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Name: Julia
Nickname(s): Jude and my brothers call me Birdie
Gender: Female
Star sign: cancer

Height: 5′8"

Sexual orientation: queer
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favourite colour: Green/blue

Favorite color to paint the walls?: I just painted basically all of my condo a soft eggshell white

Favorite color of lipstick? Dark purple or a blue based red
Favourite animal: penguin
Time right now: almost 3 PM

Cat or dog person: Dog

Favourite fictional character: right now Henry McCord, we could talk religion allllll day (not being sarcastic, I would love that so much)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3
Favourite singer/band: Paul McCartney & Bette Midler
Dream trip: I just got back from a bit of a dream trip so I feel a little selfish fantasizing about another one
Dream job: I actually really love being a trial consultant but I’d also love to work at a conservation
When was this blog created: Last winter sometime
When did your blog reach its peak: oh god I don’t know

What made you decide to make a tumblr: I’ve been making and deleting tumblrs for years lol 
Why did you pick your url: Aloha because I’m Hawaiian and it’s one of my favorite words. It’s not just a greeting or a goodbye, Aloha is a way of life on the islands, you LIVE aloha. Blackbird because my brothers call me Birdie and it’s just kind of a joke because they also say I’m dead inside. Shockingly not one of my all-time favorite Beatles songs, although I do like it.

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Name: Freja

Nick name(s): Frejann, (My family has also started calling me Jojo because I only talk about jjba)

Star Sign: aries

Height: Short, that’s all you need to know

Orientation: might be asexual but not really because I want a girlfirend, and a boyfriend shit dude idk lol

Hogwarts House: Slytherin (I have ended up in Ravenclaw in some tests but it’s pretty much always Slytherin lol)

Favorite color: Black, pink and turquoise

Favorite animal: Cats

Average hours of sleep: 5…

Favorite fictional character: My boy Okuyasu

Number of Blankets on bed: one

Favorite singers/bands: Mystery skulls, Otis McDonald, Daft punk, RHCP

Dream trip: I dont want to go anywhere, just visiting my family and friends is good enough for me

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haven’t done one of these in awhile and I just did the ‘meet the artist’ so why not

Name: Cole
Gender: dude man bro
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Sexual Orientation: dont be nosey
Hogwarts House: HufflePuff
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Animal: Marine Iguana
Time Right Now: 5:22 pm
Average Amount of Sleep: 6-7 hrs, but if theres no light then i could sleep forever probably
Cat or Dog Person: affectionate cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: Skulduggery Pleasant, every skeleton character ever, Gengar, B3-NK1, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Midousuji Akira, and many more
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 3, two of which are fluffy as hell, gifts from my gf
Favorite Singer/Band: at the moment its Saint Motel
Dream Trip: anywhere warmer. bake me
Dream Job:  storyboard artist or some other job in the cartoon making process, I’d love to draw webcomics too
Current Number of Followers: at least 3
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: first peak was back in my Yowamushi Pedal days. many peaks since then

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Name: Drew!
Nick name: … Drew lol i guess name is technically Andrew. or the letter S 😂😅
Gender: male
Height: 5'9"
Star sign: Leo!
Sexuality: gay
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff - and proud of it now!
Favorite color: yellow - unless light blue is an option 😜
Favorite animal: i don’t really have one, but if i had to pick id say giraffe ☺️
Time right now: 2:41PM
Cat or dog person: KITTIES! especially when they think they’re dogs lmao
Favorite fictional characters: don’t really have one of these either …
Number of blankets: anywhere from 1 to like 4
Favorite singer/band: can i change this to composer? okay? ya - John Adams (not the president lol)
Dream trip: anywhere!! i think my family is supposed to go to Italy and Australia this year!
Dream Job: film scoring for animated movies!
When blog was created: um … like 2009 maybe? 2010? idk i never really used it until about a year or two ago
Current number of followers: like 241 😭 thank you all! sorry my blog is awful lmao
Why did you make this Tumblr: heh … didn’t trust an ex, so i used it to spy
Why did you pick your URL: everything i have is musicsapp! it’s my love and my initials
Tag 20 followers: @princedaviel @lifeisbeautiful1995 @dangerousoliver @the-original-sass-master @the-department-of-mysteries @galecross @champeon @chaotic-tides @aplaceofhisown @colter45 @language-infierno @murd3rp3ach @fading-bright @wizd0mz @topaf97 @a-hammock-of-stars @joshzuban907 @doesmyscrufflookgood @thethingsofstuff @dustinh453

