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The 1975 Care Because You Do | SPIN
Yes, this is the line for the 1975 concert. It’s a Friday night in early December, about 45 minutes before the quartet are scheduled to take the stage at Manhattan’s Terminal 5 venue. On an average night, the line out the door might be 10 to 15 fans long. Tonight, it stretches all the way down 56th street, around the corner to 55th street, and around that corner a quarter of the way back up. It seems like there are more fans (and accompanying parents) than can possibly fit inside the 3,000-capacity venue. Once every minute or two, another couple of incredulous fans approach the end of the line in disbelief, meekly inquiring as to whether there might be some other explanation. Nope, get in back. Inside, the venue is already packed to the fire exits, blanketed by throngs of girls with blowouts and black skirts and dudes in leather jackets and/or makeup — though the females outnumber the males roughly four to one. On the floor and over social media, the crowd buzzes with chatter that the