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Stop Making Sense - 1984 (Directed by Jonathan Demme)

The Setlist [BONUS] - “I’d like to introduce the band by name.”

The wedding night

(A/N): I’m in dire need of Bucky fluff so 

 Summary: The telling of (Y/N)’s and Bucky’s big night

 Warnings: fluff? 

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   Bucky Barnes couldn’t believe it, he was officially married. After years, many, many years of waiting he finally got the happy ending he wanted; a family, a home, stability. Not only that but he got to experience it with the most beautiful human in the galaxy, (Y/N). Truthfully, had it been anyone else Bucky wouldn’t be we’re he was right now, holding his spouse’s hand as they chatted merrily with their table and graciously ate food. But (Y/N) had enraptured him the moment he set eyes on them, from those dazzling eyes to that shy smile and with their more than beautiful personality. He would have been crazy not to fall in love, he’d have been crazy not to get down on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage but he had and he could never, ever regret it- 

    “Buck,” (Y/N) smiles at him, nudging his side gently. That snapped Bucky out of his momentary reverie as he jolted forward in his seat, looking at (Y/N) earnestly.

    “Yeah? Hmm?” (Y/N) smiles at him as they take his hand, pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles. 

   "First dance, remember?“ Bucky looks at them, looks at their lips and their gorgeous smile, he looks at them as though he’s looking at them for the first time. He notices the way their eyes shine under the beautiful lights, or the way their teeth nearly glitter against their lips, or the way their nose scrunched up as they smiled beautifully, he notices the way their hair is styled, so beautiful and meticulous, and then he notices their hands, one of them with a plain silver band across it, showing the world that (Y/N) was Bucky’s just as much as Bucky was (Y/N)’s. 

   "Yeah,” Bucky breathes out softly, unable to tear his eyes away from (Y/N)’s gorgeous face. “Yeah our first dance,” (Y/N) smiles at him as they run their thumb along his knuckle, and even though Bucky was unable to feel it he could only guess how amazing it felt against the cold metal plates. A soft tune fills the air and that’s when it hits him, the song, the old lively tune, a song he once used to know all the words to. "Glenn miller?“ Bucky questions, his eyes glued to the blush that dusted (Y/N)’s cheeks. 

   "Yeah, Steve said you used to love him,” Bucky chuckles as he squeezes (Y/N)’s hand gently, pressing a kiss of his own to their knuckles

   . “I still do sweetcheeks,” Bucky stands, bringing his beautiful spouse with him. “Live band and everything?”

     "Recordings don’t do it justice,“ Bucky smiles as they make their way to the dance floor, the band all playing their tune and glancing up from their work to eye the newlyweds every now and then. With a gentle smile Bucky pulls (Y/N) close, his hands settled on their waist comfortably. 

   "I haven’t danced in years,” (Y/N) smiles at him as they snake their arms around his neck, running their fingers through the strands at the nape of his neck.

    “Neither have I,” (Y/N) smiles as the two glide around almost effortlessly, as though they had already done this a million times.

    “70 years (Y/N), how long has it been for you?” (Y/N) laughs as they rest their forehead against Bucky’s, their noses barely touching. 

   "Not that long old man,“ Bucky chuckles as he holds (Y/N) a little closer, wanting every part of their body to be touching his. 

   "Says the kid who married me," 

   "says the man who asked,”

    “hmm, touché,” (Y/N) smirks as they close their eyes, swaying with Bucky smoothly across the floor, making their way about the dance floor slowly but surely.

    “Isn’t this supposed to be all serious and sentimental?” (Y/N) asks after a bit of silence. Bucky laughs as he rubs his nose against (Y/N)’s causing the latter to giggle softly. 

