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Name: Veronika.
Gender: Female♀.
Star sign: Cancer♋.
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Favorite colors: Black, purple, red, green and turquoise.
Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours.
Cat or dog person: BOTH. I really like cats and dogs, so I can’t choose.
Favorite fictional character: Hmm let me thing… OK, it will be Lisbeth Salander from novels The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest.
Favorite bands/singers: Alice in Chains, Pantera, Gruntruck, Kyuss, Stone Temple Pilots, Danzig, Acid Bath, Gorillaz, Black Sabbath, Blur, Nirvana, Guns’n’Roses, Joan Jett, Joy Divishion, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Electric Wizard, Hole, KoЯn, L7, Mad Season, Rammstein, The Melvins, Morphine, Pearl Jam, RHCP, Sex Pistols, Soundgarden, Type O Negative… I’m too lazy to write more))))).
Dream trip: Seattle | Berlin | Amsterdam.
Dream job: An actress or a graphic designer. But I chose graphic designer).
When was this blog created: November 2017.
Current number of followers: 28 (love u all♥, except these porno-blogs))).
When did this blog reach its peak: It hasn’t hit it’s peak yet.
Time right now: 4:51pm.
Song stuck in my head: Гражданская Оборона - Про дурачка (it’s a russian rock)).
Last movie I watched: I don’t remember^^.
Last TV show I watched: Master and Margarita (2005), TV show of my childhood♥.
What am I wearing right now: A dark blue father’s T-short (thanks, dad♥) and black leggings.
What kind of stuff do I post: My favorite bands and music, dark spooky stuff, some 80s & 90s and so on.
Do I get Asks: Rarely(.
Why did I choose my url: ‘Cause I like it :D.
Lucky number: I don’t have a lucky number.
Following: 132.
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When they accidentally punch you in the face. (x)

When they get needy and ask you to come over. (x)

When you’re bad at what they do best. (x)

When their s/o writes a song for them. (x)

When their s/o is cold in the middle of the night. (x)

When you say “I love you” for the first time. (x)

To their S/O being the main vocalist in their group. (x)

When you have a british accent. (x)

When their s/o is insecure about their Mexican accent. (x)

When you surprise them with birthday sex. (x)

When you’re not close with your family. (x)

When they find out that their s/o is seeing a therapist for their anxiety. (x)

When they find out their s/o dated her best friend. (x)

What they would do when you have cramps and mood swings. (x)

When they find out you have a nipple piercing. (x)

When GOT7 and their s/o go through a haunted house together. (x)

When their s/o is greek. (x)

When you tell them you’re not sure if you want to have kids in the future. (x)

When you pass out because it’s too hot. (x)

When their s/o is obsessed with music rhythm games. (x)

When their s/o is mixed. (x)

When they find out you’re pregnant. (x)

When they find out you’re adopted. (x)

When you have sweaty palms. (x)

When you (their crush) does not understand korean. (x)

When their s/o is an illustrator and creates erotic art. (x)

When their s/o is super shy in lingerie. (x)

When their s/o bias’ in GOT7 is not actually them. (x)

When their s/o surprises them with a visit. (x)

When you place your hand on your ear when you’re stressed. (x)

When you’re babysitting and end up at a GOT7 fansign. (x)

When you struggle with pronouncing their names. (x)

When their s/o is hired to do GOT7′s comeback packaging design. (x)

When their s/o is in pain because they got their braces tightened. (x)

When their fiancé doesn’t fit in their wedding dress. (x)

When they see their child for the first time after a one night stand. (x)

When their s/o is the maknae of a group. (x)

When you’re silly and clingy when you are tired. (x)

When they have trouble pronouncing your name. (x)

Seeing another guy flirt with their s/o. (x)

When you hate your smile. (x)

When their s/o walks in on them getting out of the shower. (x)

When their s/o is scared of thunderstorms. (x)

When their s/o is an all-rounder. (x)

When you kiss them only to get lipstick on their face. (x)

When you wear a bikini for the first time. (x)

When their s/o wakes up crying from a nightmare. (x)

When their s/o is independent. (x)

When their s/o is the lead rapper of a group. (x)

When you fangirl over another boy group. (x)

When they hear their s/o singing in the shower. (x)

When their s/o is being followed by a stranger. (x)

Their s/o struggles with their mental health. (x)

When their s/o surprises them on their birthday. (x)

Meeting their s/o for the first time. (x)

When they find out the gender of their baby. (x)

When their s/o has labor pains in the middle of the night. (x)

Talking to your pregnant belly. (x)

Taking care of you when you’re drunk. (x)

When you blame them for your pain during birth. (x)

When their s/o hypes up 7For7. (x)

When their s/o cuts their hair short. (x)

Their s/o won’t stop singing the Hamilton musical. (x)



GOT7 watch their idol! s/o during an award show. (x)

Accidentally holding their hand. (x)

Waking up beside them after a great night. (x)

Kinks of GOT7 (x)


Mark Tuan on your birthday (x)


Lim Jaebeom on your birthday (x)


Jackson Wang on your birthday (x)


Park Jinyoung on your birthday (x)


none yet oops


none yet oops


First Date with Kim Yugyeom (x)


Date an ‘02 Liner (x)

Be into a girl who is the lead singer of a rock band. (x)

Date a girl with depression. (x)

Like a girl who is into the daddy/little girl kink. (x)

Be in a long distance relationship with a unique non korean fan. (x)

Date a savage. (x)

Date a mute girl. (x)

Be into a more overweight girl. (x)

Date a “one of the guys” type of girls. (x)

Own a pet dog. (x)

Like a girl who has a pet baby lizard. (x)

Date a coffee shop owner. (x)

Wake up early to watch their S/O sleep before busy schedules. (x)

Date an idol. (x)

Be annoyed at a party where everyone is loud. (x)

Date a girl around 5ft tall (x)

Fall in love the hardest. (x)

Date someone younger than them. (x)

Fall for a really sweet/soft girl. (x)


Vans Girls Music Crushes: Brianna Collins

Meet the soulful singer and keyboardist of the alternative/punk/indie band Tigers Jaw, Brianna Collins. The second we heard her sultry voice and beautiful piano melodies, we were instantly hooked and had to know more about her. We met up with the Pennsylvania native and roamed the streets of Long Beach, CA in our Old Skools, scoping out vintage thrift finds and rare records while chatting about tour, writing, and her band’s new record.

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“We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.”

- Courtney in an interview in Sassy, by Christina Kelly (Kurt was there).