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Though Halloween has ended, do you wonder what awaits
The few unlucky demons who don’t make it to hell’s gates?

(This animation’s taken me a month or more to do
And if anyone should watch it, I would hope that it’d be you!)

I can’t listen to instrumental music when I study I’m a band person I music I analyze the music while I listen to it what have you done to me band? It’s like WoAH nice crescendo trumpets I’m likin the Eb scales right there flutes keep it up barries you go mallets and those 8th note Sforzandos in the low brass are fucking amazing And there i am at midnight when i was supposed to be studying for biology 3 hours ago

91 Days: Names

I’m honestly fashinated by how Japan use the Italian language.
E.g. If there’s an anime about mafia, it has characters with Italian names (or at least that’s usually the plan.)

With 91 Days let me show you characters’ names that aren’t Italian names at all, but that still have hilarious and/or interesting meanings:

Cerotto: Band-aid, patch.

YES. Yes, that’s what it means.

Orco: Ogre 

I see no difference imo. Plus, bonus: Ottimo Orco literally means “Excellent ogre” lmao.

Fango: Mud. I’ll say no more.

Tronco: Log, trunk

his name was the one who pushed me into this post lol

Corteo: Parade, procession

Volpe: Fox

Corvo: Crow

Lacrima: Tear. Just one tho

Granchio: Crab. 

Oooooh this one got me laughing so hard

Tigre: Tiger

Frate: Monnk

J U S T. H E L P.

Galassia family: basically they’re the galaxy. Literally.

Ganzo: Cocky badass

Just how far did they go with their search?? From what I know, this word is actually coming from the Tuscany slang, let alone the official Italian language. Wow, impressive. it was later assimilated to the Italian btw

Luce: Light

I won’t say this is a completely incorrect name, seen that in Italian there’re names that recall the light meaning, as Lucia (Female)

Serpente: Snake

Scusa: “I’m sorry”, “Excuse me”, excuse, pardon

And this reach the climax, I think.

Strega: Witch. (And yes, it’s a female noun)

You know? I did enjoy the show very very much, but this all definitely made it more enjoyable~

It looks like some of them resembles each other, doesn’t it? Anyway, dunno if someone’ve already done this, but I needed it lol