   "This is perfectly sentimental thank you very much. Would you rather I stare at you intently and say nothing?“

    "God no,” (Y/N) laughs, “that’d be creepy," 

   "my point proved,” Bucky whispers as the song slowly draws to a quiet murmur, slowly but surely starting to come to and end. Bucky smiles gently as he closes the distance between (Y/N) and himself, sealing their lips together gently, much to the delight of their wedding guests. Everyone claps and cheers, making the two newlywed a giggle with delight. "See, perfectly sentimental,“ Bucky whispers as the two go back and take their seats, smiling at each other breathlessly, with eyes full Of such love and adoration. (Y/N) hums as they nod, their eyes practically glued to Bucky. 

   "Yeah, perfectly sentimental," 

    The rest of the wedding was spent drinking and eating and chatting amongst friends and family. At one point every single avenger had gotten up and danced to some god awful contemporary song ( (Y/N) included) and danced their merry little hearts out while Bucky sat back and watched his friends and his spouse dance together. 

   God- (Y/N) was so beautiful. It didn’t matter how many times he saw them, every time he laid eyes on them his heart swelled with so much joy and happiness. How could someone like (Y/N) have ever picked him? He was a mess, he had much more emotional baggage than was healthy, he was broken and damaged, for fucks sake sometimes he couldn’t even shower without proper help but (Y/N) came along and accepted him despite his flaws- in fact they embraced them, they made Bucky feel like a normal person for the first time in years. They knew all about his past and problems, they knew what he had done and yet here they were, dancing at their wedding.

   “Hey Soldier,” (Y/N) smiles at him breathlessly, little beads of sweat decorating their forehead. “You gonna come dance with me or what?”

   “Not like that I’m not,” Bucky snorts, folding his arms over his chest as he leans back into his chair, content to just look and stare at (Y/N). 

   “What’s wrong with my dancing?” (Y/N) asks as they give a little shimmy, making the supersoldier laugh loudly. 

   “Exactly that,” 

   “Come on,” (Y/N) shimmied closer to him, smirking as he laughed some more. “I know you want to,”

   “I really don’t,” 

   “You really do,” (Y/N) shimmied some more, only a few inches away from Bucky. 

   “Oh my god, if you stop with that god awful shimmy I’ll come dance with you,” (Y/N) stopped immediately, smiling at Bucky happily. With a sigh of resignation Bucky clambered from his seat, gratefully taking (Y/N)’s hand as they guided him to the dance floor and that’s when (Y/N) began to dance again, at least ten times worse than before. 

   “No,” Bucky laughed, as (Y/N) danced horribly, one leg up here, an arm there, some shimmying there. “Oh my god it’s so bad,” 

   “Dance with me,” (Y/N) manages to state before their own smile overpowers them, making them halt in their dancing. 

   “I can’t possibly compare to whatever that was-” 

   “Come on- I’ll show you,” Bucky laughed as (Y/N) danced again, only much slower this time. 

   “Okay, okay, I think I got it,” Bucky began to follow along (Y/N)’s ‘dance’ moves, laughing so hard he could barely keep his balance but before he knew it (Y/N) had joined back in with him and they were dancing, if one could even call it that. Alongside the couple the dance floor was packed, each square inch covered in dancing bodies. 

   “God we look like idiots,” Bucky laughs as the song ends, leaving everyone to still and pant to regain their breath and energy. 

   “Yeah, but we’re each other’s idiots,” Bucky smiles at (Y/N) as he takes their hand, pressing a soft kiss to their knuckles. 

   “Yeah we are,” 

   The rest of the night had gone by in a blur, there was food and drinks, there was some delicious desert, but most of all there had been (Y/N), Bucky’s sweet, beautiful (Y/N). Even if everything else that night had been a bit of a haze (Y/N) was always there, always so vibrant against the blurred memories. And now (Y/N) was beside Bucky, smiling at him as Tony’s limo drove them to some mysterious honeymoon get away. It was obvious in the way their eyes dropped that they were getting tired, or the way they started to slowly lean on Bucky for support but Bucky didn’t mind, having (Y/N) fall asleep on him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

   “You can go to sleep,” Bucky whispers as he reaches over to tuck a strand of hair behind (Y/N)’s ear, smiling when they yawned just a bit. 

