bands do this shit to me all the time yo

smellslikeadamnfreakshow  asked:

Ur binch just met Avatar I'm do a deep weep. They all signed my poster 😭😭😭

[ yO you’re telling me you got to meet this stringbean here and those other beautiful boys.
aaaaa in all seriousness tho, holy shit that’s so rad!!
fsdhgjs i’m honestly so happy for you fam, they’re definitely one band i would die to see and meet. but overall i hope you had a killer time !!!  😭✌ ]

Yo I quit marching band because it causes me the most anxiety and it’s my senior year and I want to focus on getting my classes taken care of, but I totally screwed them over cause I doubt they’ll be able to get another keyboard player. But everyone was so fucking rude to me all of the time. And I’ve been blamed for so much shit that has nothing to do with me already. So maybe they can fuck off?

someone: i don’t like fall out boy
me: yo no more talkin shit from you bitch ass bands, anybody wanna talk shit let’s get in a fuckin boxing ring, sign a fuckin waiver sayin you’re not gonna sue my fuckin ass, let’s fight like fuckin real men, fuck you no more of this fuckin bullshit, fuck off we don’t give a fuck