Your Window

Pairing : Gabriel X Reader

Word Count : 2,189

Prompt : Eeeeek! :) This is my first Gabriel fic! It’s based off the song Climb Out Your Window by Walk Off the Earth. (Amazing band, you should check out there stuff!) Anyway, enjoy!

You snuggled into bed with your favorite book, reading the last few words in the final chapter before you rolled over, set the book down and turned off the light by your bed. You smiled to yourself as you snuggled deeper into the warm blankets. You had enjoyed a wonderful evening doing everything you loved to do. You got a warm bubble bath, you listened to your favorite music, blasting it through the bunker with no fear, you made a batch of cookie dough and watched Pride and Prejudice, and finally you crawled into bed at the time you wanted.

There had been no rules. No boys. No stupid conversations about anime characters or upcoming cases. You finally had the bunker all to yourself.

The boys had left early that morning with Castiel to head out to Ohio after you got a call about a supposed monster in Lake Erie.

You didn’t exactly like having the whole place to yourself, but every once in a while, you needed some “me time”.  

You closed your eyes, pulling the blanket up to your nose. You said a quick prayer, telling Castiel good night, and then you sent another to heaven, just asking to keep the boys safe. You had grown up in the church; what could you say? Some habits die hard.

You were almost asleep when a soft, scraping sound made you blink open your eyes. You sniffed tiredly and looked around.

After a few moments of silence, you decided you must have been dreaming. You closed your eyes, sinking back into your pillows.

“Goodnight, sugar.”

Your eyes flew open wide as your heart leapt to your throat. Lying next to you on your bed, hugging tight to a pillow with a stupid grin on his face was Gabriel.

“Ahh!” You let out a choking cry of shock as you lunged forward with your fists, punching him in the chest on instinct. Gabriel let out a startled grunt as he fell back and landed on the wooden floor with a groan. You stared at him, struggling to control your panicked breathing as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head with a grimace.

“What the heck, Gabriel?!”

He looked up at you with his sparkling, golden brown eyes, and his lips pulled into a smirk. “I expected a more subtle welcome,”

“What are you doing in my room?!” 

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Adrien Week Day 1: A Model Friend

Prompt: Modeling or Body Parts

Nino visits Adrien during an unsuccessful photo shoot, and the photographer ropes him into modeling alongside Adrien.

“No, no, no! I need cannelloni, and you are giving me lasagna!”

Adrien grimaced. He didn’t know much about pasta, but he didn’t need to. Anyone could see that the photographer was frustrated, and Adrien couldn’t blame him. Every pose and smile he’d attempted came out strained, and Adrien wasn’t quite sure why.

“Take a break!”

Adrien sighed and stepped away, slumping onto the nearby bench and staring up at the sky. Maybe he was too focused on the two tests tomorrow he still needed to study for. Maybe he needed to catch up on sleep. Maybe he was simply having an off day.


Adrien tilted his head back just enough to catch a glimpse of Nino standing behind him with a pair of warm drinks. Beaming already, Adrien straightened and turned to face him, “Hey, Nino.”

“Marinette mentioned you were doing a photo shoot. How’s it going?” He extended a cup to Adrien.

Adrien frowned. “Thanks.” He took the cup and resettled on the bench as Nino sat beside him. “Awful, actually. I can’t focus.”

Nino nodded. “You seemed kind of out of it earlier.”

The drink turned out to be coffee, which Adrien downed with a grateful sigh. “Yeah. I’m not sure I’m ready for that history test tomorrow.”

“Me neither.” Nino chuckled, sipping at his own cup. “Maybe after this, we can study. Alya and Marinette are already cramming at the coffee shop down the street.”

“Yeah,” Adrien smiled, “That sounds great.”

“Oh, you should check out this new band.” Nino tugged his phone free and quickly pulled up yet another artist Adrien could add to his ever-growing list of recommendations. “It’s perfect background music for studying.”

Nino offered his headphones for Adrien to sample some of the songs, and Adrien nodded along to the beat, grinning. “Yeah, this is great! Too bad I can’t model to it.”

As Adrien removed the headphones, Nino laughed. “Maybe I should make you a playlist, dude. Give it to the photographer if it gets too quiet.”

“Not unless you know any songs about spaghetti.” Adrien chuckled.


“The photographer has this obsession with pasta.” Adrien leaned in, lowering his voice, “It’s kind of weird.”

“I guess if you’re talented enough, people put up with a little weird,” Nino said with a shrug. He sighed and prepared to head out. “So, meet us down the street?”

“I’ll text you when I’m done,” Adrien promised.

“Wait!” the photographer shouted from behind them, startling a small jump out of both Adrien and Nino. “You! You must stay!”

Nino raised a brow. “Me?”

“Yes! You two are perfect!”

“Perfect for what?” Adrien asked.

Rather than answer, the photographer tugged Nino to his feet and pushed him towards the small make-up team nearby. After a quick wardrobe change and some light makeup, Nino was led back to the set where Adrien waited, half-curious and half-concerned.

“Now, you two talk. Just like before!”

Adrien sighed. “Sorry, Nino. You don’t have to stay.”

Nino awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, already missing his hat and headphones. “It’s fine. I just don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“You think I do?” Adrien chuckled, posing dramatically, “I just get lucky. The camera pawsitively loves me.”

Nino laughed, “With jokes like that, you’re lucky you have a pretty face.”

Adrien gently shoved him. “Hey, if the hero of Paris can pull off puns, so can I.”

“Dude, Ladybug doesn’t pun,” Nino teased.

“Ha ha. I meant the other hero of Paris.”

The two hardly noticed the flashes of the camera beside them as they joked around. Their friendly banter was interrupted only for occasional directions from the photographer and his assistants.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the photographer finally shouted, “Beautiful! The pasta is ready to be eaten!”

Nino snickered softly. “Does that mean we’re done?”

Adrien nodded. “Usually.”

After changing back into their normal clothes, Nino glanced over at the empty lot. “Wow. My first modeling gig.”

Adrien elbowed him and grinned. “You’re welcome.”

“Who said anything about thank you, Mr. The Camera Loves Me?”

Adrien chuckled, following Nino to the coffee shop down the road. As they settled into the seats beside Marinette and Alya, Adrien couldn’t help but smile. Of all his photo shoots, that had to be his favorite. Who knew that after all these years modeling could still be fun?