bands in the backyard

The instruments the day before band camp
  • Flute: gathering all their supplies and practicing the fight song
  • Clarinet: texting everyone in band "ARE YOU EXCITED FOR BAND CAMP?!?!"
  • Saxophone: asleep
  • Trumpet: polishing their trumpet
  • Mellophone: practicing roll steps in the backyard
  • Trombone: at school. they thought band camp started today whoops
  • Euphonium: digs instrument out from under a pile of stuff where it's sat all summer
  • Tuba: listening to old marching band shows
  • Percussion: texting memes to the incoming freshmen
  • Drum Major: conducting along to the radio
LAIKA Kids Fanfiction - Idea # 3

Original Idea: Kubo doesn’t come to school one day and the Laika kids grow worried. They stop by his house after school to visit him, but he’s not there! It turns out that his abusive grandfather and his aunts, who are in a constant custody battle with Kubo’s ill mother, have taken him to their house without permission and are keeping him there. The Laika kids find his grandfather’s house and attempt a rescue mission. 

 Actual Fanfic: Very long and strays from the original idea a little…

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In honor of it being Sound and Fury weekend, here are a few film shots I took of Tigers Jaw during Sound and Fury 2010. The fest got shut down and someone was kind enough to let the remaining few bands play in their backyard, which also ended up getting shut down (I think during Bracewar). This was truly one of the craziest and most memorable shows I’ve ever attended. I was 20 years old and got to see the entire country with some of my closest friends (TJ toured out to the fest from Pittsburgh). This was also my very first time in California, and it’s crazy to think it’s the place I now call home. 

Click here to view more photos of the tour. 

CR7 Imagine for Anon

Requested: yes; “Can you write a Cristiano Ronaldo imagine? :)”

Warnings: none

Cristiano had been your best friend ever since you had met at a cafe when the two of you were in your early twenties. Now, you were both in your early thirties and your children were just as good of friends as the two of you were. Your husband had died in a car accident whilst you were pregnant with your daughter and Cris did everything he could to help you through out your pregnancy. His fans have always wanted the two of you guys to be together and once you recovered from the loss of your husband, you decided to give dating Cris a shot. 

You were sat in Cris’ living room watching your daughter, Amelia, play with Cris Junior. They were currently playing what they had named “Princesses and Dragons” which was basically Amelia making her princesses sing and Junior’s dragon would proceed to attack the castle. After a few more moments of observation, Cris interrupted by handing you a glass of water that he had retrieved from the kitchen. He took a seat on the sofa next to you and leaned back with a sigh.

“So whats the occasion, Mr. Ronaldo?” You asked wondering why he had called you over to his place. The two of you usually planned times to see each other in advance due to both of your busy schedules.

“Well, I want to throw a party to celebrate the start of the new season and you’re the best planner I know. I mean, the party you planned for the Euro’s victory was out of this world,” Cristiano replied and smiled at you.

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” you responded returning the smile. “What’s the venue?”

“I’m thinking my place. Not too many people, just the team and managers maybe a few other team employees,” Cris answered and sipped his water.

“Perfect. You contact everybody and consider your party planned. Does next Friday night work?” you asked as party ideas began speeding through your head.

“Yes, it does. And just bill whatever you need to my card,” he added as a glint of excitement appeared in his eyes.

“Oh, and one more condition,” you replied as you smirked at him across the sofa. 

“What’s that?” Cris asked rolling his eyes knowing that it was probably something unnecessary. 

“You have to call me the Party Queen until Friday,” you said laughing.

Cristiano scoffed before saying sarcastically, “Of course, your highness.”

You sipped you water and soon Amelia came over to the two of you, followed by Junior. She toddled over to Cris and placed her hand on his knee. “Can I be the Party Princess, then?” She asked giving Cris her perfectly mastered puppy dog eyes.

“Anything for you, princess,” Cris said as he pulled her up onto his lap.

“Ahem, that’s Party Princess to you,” Amelia replied and stuck her tongue out at Cris.

“Oh, my sincere apologies, miss Party Princess,”  Cris apologized and kissed her forehead.