   “What about-” 

   “What about nothing. You danced that cute little ass of yours off tonight, no wonder you’re so tired,” (Y/N) smiled sleepily as they leaned on Bucky, smacking their lips as they curl up against him. 

   “Wake me up when we get to the hotel?” Bucky hums as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead. 

   “Of course doll,” 

    Bucky was lying when he said he’d wake (Y/N) up, they looked far too peaceful like this, it’d be a shame to disrupt it. So instead of wake sleeping beauty Bucky managed to slide his arms around them as maneuver them out of the car, intact might he add. He even made it up 12 floors and managed to open the hotel room before (Y/N) finally jostled awake, groaning softly as Bucky set them down on the luxurious bed Tony had booked for them. 


   “Yeah baby?”

   "What are you doing?" 

   "I’m gonna change really quick, that okay with you?”

    “Can you help me too?” Bucky smiles at (Y/N)’s sleepy tone as he nods, giving their hand a gentle squeeze, 

   "of course doll,“ (Y/N) hums softly as they smile at Bucky, allowing themself to snuggle down into the sheets as Bucky trudged to the bathroom to change. 

   He’d worn a complex Black suit with so many layers and buttons that Bucky could barely figure out how to get it off much less put it on but with a bit of struggling Bucky managed to shrug the suit off and place it on the counter, leaving it for later. He would take care of it tomorrow but for now all he wanted to do was curl up with (Y/N) and sleep for 12 hours. So with sudden heavy limbs and a warm smile Bucky waddled back to the bedroom, to where (Y/N) Barnes lay. 

   ”(Y/N),“ Bucky whispered as he gently shook (Y/N)’s shoulder. ”(Y/N), I gotta help you outta your clothes doll,“ (Y/N) grumbles softly as they shifted their position, slowly sitting up to allow Bucky to help them out of their complicated outfit. Bucky wiggled them out of their clothes, eyeing their body as he did. They were so beautiful- every part of them, from their collarbones, to their hips, down the faint stretchmarks that marked their thighs but Bucky loved it all, every single piece of them.

    "You’re so beautiful,” Bucky whispered as he leaned forward, gently kissing along (Y/N)’s neck. It wasn’t full of hunger and lust like it usually was rather full of sheer love and adoration for the human before him. (Y/N) sighed softly as Bucky wiggled their clothes down their legs, leaving them at the foot of the bed. 

   "Shouldn’t we pick those up-“ (Y/N) began but Bucky cut them short when he dragged them down, pulling a blanket over them in the process. 

   "We can take care of that stuff later,” Bucky murmured as he kissed (Y/N)’s neck gently. There was once again no hunger or lust to it, not tonight, Tonight was different. Usually Bucky would be dying to bury himself deep within (Y/N), to suckle on that neck until it was bruised purple but tonight all he wanted to do was kiss (Y/N) and hold them, show them how much he loved them.

    “I love you,” Bucky whispers as he kisses (Y/N)’s collarbones, only breaking long enough to murmur to them. 

    “I love you too Buck,”

    “Gonna buy you a nice house, something cute and small, I’ll fix up the lights, mow the lawn, you can buy a dog,”

    “Mh,” (Y/N) hums, smiling sleepily as Bucky kissed his way along their body. “Let me guess, you’ll fix the plumbing too?" 

    "I would, I’d fix up the flooring and the walls, we could paint together,”

    “We both know nothing would get done if we tried to paint together," 

    "We could learn how to bake," 

    "Bucky Barnes, I’d like to see you try to cook ramen-" 

    "We could go to bookstores and parks, we could walk our 3 dogs and-”

    “And then ever night we’d fall into bed together, hold each other all night long and talk about our future?” Bucky smiles as he looks at (Y/N), sweet, beautiful, sleepy (Y/N). He’d never been more in love than he was right now, tangled up with the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, talking about the life he had always wanted. With soft lips Bucky kisses them, conveying his every emotion in one gesture.

