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List of Aesthetic YouTubers

I haven’t seen this done before, and I figured this would be helpful for others like myself who are trying to branch out and find new YouTubers to watch! Let’s begin.

Conan Gray (500,000+ subs): Very positive and bright and uplifting - but keeps it real. Posts covers and original music, does hauls, baking videos, gives advice and more! He’s a bean.

doddleoddle (dodie clark) (1,300,000+ subs): Soft spoken w/ a lot of ukulele. Posts original music and covers. Lot’s of talent and absolutely precious.

doddlevloggle (dodie clark) (700,000+ subs): Dodie’s vlog channel where she’s very open and honest about mental health, but also posts silly videos and occasionally covers.

colliscool (Collen Kelly) (200,000+ subs): Incredible editing and works super hard on her videos. Posts about fandom culture, mental health and interaction with other people, and is all about having a good time. Lots of stickers and memes.

collislame (Collen Kelly) (90,000+ subs): Coll’s side channel. Where she posts gaming videos and silly, random shit guaranteed to make you giggle. Skits and the like. More memes. I love her so much.

Mel Mercer (40,000+ subs): Grungy gal. Talks about music and her favorite things, goes on adventures, is a high school student and her editing is killer. I want to be her friend and you probably will too.

Hi I’m Mimi (170,000+ subs): Music, thrifting, hauls and lots of nature. Kind of has this minimalistic aesthetic going on but with a lot of character and color. Idk I’m bad at describing things go check her out. Lots of nature, v nice.

CatCreature (200,000+ subs): Arty art art and adventures. GETS THINGS DONE and makes me wish I did more with my boring, sad life.

ConnorFranta (5,600,000+ subs): AUTHOR AND LGBT+ ICON. Holy shit I love his photography and poetry. He also makes coffee and designs nice things. DID I MENTION I LOVE HIS CINEMATOGRAPHY. Soft and pure and p great man.

Marzia (7,000,000+ subs): STOP OVERSHADOWING HER BECAUSE OF HER BOYFRIEND. SHE’S INCREDIBLY TALENTED YOU DUMB FUCKS. Her channel is the perfect amount of silly videos, and a whole variety of vlogs. She also posts some gaming videos! And it’s all pulled together by her beautiful editing. She’s such a BEAUTIFUL PERSON. Check out her blog too thx.

Lucy Moon (300,000+ subs): That mom friend you have. Gives lots of advice and will HYPE YOU UP. Loves poetry and music, 10/10 would recommend.

Pixielocks (100,000+ subs): RAINBOW PASTEL PRINCESS. Loves magical girls and she’s inspired by fairy kei and harajuku fashion. Og fashionista, designs her own clothes and actually attends fashion school. Will actually make your teeth ache because she’s so sweet.

deaddsouls (50,000+ subs): Punky gal from Spain who’s really into bands. You WILL want to steal her style, but that’s chill because she posts all kinds of tutorials and how-to’s for styling your clothes, editing your pictures, and for making diys. Her videos are a blessing.

oh no nina (40,000+ subs): Insecure artist who’s honest about it and will share advice. Very funny and genuine. She’s so great.

enjajaja (600,000+ subs): Doesn’t give a shit about anything, she’s just trying to have fun and she’s cute. She used to be a popular viner! Is actually responsible for the iconic “BITCH WHAT THE FUCK” vine. Link.

If you’d like me to make a part two to this with any specific content creators, feel free to drop me an ask or DM with who you want and what they do!