About Tag
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Name: a man has no name
Nickname: a man has no nickname
Gender: bloke
Star Sign: no idea 
Height: the height your mcm has
Sexual Orientation: what’s that 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Color: it changes tbh
Favorite Animal: all of them
Time Right Now: 21:26
Cat or Dog Person: cats
Favorite Fictional Character: at one time in my life I would’ve said The Doctor in a heartbeat but I’ve watched so many shows since then so idek
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: none? (but one duvet)
Favorite Singer/ Band: loads lmao
Dream Trip: in my dreams
When was your blog created: 5/6 years ago???
When did your blog reach its peak: idek it’s just slowly been gaining momentum
What made you decide to make a tumblr: @nargisra back when I was in college

Gonna tag @autumnwinter93 @beardgame @cloudedlungs @escapethee-ordinary @isaac-191 @khaledcantfly @loverboymp3 @mangotbh @richhooker @bottledchicken @ysfah

about me

i was tagged by Rebekah @musicalmiranda again lol but i loved getting tagged in these things so here we go

name: antoinette but y’all can call me ant or shithead or whatever you want basically

star sign: cancer

height: 5′5

sexual orientation: bi af

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

average hours of sleep: ?????? idk what this is sorry

cat or dog person: why do i have to choose let’s all be friends

favorite fictional characters: ughh this is such a long list i’ll give you my top 5- annabeth chase, draco malfoy, aiden st. delphi, raven reyes, and jake peralta

number of blankets i sleep with: a sheet and comforter unless it’s either super hot or super cold

favorite singer/band: ed sheeran, 5 seconds of summer, shawn mendes

dream trip: i literally want to go everywhere

dream job: an author or book editor but something in the writing industry

when was this blog created: july 2016

current number of followers: 705

when did your blog reach its peak: this question still doesn’t make sense to me but i’m still getting notes for Bit of a Flirt

i’m tagging: @londonbridgefalling @daveeddiggsit @protecting-my-legacy @alexanderhamllton @fairly-vague-and-ominous @torturedbisexual @petewentzdickpick / @hamimagines and @imagineham

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Star Sign:Sagittarius
Height:5'10 and half
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite color:Maroon/burgundy/gold/black/white
Favorite animal: Dolphins,White lions, sea turtles
Average hours of sleep:Not enough
Cat or dog person;; Dogs

Favorite singer/band—- Too fucking many but to name a few;
-Sk8 (skate maloley, Skathan, Skate)
-Jack & Jack
-madison beer
-Sammy wilk
-Deejay Rupp
-johnny cash
-Selena Gomez
-Justin Bieber
-loretta lynn
-bon jovi
and more
Dream Trip– A whole year of going to see the northern lights than stop and spend a little bit in london, France, Italy, than go island Hopping ending in Fiji.. or Japan to see NJPW and see the Bullet club
Dream job- be a WWE wrestler, a model (im too ugly but it would be fun), act, have my own clothing and make up stores… More realistic own my own Salon
When was this blog created: I think either December 2016 or janruary 2017
current number of followers-85 (thank you so much btw love yall)

Favorite Wrestlers (past or present)-
TAMA TONGA (so hot)
Kenny Omega
Adam Cole
the young bucks
roman reigns
CM punk
Jeff Hardy
randy orton
dolph ziggler
dean ambrose
seth rollins
(the shield)
Steve Austin
R- truth with little jimmy
BUlly Ray

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′1"

Sexual Orientation: questioning

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favourite Color: purple & red

Favourite Animal: lions & penguins

Average hours of sleep: 5 to 6. I get more on the weekends.

Cat or dog person: dogs. Cats are cute but I prefer dogs.

Favorite fictional characters: Santana Lopez, Robin Scherbatsky, Lorelai Gilmore, Hedwig Robinson, Whizzer Brown….I could go on.