    “Damn straight,”

Mama Mavis, oh
Mama, they tried my patience
Obama is gone, who is left to save us?
So together we mourn, I’m praying for my neighbors
They say the devil’s at work and Trump is calling favors
You say I’m dangerous, I speak for the nameless
I fly with the vultures, I be with them bangers
If change don’t come, then the change won’t come
If the bands make ‘em dance, then the rain gon’ come
—  Gorillaz feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T, Let Me Out
Unsolicited List of Dadrien Headcanons
  • Adrien stays home with the kids when they’re young. Marinette offers to trade off days working and staying home but Adrien is like no I got this.
  • He is stay-at-home dad of the millennium taking kids to school, making their lunches, driving to sports/dance/band practice after school, taking them to the park when they’re babies, everything. 
  • Gabriel thinks he’s wasting his potential being a stay at home father; Adrien cannot bring himself to care because he isn’t going to pass up the chance to be a present figure in his children’s lives. 
  • He binges on parenting books more than Marinette does during the pregnancy because it isn’t like he’s had the best example to look up to himself. He checks out every book in the library and has seven parenting websites bookmarked in the first month.
  • He goes to Tom and Sabine a lot for advice because they obviously know what they’re doing and they’re just #parenting goals in Adrien’s opinion
  • Adrien doesn’t Dad joke as much as one might think mainly because he once made the most Chat Noir cat pun that his kids looked at him strangely all night. He reigns it in and saves them for especially cringy moments
  • Emma accidentally almost caught her father putting presents under the Christmas tree one year. Adrien panicked and transformed into Chat Noir. Now the kids believe that Pere Noel has officially deputized Chat Noir with delivering the Agreste-Dupain-Cheng kids’ Christmas presents every year. 
  • And strangely, all three children have foggy memories of Chat Noir cradling them in his arms, rocking them to sleep on the rooftops of Paris
A Sentimental Gift

You were warm as a bug in your knitted [letter] sweater that Molly had so graciously made. It seemed high time to the Weasley’s that you’d receive your very own sweater. You joined them for the holidays for years now. Ever since your first year to be exact. You had grown up in an orphanage and the ladies were more than happy to give you away once your letter had been mailed stating that you were indeed as strange as they had thought.

You had met Molly first at Kings Cross Station and she remembered very well the little frightened girl with the biggest of all doe-eyes. Trying to give you the boost of confidence, she gave you some good advice and sent you off to find her twin boys, saying that they would take good care of her. Little did she know, you actually would and would eventually become part of the family. 

“[Y/N],” George hollered over the sound of Harry and Ron yelling over the game of Wizard’s Chess. 

Pushing off from your spot against the counter, you followed the sound of your name being sung by a pair of boys who could easily get under your skin and not at the same time. You found them sitting in the living room by the fireplace, their eyes gleaming and glittering with mischief. 

Walking cautiously towards the ginger-haired twins, you cocked a brow in their direction. “And just what do I owe the pleasure of having you two sing a rather beautiful song of my name?” 

Fred leaned his lanky body forward, yanking you by your hand to sit with them on the floor in front of the blazing fire. “Come, join us, [nickname]!” 

Huffing and crossing your legs, you felt a little weary of their chipper mood. You were no exception to their pranks despite having told them the next time they decided to dye your hair purple and or make your skin turn bright orange, you were going to hex them into the next year. “What is this about, children?” 

George chuckled, “You’ve given us your present, now, it’s time for us to give you ours!” Pulling out a small box from behind him, he held out in front of you. “Go on.” 

Shaking your head, you became fearful. “Um, I don’t-”

Fred rolled his eyes, “-blimey, dear. We aren’t going to prank ya. Promise.” 

George nodded, “Promise, love.” 

Hesitantly reaching for the small box, you could feel your heart racing. You had witnessed a lot of different things come from small packages when it come to Fred and George. Just last month you watched in horror as Angelina become covered in a sticky pink goo from opening a package similar to the one in your hand. 

