bands in the backyard

The instruments the day before band camp
  • Flute: gathering all their supplies and practicing the fight song
  • Clarinet: texting everyone in band "ARE YOU EXCITED FOR BAND CAMP?!?!"
  • Saxophone: asleep
  • Trumpet: polishing their trumpet
  • Mellophone: practicing roll steps in the backyard
  • Trombone: at school. they thought band camp started today whoops
  • Euphonium: digs instrument out from under a pile of stuff where it's sat all summer
  • Tuba: listening to old marching band shows
  • Percussion: texting memes to the incoming freshmen
  • Drum Major: conducting along to the radio

In honor of it being Sound and Fury weekend, here are a few film shots I took of Tigers Jaw during Sound and Fury 2010. The fest got shut down and someone was kind enough to let the remaining few bands play in their backyard, which also ended up getting shut down (I think during Bracewar). This was truly one of the craziest and most memorable shows I’ve ever attended. I was 20 years old and got to see the entire country with some of my closest friends (TJ toured out to the fest from Pittsburgh). This was also my very first time in California, and it’s crazy to think it’s the place I now call home. 

Click here to view more photos of the tour. 


1. Half a Person // The Smiths - “16, clumsy, and shy.” the reason why louder than bombs is my top teen angst album. Morrissey, somber lyrics, really all you need on a night holed up in your room.

2. Champagne Supernova // Oasis - Is it cliche? unsure I feel like caring at this juncture, I spent 15 on an oasis revival. I somehow manage to make sense out of the Gallagher’s lyrical trip.

3. I miss you // Blink 182 - two cliche’s and counting. This is everyone’s teen angst song, even if you don’t listen to Blink-also who the hell doesn’t listen to Blink?

4. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad // Brand New - not so much angst as it just makes me want to yell at you

5. I want to be buried in your backyard // Nightmare of you - a band I feel wildly underrated, unless it isn’t and I am just an ignorant ass. “I want to be buried in your backyard, and when the flowers grow just know you’re still in my heart,” is beautifully morbid, an obvious anthem of my own depravity.

6. Hello, I’m in Delaware // City and Colour - this song was how I got by after my dad passed away.

7. Now Mary // The White Stripes - My blogs namesake, “what a season to be beautiful without a reason,” one of my all time favorite lyrics and gives me chills for some reason unbeknownst to me.

8. Lover, you should’ve come over // Jeff Buckley - Jeff sure knows how to induce premature teen tears.

9. All Apologies // Nirvana - listen to this in the dark. And Loudly.

10. Simple Song // The Shins - the one song that actually uplifts me, and makes me nostalgic without needing a reason to be.

i wish i could forget the bus ride where i fell asleep on your shoulder to the sound of you singing soft song lyrics in my ear. i wish i could forget walking in the park at 1:00 am when you first told me you loved me. i wish i could forget the forget your sisters bands backyard show where we danced all night until we couldn’t move our feet anymore. i wish i could forget us.


Today was like, a long day but a short day.
Like it was long but feels like not much happened.
We went to breakfast then out to watch Adams band play a backyard party.
Birdie spent almost the entire time running around and playing in the plants. I’d say she has a green thumb but really she spent more time pulling leaves off of bushes than she did being nice to the plants. She did however, try to put what she pulled off, back, which was cute.
We got home about 8pmish and she went from being asleep in the car, to being semi awake once we took her out, to falling right back asleep once she hit the bed. I didn’t even have time to put her in her pjs. She’s sleeping in the leggings she wore today, her button up shirt I managed to get off and thankfully I had changed her diaper right before we left.

Casual conversation with a friend
  • Me: -outside in my backyard playing my trumpet on video call with her- Do you ever just look at a fly on something like a chair or table up close and see them rub their little insect hands together as if they're plotting a plan?
  • Her: Yeah, he's plotting to fly into your bell
  • Me: -lOUD GASP, hold trumpet close to chest, covers bell and mouthpiece- NO
  • Her: -laughing- are you triggered?
  • Me: YES

can’t stop listening to this. seriously. norwegian arms is amazing and Keith’s voice is just so damn beautiful. so much love for this local Philly band. 


Where’s Waldo?


I was tagged by helta to talk abt 6 of my fave albums atm! so here they are:

alvvays - alvvays ((my fave Toronto band))

adventures in your own backyard - patrick watson (the most beautiful music u will ever hear)

bigfoot - cayucas (v beachy and perfect for summer)

life in cartoon motion - mika (nothing makes me happier than this album tbh it’s so fun and smiley)

after the disco - broken bells (I’m kinda diggin disco rn so this is like modern 80s music featuring the lead singer from the shins!!)

where the heaven are we - swim deep (also very summery, makes me feel like I’m floating a lil bit, austin has that perfect british indie band voice)

I’m gonna tag suspiciousmilk, artkid, apricotly, and anyone else who wants to do it!


Episode one coming soon