Number of blankets: usually one, sometimes two

Favorite singer/band: Lady Gaga

Dream trip: New York City

Dream job: being on broadway

When was this blog made: January 2013

Number of followers: 2,259

What made you decide to create this blog?: my friends made me one during study hall 

Tag people: @mindschanging @falsettosshithole @fallinforeveryonespheromones @billie-lourd @dear–evan-hansen @hartattacked @stuff-and-shenanigans @stuckinthesarcasm @musicluver44 @alltreeallshade

Personal Ask Meme!!

I was tagged by @goodvie, thanks love <3 Here goes

Name: Jina

Nickname: None really

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat I think?

Favorite color: I love blue and teal

Favorite Animal: Doggos

Average hours of sleep: Like 10… lol

Favorite Fictional Character: AH THERES SO MANY? Rn I’ll just go with Dana Scully, Daisy Johnson, Allison Dubois

Favorite Singer/Band: Foo Fighters, Bear Hands

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3

Dream Trip: Spain, Belgium, Amsterdam 

Dream Job: Film production!

When this blog was made: Almost exactly 4 years ago

What stuff do I post: Hockey, tv shows, music, whatever i see

Do I get asks regularly: No not really 

Number of followers: 1300

I’m going to tag @songbirds-sweet @mmmarchy @saintpatrice @marchandsnose @ivanprovolone @marchandd @schrodingers-catx @thatstheway-i-lovedyou-in-1989 @jeffsknnr @sheaweebs @bausbruins @the—king @kylorenedict !! and anyone else that wants to do one

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gender: female

star sign: LIBRA

height: 5′8″ ewwW

sexual orientation: Pansexual

hogwarts house: Huff lé puff

favorite color: BLUESSSSS

favorite animal: Catsss i love cats ~ i want 12

average hours of sleep: I got 10 last night wtf @ me???? but i usually dont get much… like 4 maybe

cat or dog person: both, but i have cats so i feel like i should remain loyal

favorite fictional characters: ahah i made this list on the other post, so i’ll summarize ~ Amy Pond, Clara Oswald from doctor who, Greg Lestrade from Sherlock. Grell from Black butler, Shaggy from Scooby doo

number of blankets I sleep with: 1 duvet so warm

favorite singer/band: I love me some Bangtan Boys ~ I won’t even list all he others, they’re on the other post i made… but there’s alot

dream trip: Like a tour of Europe or Asia, or LA

dream job: Actresssss ~ watch for me

when was this blog made: I think i just tried to find this the other day… but sometime in 2013 idk??

number of followers: 247

what made you decide to create this blog: tumblr was in cool thing to do back then. 2013 was prime ‘i-hate-my-life’ time, so everyone was all gross and emo and it was a dark time i wish it never happened.

tagging: @rolling-garbage @saltysuicune @masterball @dearkindfriend @3lahh @princess-of-pokemon @ilovesuga @livia-shadowhunters-blackthorn @izaiia @yeahhjesus

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Name: Lindsay
Nickname: Liz
Gender: girl
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5′2″
Sexual Orientation: straight
Hogwarts house: raven claw
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite animal: wolf
Time right now: 6:16 pm
Cat or Dog person: I love both but dogs
Favorite Fictional Character: Merida from Brave
Favorite Singer/Band: Bring Me The Horizon
Dream Trip: Italy to see my relatives
Dream Job: singer 
When was this blog created: Nov. 22, 2016
What made you decide to make a Tumblr: I really like WATIC and I wanted a blog dedicated to 1 band instead of my main (@wintersweatherr) which is all over the place
Why did you pick your URL: because Jordan Eckes
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I finally got around to this tag thingy SO
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Tag 20 mutuals you want to know better!

Gender: Male

Star Sign: that’s like zodiacs right because Taurus if so

Height: 6'3/6'4 ??

Sexual Orientation: bi I’m pretty sure…I think..

Hog warts house: wtf is that

Favorite color: purple 💜

Favorite Animal: uhhh I’ve always really liked sharks for some reason 🦈

Average amount of sleep: aha I used to sleep for like 10 hours but I have kids now so it’s like 2, maybe 4.

Cat or dog person: cats..I love them

Favorite fictional characters: I dunno really oops

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 but I have 4 on the bed at ALL times.