You placed the last dish of food on the lengthy table that sat table-clothed in the backyard. The live band you had hired had just finished setting up and Amelia came skipping out the back door in her white dress with a colorful floral print. You scooped her up and smiled, “You look so beautiful my little Party Princess.” Amelia looked you up and down in your white wrap-around body-con dress before fixating on the dainty diamond necklace that rested on your chest sparkling in the light. Cris had given it to you for your 30th birthday. 

“If I look bootiful, mommy, then you look…” Amelia trailed off as she tried to think of a word meaning more than beautiful. “…really, really, really, really, really, pretty.”

You giggled at her attempt before kissing her forehead. You set her back down on the grass and said, “Will you do me a big favor and go find Cris and Junior for me?” 

“Of course, mommy!” Amelia replied and went running off to find her friend and his father. 

You were finishing up some last minute things such as adjusting the flowers and making sure the ice buckets were full, when the doorbell rang. You quickly paced over and opened the door to see Gareth Bale and his family on the other side. “Hello! Welcome!” you replied cheerfully as you ushered them in. “Gareth,” you greeted as you proceeded in the formality of kissing each cheek. “Emma,” you greeted one of your really good friends. 

“You look amazing, y/n,” Emma replied and smiled at you. 

“And is this Alba?” you said as you crouched down to greet the three year old. Alba smiled at you as she continued to hold onto her father’s hand. You straightened and yelled up the stairs, “Cris! Gareth is here! Amelia, Alba is here!” You turned back to Gareth and Emma saying, “Now, let’s see who gets down here first.” They both laughed and allowed you to lead them into the kitchen. 

Moments later, Amelia and Junior come running down the stairs followed by a dapper Cristiano Ronaldo. Amelia and Junior waved at Gareth and Emma before running over to Alba and they began playing almost immediately. 

Over the course of the next hour, the house and the backyard began filling with team mates, coaches, managers, and other team employees. Everyone was loving the food and the band and the party was going really well. 

About half way through the party, Cris stepped up onto the stage – followed by Junior and Amelia as they wanted to be on the stage – to give a toast. “Thanks for coming everybody! I hope you’re having a wonderful time and it really is all thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, y/n.” Amelia tugged on his pant leg and he leaned down to hear her. He straightened up and said, “Oh, my bad. I mean the Party Queen.” This got a laugh out of the audience and a blush from you. “So, this toast is to-” Cris was cut off by another tug, this time on his other pant leg. He leaned down to hear what Junior needed to tell him. He nodded and straightened up once more. “Apparently, before I can make this toast, Junior has to say something to y/n and she has to be on the stage. So, y/n, I’m sorry, but will you please come up here?”

You made your way up to the stage and Cristiano lifted Junior up to the microphone. Junior put his mouth to the microphone and said, “Miss y/n, will you be my mommy?” This earned some awes and applause from the audience as you just giggled at him. 

You leaned into the microphone, past a heavily blushing Cris, and said, “Well, if it is okay with your father, then I would love to.”

“Daddy, can she? Please?” Junior asked his father.

“Well, since you bring it up… After this toast, I was going to ask her to marry me, but apparently that’s been expedited. So, y/f/n, will you do me the honor of being able to call you my wife?” Cris asked as he knelt onto one knee.

“And my mommy?” Junior added and mimicked his father which made everyone laugh. 

“Of course I will!” you exclaimed and embraced your new family of four before giving Cris a kiss. You stepped back and noticed he had slipped a beautiful ring, that complimented your necklace perfectly, onto your finger. “So Ronaldo, are you going to finish what has become the world’s longest toast or not?” You asked laughing. 

“Oh yeah, Here’s to a wonderful season full of victory and wonderful matches! Hala Madrid!!!” He shouted into the microphone sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers. As the four of you made your way off the stage and the band began playing again, you turned to Cris and smiled. 

“I love you,” you said smiling up at him.

“I love you, too, Mrs. Ronaldo,” he said as he stared at you lovingly. 

