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I like the "cloud" over the story. We've never had a vulnerable interview from a 1D member before. This is what it looks like. If a subject gives an interviewer raw answers, the writer will take that opening. I feel very grateful bc I've been begging for some truth (outside the music) from this band for half a decade. Today we got a little taste of what that's like. It's bittersweet bc sometimes the truth is really hard to hear, but you feel more connected to a person once you do.

I like your perspective :)

  • Interviewer: What’s something you’ve been happy to see happen in rock and roll over the last decade?
  • Joe: I think I've enjoyed seeing bands/artists take risks, do things their own way and still make music that people can connect to. Everything from our friends in MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, who've always stuck to their guns up to the last minute, to MASTODON, who never wavered from the heaviest and most avant garde whilst still making strong material, to a band like the ARCTIC MONKEYS, who did a complete 180 degree turn musically only to come out richer and better for it on the other side. I think it's also been cool to hear bands like FUN. and the BLACK KEYS, or artists like GOTYE on pop radio or see them winning Grammys. They're pushing boundaries, thinking outside of the box and keeping an energy alive that really is the essence of what rock is. Even artists like SKRILLEX or FRANK OCEAN are doing things that are rock n’ roll.