“Seriously, [Y/N], it’s not a prank.” Fred murmured.

“I assure you, it isn’t.” George added. “We took into consideration your threat the last time we pranked ya. Gave us a bit a hell for it and we love you too much to have our friendship end.” 

“Couldn’t imagine living life without ya, [nickname].” Fred smiled. 

Sighing, you undid the knot the kept the lid on the box. You clamped your eyes tight in fear of getting anything gooey and sticky in them as you took the lid off the container. After hearing the boys sigh in irritation, you decided to open your eyes. 

What sat in the box was not a prank in any sorts. You could feel your heart swelling with happiness and appreciation. Pressing your lips together, you looked up at the boys who were anxiously awaiting your expression. 

“I love it.” You whispered. 

The boys high-fived one another as they began to gush about how long it had taken them to find you a present. It was absolutely perfect. It was a bracelet with a gleaming gold band, with four beautiful gems. The two in the middle were jet black while the two on the outside was a scarlet crimson color. Immediately you knew this was ode to your obsession with Phoenixes. 

Slipping it on, you marveled at how beautiful it was. 

“But wait,” Fred said in a tone that made you narrow your eyes.

George giggled, “there’s more.” 

Fred took your hand and placed it near the fire, “You’re mad!” You yelped but watched anyway as a flame broke apart from the fireplace and danced on the band of your bracelet, making the crimson gem glow fiercely and the dark gems grow even darker. “Oh!” 

George nodded in approval, “We’d figure you’d enjoy that perk.” 

Fred nudged his brother, “See, we did pick a good one. Georgie was nervous you wouldn’t like it.” 

“Oh but I do.” You brought your wrist to your chest and looked at the twins with loving eyes. “I love you two so much!” Lunging forward, you attacked the both with a hug, giggling when George yelped in fear of his hair catching on fire and Fred cursing loud enough for Molly to scold him for. 

Centennial (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I was going to wait until tomorrow when it was officially Bucky’s birthday, but I’m too excited and want to post it now. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: It’s Bucky’s 100th birthday, and you have a special surprise for the Sargent.

Other Characters: All the team!

Warnings: Fluff, almost/implied smut

Word Count: 1,129

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anonymous asked:

How would the members of the band react to their s/o being a Broadway musical actor/actress?

2D: He’s amazed honestly. You have so many rehearsals and work so hard to perform a magical show. He tells you to give him the dates of every single one of your shows. 2D loves watching you perform, it makes him proud to call you his. He’s always asking people if they’ve seen your shows and telling them that if they want to see a show-stopping performance, they should watch you on Broadway. He’s also so impressed that you memorized so many dance moves and music in such a short time.

Murdoc: Murdoc thinks it’s awesome. He loves bragging to people that his partner is a Broadway star. He gives people dirty looks when they say musicals aren’t really their thing. He replied with, “Y/N could change that.” You usually have to drag him away from the conversation before it gets too heated. He attends every single show and makes sure to out clap everyone in the audience. He usually yells, “LOOK AT MY BABY! THAT’S MY BABY!” At that point you’re glad you’re wearing makeup so people can’t see your face get so red.

Noodle: She’s definitely intrigued. She loves to watch your performances and discusses how your music differs from the music the bands makes. Sometimes she helps you rehearse with your dancing skills or she’ll sing with you. Noodle thinks it’s impressive that you do all of this for a living. She sits in the front row of every single show and keeps every single playbill. A lot of times she’ll attend your rehearsals out of curiosity. You’ve talked to her about auditioning but she’s content with just watching you.

Russel: He enjoys watching you sing and dance on stage for him. He gets lost in the way you elegantly dance across the stage and your voice gives him goosebumps. Russel cheers the loudest after every show. He wants to show you he supports you completely and loves collection your playbills. He talks about your talents in interviews and tells people to go attend your shows.


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