“I like the sound of that,” you replied leaning up to kiss him. His lips met yours for a magical kiss that was soon interrupted by Junior and Amelia shouting, “ewwww grooooosssss!”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to request at any time! xx

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is in no way affiliated with anyone mentioned in it.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could please write something where you and H are friends and he hears you talking about him with your friends, like you tell them that you really fancy him and they make you confess that you'd like to have sex with him and things like that. Sorry if this is crap, just something that came on my mind xx

Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Category: friends-turned lovers?
Word Count: 1,671
Request: Yes so thank you a million times over and sorry for the delay!

Note: Really sorry for taking so long. I’ve got a lot of requests piled up which i am so grateful for, i never thought i’d get this many. Also sorry if this is super crappy. I haven’t been feeling my best, think i’m coming down with a stomach bug again (i have a super weak stomach) and it’s gotten me so down and uncomfortable and nauseous. I know it’s no excuse, but i just don’t feel my best so i’m not as creative and well… ANYWAYS, it’s really crappy but i hope you like it!

14. Surprise, Love!

You had met Harry a long time ago. Around the time One Direction was still going, around FOUR. Your meeting was… Well you were surprised you and him were friends because your meeting was chaotic. Between dancing bodies at a private club, and him accidentally spilling his drink on you, drunkenly saying some things and your back then incredibly jealous boyfriend dumping his drink all over Niall, you didn’t think you’d see any more of Harry ever again. Short after you and your boyfriend broke up, and you only wished that you could apologise to Niall for the stupid way he’d acted out of jealousy towards a drunk, yet still respectful Harry.

You didn’t think you’d stumble upon him a week later, hiding from a bunch of fans, and you had the chance to laugh at the whole ordeal, and send your apologies to Niall. Of course to do so, Harry needed your number. You found it funny and casual small talk and texts ensued. Soon all of the lads were your friends and you got to hang out with them every time they were around.

Years later, you and Harry had been the best friends out of the whole group, to an extent that he stayed at your place when he stopped by for just a couple of days, and he camped out in your backyard when Zayn left the band, and cried on your shoulder when he felt himself drifting away and weak and nervous before his big movie contract. Over the years your relationship had only grown stronger, even with him going around the world, living his dreams.

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Damon Imagine: His Birthday

In honor of the incredibly talented and amazing Ian Somerhalder’s 37th birthday here is a birthday Damon imagine. And HOLY CRAP did this take forever. It was fun writing although the ending kind of happens quickly. Smut Warning, obviously. Read with caution, blah, blah, blah. You get the point right? 


Today was a very special day: June 18th, aka. Damon’s birthday. As much as I have been excited for this day I have been equally anxious. What are you supposed to get someone for their 174th birthday? What kind of present do you get someone who’s seen it all? I’d been planning for this day for over 9 months now and it had to be perfect

Caroline was my biggest help in organizing the party. We had it in the Lockwood’s mansion and invited everyone who the Salvatore’s were on good (or at least okay) terms with. I had scoured the states to find the best caterer and ordered the finest alcohol at almost no cost with a little persuasion from Caroline’s compelling eyes. Lights were hung all over and we built a stage in the backyard to have a live band perform all his favorite music. I had several cake’s - all in his favorite flavor - that spelled out the words “Happy Birthday Damon”, each letter being it’s own normal-sized cake. 

There was an organized dancefloor indoors as well as a bar and servers offering drinks to anyone who desired one. Presents were stacked up in one neat yet, enormous pile by the staircase. Everyone had begun to arrive around 4 O’clock and when Stefan brought Damon right on time at 5 the whole place was packed. The look on his face was worth all the torment I put myself through to pull this off. 

 The party was more amazing then I ever could have imagined it to be and it didn’t end until 3 in the morning. Stefan and the other’s stayed back to clean up while I took Damon home to the boarding house. We stumbled inside, laughing and smiling and more importantly having the time of our lives. 

“You, Y/N, managed to pull off one hell of a birthday party.” He smirked, his breath smelling of alcohol. 

“I’m glad you liked it.” I grinned, pleased he had enjoyed himself. 

“Liked it? I loved it.” He pulled me to him by the waist and tried to kiss me but I moved back as he gave me a confused look.

“I have one more surprise for you, wait down here until I call you.” I smirked before hurrying up the stairs to his bedroom.

