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Name: cecilie
Nickname: ceci
Gender: female
Relationship Status: single
Star sign: gemini
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Height: 165cm / 5′5′’
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Fav color: yellow
Fav animal: giraffes or turtles
Average hours of sleep: 3-6 hours on a regular night
Cat or dog person: both and neither but maybe cats???
Favorite fictional character: magnus bane 
# of blankets I sleep with: 1 (2 if it’s cold)
Fav singer/band: the script, imagine dragons, ed sheeran, so many tbh
Dream trip: ireland. i don’t care when or where i just need to go
Dream job: something with books, whether it’s book seller or editor or publisher
When was your blog created: june 2010
Current # of followers: a little more than 1k
What made you create tumblr: i honestly have no idea?? boredom probably 

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Ok, everything is exactly the same except Cas kept his female vessel’s cute green hat ....

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Well at the end of the day our fandom IS a cult

  • Older brother: I'm listening to this band called twenty one pilots, they are very good honestly
  • Me: look like you might be one of us
sgfg songs that represent the signs' life
  • aries: vapor
  • taurus: invisible
  • gemini: permanent vacation
  • cancer: san francisco
  • leo: the girl who cried wolf
  • virgo: castaway
  • libra: waste the night
  • scorpio: broken home
  • sagittarius: outer space / carry on
  • capricorn: airplanes
  • aquarius: jet black heart
  • pisces: catch fire