Favorite singer/band: Red Hot Chili Peppers :-)))

Dream trip: New Zealand for sure

Dream Job: Crime scene investigator or crime scene clean up. Maybe a neurologist who knows

When was this blog made: late 2016

# of followers: I think 1300 at this point???

What made you decide to create this blog: needed a vent space because I was getting trauma messy and my buds were like “Please…find a space you are everywhere you’ll benefit I promise” and they were right tbh.

I don’t know 20 off the top of my head but honestly @ all of you (mutuals and non mutuals) do it and tag me because I wanna know about you all 💜💜

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Nickname: V
Gender: Female
Star sign: Libra
Height: ~5′5″
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin turned Gryffindor
Favourite colors: Purple, Black, Dark Grey, White, Navy Blue
Favourite animals: Panda, Cat, Dog, Hamster
Time right now: 9.28PM
Cat or dog person: Not sure.
Favourite Fictional Characters: Too many to name. There’s an old list here.
Number of blankets I sleep with: One to two
Favourite singer/band: None, it changes.
Dream trip: To travel freely with no worries for at least three months 
Dream job: Interpreter
When was this blog created: 2014
Current number of followers: 5000+ *waves at inactive blogs*
When did your blog reach its peak: I get notes sometimes.
What made you decide to get a tumblr: My old personal Tumblr? I wanted a place to be a collection of pretty photos by others as well as by me. Current Tumblr - this blog? I want a place to be a collection of Martin-love (as well as to have a sort-of Sherlock blog to fight against Mary hate that I witnessed)
Fictional Character I’d date: None. I do want to hang out with some though.
How many blogs do I follow: 43 (might add one or two soon)
Do I get asks regularly: Not really
Aesthetic: This old post still applies, I think.

Tagging: @chocolate-addict, @satellights, @theladyofshalott-1888,   @bumhexun, @super-who-lock-221-b, @harry-gallahad-hart, @its-a–love-story, @downeypmore@edaxelena, @tcsheep, @cristalbluebird74, @postcardsfromstrangeplaces, @xojim, @ivefangirledandicantgetup, @thecurtainwillrise, @zecefaraunsfert, @emitis17, @itsyourlifesoliveadream, @nutonmyaesthetic, @channybatch.

(You are the first 20 names on my Activity, no pressure if you do not want to do this. X)

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Name: Stine

Nicknames: Stinemor? idek 

Gender: very much female

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5′7 ish

Sexual orientation: like??? idk man, gay but could be demisexual? it’s very.. grey

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: Green, maroon, grey 

Favorite animal: penguins, elephants, deers dOGS

Average hours of sleep: sometimes as little as 4-5, sometimes as much as 9-10 yikes

Cat or dog person: dogs, but only cause I’m hyper allergic to cats and can’t actually go anywhere near them without dying 

Favorite fictional character(s):  diane lockhart, cj cregg, also TOBY LOVE OF MY LIFE, any female character over the age of 50? 

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite bands/singers:  like???? rn I’m just listening to hamilton lmao

Dream Trip: Australia 

Dream Job: idk something I feel like I’m good at, and I do well, and want to exceed at.. rn I dont really know what that is cause.. I’m not particularly good at anything? 

When was this blog created: *goes back to archives to check* it says feb 2012, but I know for a fact that it was earlier, like 2010? But I honestly never used it much back then, and I’ve taken several (looong) breaks from this hell site, but I always manage to find my way back

Current number of blogs you follow: erm 170 sth? not sure

When did your blog reach its peak: like? 2013? I’ve been out of the game for like two years lmao so I wouldn’t consider this time to be the peak of the blog + basically all my friends managed to quit tumblr, so? idk it’s different I suppose 

Title of your biography/autobiography: well if the name “a series of unfortunate events” wasn’t already taken, that definitely would have been appropriate.. 

I tag @scepticalscully @cateblnchettes @magnass @mirandaapriestly @yeizdol @yousayperfect-isaystreep @nervouspearl @matildaswan + anyone else who wants to do this (tag me in it though, if you do, I wanna read your answers!)

To Share Is To Care

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Name: Panagiota/Patrice

Nickname: Pat and I’m sure there are others

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5’ 4" or something

Sexual Orientation: I guess bi 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Time Right Now: 1:19pm

Average hours of sleep: 5.5hrs

Cat or Dog Person: BOTH!!!!