I closed the door behind me and walked to his closet pulling out a box I’d hidden just for this occasion. Inside was a black-leather lingerie set, handcuffs and a blindfold. I stripped myself of my dress and underwear to put on the set and hid the toys from sight, reopening the door. 

“Damon.” I called out to him. He was at the door in no longer than a seconds time (vampire speed) his jaw nearly dropping at the sight of me. 

“Fuck,” He commented running his hand along my bare arm, his lips curving into a smirk. “What did I do to deserve this?” 

“You were born.” I teased. 

Assuming he would be in control (as per usual), Damon pushed me up against the wall kissing my neck roughly. He bit my neck gently, knowing it would drive me crazy. I pushed him back and pulled at the hem of his black shirt, tugging it over his head quickly. 

“What do you want me to do, babe?” I asked seductively taking hold of his belt and pulling him towards his oversized bed. 

“Get on your knees.” He demanded, pushing his pants down and stepping out of them. 

Now it was my turn to smirk as I pushed him down onto the bed, straddling his waist which took him by surprise. I was full of surprises today, wasn’t I? He gave me a look that told me he wasn’t taking me seriously. 

“I know how irresistible I am, Y/N, but I’m pretty sure I told you to get on your knees.” His voice was threatening and held a tone of sarcasm he carried with him often. 

With one hand on his toned chest I reached underneath the pillow to grab the handcuffs. “Yeah, but we’re going to be switching things up for tonight.” The cuffs locked around his wrists with a click. 

Damon didn’t even try tugging at the restraints he just chuckled, and gave me a look of disbelief and amusement. “You know how easily I could get out of these don’t you?”

Did he think that I didn’t know that? Next I pulled out a syringe of dilluted vervain and stuck it in his shoulder. “I know that’s why I got this. Don’t worry it’s not enough to hurt you just enough to weaken your strength.” 

He groaned as the herb infected his veins. The mix of alcohol and vervain should keep him weak enough for me to gain dominance over him. I smiled to myself, having him at my complete mercy gave me a feeling of power I never had, being the only human in this relationship. 

He let out a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a groan. “Ah, you got me Y/N.” Tied down to a bed and vervained he’s still a cocky little shit. “But when the vervain looses it’s affect you’re going to regret this.” 

I ignored his threat and pulled out the blindfold. His jaw clenched tightly and he gave me a warning look. “You don’t want to do that, Y/N.” He said in a serious tone. Although my confidence wavered for a moment I was already too far in to back down now. I refuse to give him such satisaftion. I tied the blindfold over his eyes and smiled to myself. I had all the control and it was such a high, no wonder Damon loved it so much.

My fingers traced the outline of his defined abs as I lowered myself between his legs. Hid body tensed up and he pulled against the restraints when I palmed him through his boxers teasingly. He grew hard under my touch so I pulled down his boxers and pumped him with my hands, kitten licking the pre-cum off his tip. He groaned and bucked his hips up when my mouth came into contact with his still hardening length. I bobbed my head as I sucked him off, hollowing my cheeks and feeling his legs flexing underneath me. I swirled my tongue around his tip, his head falling back on the pillow with a grunt. 

Hearing the clanking of the cuffs against the headboard drove me on and when he started bucking more often into my mouth I knew he was close. Since I wasn’t quite done with him yet I pulled my mouth off of him with a pop causing him to groan with aggravation. 

“Dammit, Y/N!” He shouted. 

I sat up and crawled up his body to kiss his lips, him kissing me back immidiately. Before I could pull back he bit my lip a little too hard on purpose so to cause blood to leak into his needy mouth. I pushed his head back down and sat up with a frown. He licked my blood fom his lips, visibly gulping it down. 

“You just don’t give up do you?” I huffed. He smirked victoriously, pissing me off. I moved back down and scratched my nails down his front causing him to hiss in pain, it healed instantly though which upset me. Damn vampires. 

I took his balls in my hand and began to massage them. He let out low moans. “I just wanted to make you feel good on your birthday and you were mean and bit me, Damon.” I said in an innocent tone. 

“Yeah well you tied me up, bitch.” He mumbled under his breath. I frowned again. 

“Fine then, what would you like me to do?” 

“Fucking unlock the cuffs.” 

“How about I do this instead…” I pulled off his blindfold and slid myself down on him. I bounced up and down on him quickly, rubbing my own clit to help get myself off. 

“Please, Y/N, let me touch you, I need to touch you. I promise I’ll make you feel so good.” He pleaded.

I smirked proudly. “What is that? Did Damon Salvatore just beg? The world must be coming to an end.” 

“Ha. ha.” He said between grunts. “You’re hilarious. Now would you let me go before I have to do this the hard way?” 

I ignored him as we both came close to our highs but right before he hit his I pulled off leaving him fustrated and angry as hell. I stuck my own fingers inside me, still straddling his torso, as I brought myself to my own release. I cried out in pleasure, making sure to be extra dramatic about it just to rub it in his face. 

As soon as I finished, panting heavily I looked Damon in his furious eyes. I knew I was screwed but it was so fun. He smirked at me again as he spoke. “Are you done playing this little game now?” 

I said nothing but watched at he hardly even had to make an effort to break the handcuffs off his wrists. They just snapped under his strength. Instantly we were flipped over, Damon trapping my wrists in his hands against the bed. His eyes had a wild look in them, veins growing beneath them and his fangs protruding from his normal teeth. Without another word his head dove in the crook of my neck biting through the fragile skin and sucking all the blood he desired. With the vervain gone from his system I would be under his control now. He pulled back, wiping his mouth and yanking at the lingerie I had on ripping it into two pieces. 

“Damon, please, I’m sorry.” I try talking sense into him although his reaction doesn’t surprise me. 

“I bet you are.” He grinned.

“I only wanted to do something nice for you…” I started but my voice trailed off at his warning glare. 

“I don’t really do apologies so don’t bother trying to convince me to go easy, Y/N.” He said. 

His hand caresses my cheeck softly and my breath hitches as his fingertips trace along my jaw. His touch had double the effect it normally did on me with the blindfold tied around my eyes. He hunches down, hips lips brushing against the tender bite on me neck and licking it before bringing them close to my ear. 

“This could have gone a completely different way if only you had let me go earlier… such a shame. Now, be a good girl for me, alright? Don’t make a sound.” He stresed the last word and it sent shivers up my spine. 

Damon towers over me and plants a needy kiss on my lips, biting my bottom lip and not bothering to be gentle with me. I open my mouth, allowing his tongue inside to explore around what is his. His hands wander over my breasts, pinching my nipples forcing me to stifle a moan. It really wouldn’t be a good idea to disobey him right now so I push deeper into the kiss. He pulls back from the kiss and I pout.

“Oh, baby girl, don’t pout.” he coos, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “It makes me want to do dirty things to that pretty little mouth of yours.”He rubs his thumb over my bleeding bottom lip and grins. My eyes widen at his suggestive comment. He grabs my arm and throws me forcefully off the bed and pushes me down to my knees, not even asking. 

“Suck,” He commands. As much as I loved being in charge for a change, dominant, rough, angry Damon turns me on so much. 

He grabs my hair into a makeshift ponytail and guides my head towards his painfully hard cock. He thrusts mercilessly into my mouth triggering my gag reflexes to kick in. 

“Atta girl,” He praised as I sucked and gagged on his cock. I could feel my arousal dripping down the inside of my thigh and that didn’t go unnoticed by Damon. “You’re so wet for me baby, you’re dripping. You like my cock that much, huh?” He grunted thrusting one last time into my mouth, his dick twitching, before he pulled out. 

“Now get up and lay back down where you were.” He says with authority. I jump to my feet not daring to take too long to follow his instruction. He nods in approval and fixes the blindfold back over my eyes making everything go dark.

He forces my legs apart and bends them so my knees are raised slightly. He watches my face to see my reaction as he sucks and bites my inner thighs, being everything but gentle. I moan out his name when I feel his fingers run up my slit teasingly. He rubs circles into my clit with his thumb and I intake a sharp breath turning my hips trying to escape his torturous touch. He pushed down hard on my clit causing me to yelp and he chuckles at my vulnerability. 

“Don’t cum until I tell you too” He says and I groan helplessly. 