Favorite Fictional Characters: Commander Lexa (rip)

Number of Blankets I sleep with: One

Favorite Singer/Band: The Weeknd

Dream Trip: Roadtrip North America 

Dream Job: Something that makes me happy and helps others (I’m trying to find it atm)

When was this blog created: March 2013

Current Number of Followers: 3993

When did your blog reach its peak?: Post March 3rd 2016

What made you decide to make a tumblr: Wanted to like posts and stuff from some blogs

this is my 2001 post omg , tagged by @herodrink ! kinda ! thank you

Name: jessi

Nickname: jess, jess jess, jessu

Gender: cis girl

Star Sign: sagittarius

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff i think

Favorite Color: purple and green !!!

Favorite Animal: cat

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-10

Cat or Dog: cat

Favorite Fictional Character: melia antiqua from xenoblade chronicles

Number of blankets: one

Favorite singer or band: tonight alive, savage garden

Dream Trip: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh no idea sdjkfhskfh maybe just. america to see friends lol

Dream Job: nothing

When was this blog created: august 2016

Current number of followers: 117

When did your blog reach its peak: uh idk it hasnt,,

What made you decide to make a tumblr: boredom i guess; ;;; 

i tag @love410s @turtlemma @danntsco !!! 

tagged by the amazing @alecsplushpillow thaaank you 💕 💕

Name: Marta
Nickname: marts (not really a nickname but yeah… there’s a story behind it and it makes more sense in polish, i guess)
Gender: female
Star Sign: leo
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Hogwarts House:
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Animal: cat
Time Right Now: 8:32 pm
Average Hours Of Sleep: it really depends, sometimes it’s like 3-4 hours, sometimes it’s over 12 because i’m always tired and sleepy
Cats or Dogs: cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: magnus bane & dean winchester are my everything. but i do love maaany other characters, they’re just not on the same level as these two
Favorite Band\Singer: 30 seconds to mars, tokio hotel, queen
Dream Trip: london (and just stay there)
Dream Job: i used to have one for years but… things changed. now i’m not so sure about anything
Current Number Of Followers: 1,068 atm

i tag: @magnuslightswood @kklainesmalec @magnass-babe @malec-i @izzyswife @hrryshum @alexanderswarlock @moonlightsmaia @ohbabycupcakes @alecsaldertree

(feel free to ignore obvs)


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Name: Samantha A. Piña
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Crow
Time right now: 4:44
Average hours of sleep: 5-6ish
Cat or Dog Person: cat
Favorite fictional Characters: 10th doctor, dexter, twilight sparkle, sailor Pluto, sailor Saturn, sailor moon, gigi, cc, luna, celestia
Number of Blankets I sleep with: 3 on average
Favorite Singer/Band: the Gorillaz
Trip: i want to go on a tour of Scotland and visit all of the witchcraft shops.
Dream Job: own a Witchcraft shop
Current number of followers: 28,528
When did your blog reach its peak: have no idea

I tag @cosmicwitchcraft @earth-witch @cherryneko @cidnovak75

I got tagged by the sweet @jaceslewis 💜Thank you, Hun! :*

Name: Samantha 🌺
Nickname: Sam, Lady Darkness, Engelchen or Sammy 
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Scorpio ♏️
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 🌈
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor 
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Animal: ALL OF THEM  😍
Time Right Now: 08:15PM
Average Hours Of Sleep: About 6 Hours.
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Favorite Fictional Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, Jace Herondale, Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Scott McCall, Beth Greene, Marshall Eriksen, Mickey Milkovich, Lip Gallagher, Captain Jack Harkness, Lito Rodriguez
Favorite Band\Singer: Probably Ruelle, Zara Larsson and Maroon 5 at the moment? idk.
Dream Trip: JERUSALEM 😍, NYC, Cardiff, Reykjavík, Sydney
Dream Job: Graphic Artist, Author/Screen Writer
Current Number Of Followers: 1,5k+

I tag: @nightfallgoddess @softbanes @canislytherinthings @latinalightwood @softdaddario @capstevierogers @softshumjr (feel free to ignore this, if you don’t want to do it!  😘)