He rubs my clit faster and i feel my legs shaking uncontrolably as I try to hold back my release. The knot in my lower stomach burns and he knows I’m close but he continues to tease me, even adding in a finger inside my entrance pumping it quickly. Right before I reached my peak he pulled out and I could just tell he was smirking even if I couldn’t see it I just knew. 

“Fuck Damon! Please let me cum, please I can’t take it.” I didn’t care how pathetic I sounded I was too desperate now. 

“Whatever you say, love.” He pulled something out of the drawer beside his bed and then I heard the low hum of a vibrator. I shivered at the thought. Without another word he stuck the vibrator inside me on full speed, his thumb pressed against my snesitive clit and I moaned loudly. The feeling was too intense and it forced my hips up off the bed but Damon put his hand firmly on my stomach holding me down. 

“Go on baby girl, I know you’re close. Cum for me.” He encouraged and as soon as the words left his mouth I was coming undone. 

“Ah Damon, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I screamed out in pleasure. He let me ride out my high with the toy inside, removing it as soon as I finished and moving his lips down to suck my clit giving me no rest between orgasms. “No, no, no, Damon I c-can’t.”

“Mmm..” He hummed, the vibrations shocking my core. “You can. And. You will.” He says between kitten licks. 

I whimpered at the feeling of his lips around my bundle of nerves and his tongue on my clit. In no time at all I was falling apart under his touch again, whimpering, moaning, and writhing. 

He reaches up to cup my face as he kisses me letting me get a small taste of myself on his lips while pulling off the blindfold. With out a break yet again he slams himself into me. I groan out and am too tired to fight back when he reaches for my shoulder, biting into it and sucking the blood fast. As we were both really worked up we reached our peaks fast and came undone at the same time. 

He released my shoulder and fell back onto the bed covering us both up with the duvet. He wrapped his arms around me sighing happily into my ear and kissed my opposite shoulder. 

“Thank you for the amazing birthday, Y/N.” He said tiredly. 

I giggled, “thanks for not killing me.” 

“Well you should know better than to vervain a vampire, let alone you’re tempermental boyfriend vampire on his birthday.” 

“Noted.” I sigh and fall fast asleep in his arms. 

The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: The Date - Part 1

Prompt: You desperately need to fund money for a new track team uniform, and the only way getting that money is through hiring the most popular band in school to play at your fundraiser. But this isn’t like any other ordinary hire-out as the price for Newt’s band is to go on a date with him –one problem though, he totally plays with every girl in the school… or so you assume.

“So,” Minho asks, as the track team gathers around to listen to their student captain, “As you all probably know, we desperately need new uniforms. Seriously. These are not only disgusting in their brown and yellow colour scheme, but they are the incorrect material for our kind of sport.”

You watch as everyone nods along, yourself included. It’s true, ever since you joined the track team you’ve been begging Minho to change the uniform, it’s horribly uncomfortable! Besides, at every competition, your school gets mocked for the ugly colours –even though your team pummels most of them to the ground. There’s only one problem however, and that’s the school. The school doesn’t care enough about their sporting teams –it’s all about the music here at Glade High.

“I’ve talked to the teachers and the principal but they can’t spare us anymore money as apparently we already used the track team’s budget. Which sucks.” Minho looks over the team with hope in his eyes, “But, as I’ve discussed with some of us already, I’m thinking we can buy them ourselves. If we raise enough money, that is.”

A guy called Ben looks over the crowd, “What, sell cupcakes? We are already a bunch of losers for our mustard coloured theme, no way am I walking around the halls selling cupcakes.”

You turn to him instantly, “Aw, will that destroy the bare manhood you have left?”

“Slim it, Y/N.”

“No,” Minho immediately cuts in before you can argue back, “Not a cupcake sale.” He looks around at the team again, “I’m thinking of a party.”

A lot of people around you groan, but you think this could actually work.

“Hold on, hold on, don’t back out yet.” Minho raises his hands so everyone stops talking, “We provide drinks, non-alcoholic of course, food and a live band. It’s not just going to be some backyard shabby, did-it-in-five-minutes party. And it will be a seven-dollar entry at the door.”

Ben sighs, “Alright, sounds good. What do we need to do?”

Minho smiles at his friend’s support, “A lot.”

In the next five minutes, Minho has allocated people to different jobs to get this party organised, and then lastly he turns to you with a not-so-confident look in his eyes. “Y/N.”


“For you, I have a very special job.”

You narrow your eyes, “Oh no.”

“Oh yes.” Minho worriedly wrings his hands together, and you get slightly irritated that he won’t just spit it out; although you have a pretty good idea what he’s going to say. “I’m relying oh-so heavily on you because… well… you’re probably the most reliable person on the team.”

You only raise an eyebrow in response.

“Oh fine, look, no more buttering you up, I need you to book us a band.”

You tilt your head slightly, “That’s not too hard, I have a few friends who could easily play for a night with a cheap price. What kind of music-

“No, no, no.” Minho shakes his head, “We need a specific band.”

“If you have one in mind already, why don’t you just go ask them yourself?”

“Because! I have to find a venue! Besides, you’re probably better at talking to him anyway…”

You cross your arms over your chest, “Talking to who?”

You swear you see Minho gulp, “Newton.”

“Oh heck no.” You shake your head furiously at Minho as he pleads you to do this one tiny favour for him, “No way in hell! Do you remember the last time I had to approach him? He totally blew me off with an annoyed wave of his hand as if I wasn’t worthy to be in his presence! He’s a total ass. There is no way-

“Please, Y/N! He might listen to you this time… besides… I couldn’t just ask a Greenie to go talk to him, he’ll tear their head off.”

But you stop short. He’s right. There is no way a Greenie could ever persuade him to play at your fundraiser. You close your eyes for a short moment, wishing away all your problems with this guy. Finally, you breathe again, “Alright. I’ll do it… But let me ask you one thing. Why him?”

Minho smiles nervously, “He leads the most popular band in school, there are so many girls after him and so many guys jealous of him. We need the money, as much as we can grab. I’m just thinking of the team here.”

“If he’s in the most popular band, what makes you think I can get him to play for us?” Your voice has become whiny, stressed. What are you supposed to do? Just ask him? “I don’t have nearly enough money for his band anyway!”

“Just please try. For me. For your team!”

You roll your eyes and stomp your foot, “Fine.”

There he is. The Golden Boy. Stupid blond hair and stupid brown eyes, weird fingerless gloves, pale fingers strumming over his guitar strings. Ugh. You shake your head and try to muster up the courage you need, but you glance at all the girls practically falling at his feet and you chicken out. There’s no way. How stupid would you look if he said no? No, when he says no.

You turn to go but a voice calls out to you, it’s Newton’s. “Hey, you, what do you want?”

You turn around slowly like you’ve been caught stealing, “I…” You swallow hard, “I wanted to um…”

He raises an eyebrow, “Yes?”

You walk closer to him, his brown-eyed stare giving you chills, “I wanted to ask you about your band… about your availability?”

Newton stands up from his bench and shoos the girls away with a flick of his hand… like he did to you last year. He steps off the bench and places his guitar back into his case, and then he walks over to you with his hands tightly stuffed into his coat’s pockets. “Availability? I’m always available for you, sweet-

You immediately raise your hands in protest, “No, no… no. I meant about your band. Like… gig wise?”

He tilts his head like he doesn’t understand.

You sigh, “Look, the track team, my track team-

“You’re on the track team?” He shakes his head, “That’s a shame. Mustard probably isn’t your colour.”

You laugh sarcastically, “Yeah, well, I don’t think it’s anyone’s colour. Which is why I-

A ringing sound blares out of nowhere, and you watch as Newton takes out his phone. He holds a finger up to you for a moment as he clicks ‘answer’. “Hello?”

You stand there silently, although you glare at him as he chats away on his phone. By the sound of it, it’s most likely a girl.

“Yeah?” He says, a smile tugging at his lips, “What have you got on right now?”

Okay. That’s it. You turn around and start heading the other way, trying real hard to not throw up in public when a hand clasps around your wrist. You’re pulled back to face him, his brown eyes slightly amused. “Hold up, Kate,” he takes the phone away from his ear, “Where are you going? I thought you wanted to ask me something?”

“Then quit trying to have phone sex with some girl over the phone and let me ask you, gosh darn it!”

His eyes go wide and he shuts his phone immediately, “I… My friend and I were trying to figure out what costume we were going to twin as at Thomas’ Halloween party.”

Your mouth opens a little in shock and a slight guilt, “I… sorry.”

Newton slides his phone into his pocket, a smile in the corners of his lips, “All good, so what did you want to ask?”

You take in a breath, “As I was trying to say, the ugly coloured track team is trying to fundraise for new, more attractive coloured uniforms. We’re doing a party, but we want a live band. So… We were wondering if your band would be interested in helping us out? Just name a price, and I’ll see what I can do.”

Newton looks at you for a moment, “First, I want an apology from you for thinking that I was having phone sex.”

“I’m so sorry for thinking you were having phone sex.”

“And secondly, I would like to take you out on a date.”

You frown, “Excuse me?”

“I’m naming a price, and the price for my band is you going on a date with me.”

You keep frowning, “What about the rest of your band?”

Now it’s Newton’s turn to frown, “Yuck, you can’t date the whole band that would just-

“No!” You shout again, leaving him silent and wide brown eyed again. “I mean, your band won’t be happy with this payment, right? Wouldn’t they need some cash or something?”

Newton smiles, “It’s okay, I can figure something out. You just worry about what you’re going to wear.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Friday at seven? I can pick you up, what’s your phone number? You can text me your address.”

“Whoa… whoa, slow down won’t you? I haven’t even decided if I want-

“I’m not taking money; this is the only route you have.”


He looks amused, “Fine?”


You leave him your number and tell him to pick you up at seven thirty instead.

You text Minho the good news, although you leave out the part of the payment. You look in your bedroom mirror, at the girl reflecting back. You chose a simple, black dress with simple shoes and a simple bag because you seriously just want to get this date over with. It’s for the good of the team, you keep telling yourself. And it is… He’s cute, of course, he’s really, really cute, but ever since he ignored you on that one Winter’s day… You know he’s a player. Or at least a bit snobby.

“Y/N! The door, please!” Your mom shouts from the bottom floor.

You take in another breath, touch up your makeup, and then walk to the front door. You open it and there he is, the guitar playing hipster with his incredibly fashionable coat, those stupid fingerless gloves and the smell of really nice cologne. You want to vomit. “Hey Newton.”

He looks at you with a slight frown, his eyebrows knitted together, “You look really nice but please don’t call me Newton ever again. Newt is fine.”

“What, like the lizard?”

He glares back at you as you both walk down to his car, “Yes, you have something against lizards?”

You laugh at his ridiculousness and he smiles back at you before he opens the car door for you, “Madam.”

Sir.” You shake your head and step into his car, sliding the seatbelt on immediately. He starts the car and you’re off, racing through town. You start praying that he doesn’t crash.

“So, I’m thinking we go eat at this really weird restaurant I found the other night, and then we can take a really long romantic walk on the beach-

“Are you kidding?”

“Or… I can just take you home straight after?”

You sigh, “A walk on the beach is fine… As long as you get me back by eleven.”

“Eleven, got it.”

You sit down at the reserved table, music you have never heard before playing in the background. Other than smelling a little strange, there’s really nothing out of the ordinary in this place. “So… weird restaurant, huh?”

“Wait for it.”

After you’ve ordered both of your meals, music blares out of nowhere and people dressed up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz come dancing out. They sing and dance, even climb up onto the bar with swinging hips and tapping shoes. You stare at this ridiculous sight and can’t help but laugh at these poor suckers. Suddenly, the Tin Man comes up beside you, he grabs onto your hand and pulls you up from your seat. There’s nothing you can do but follow his lead as he spins you around the restaurant, everyone clapping and singing along too. It’s nuts, this place is nuts.

Suddenly he spins you away from him and you fall into Newt’s arms who was dancing around with the Scarecrow. You and Newt both dance around the restaurant some more; you can feel your cheeks blushing but Newt doesn’t seem to care. The spinning and dancing continues, and it’s like everyone else in the restaurant is no longer there. You both laugh at each other, giggling like a bunch of school girls. It’s fantastic.

To be continued… tomorrow.