[MONSTER] Dora Cockatrice.

Japanese name: ドーラコカトリス
Romanized name: Doora Kokatorisu

Alignment: Bandora Gang
Type: Dora Monster
Inspiration: Cockatrice
Status: Killed by Super Legend Lightning Cut.

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger - Episodes 9 & 10


  • A cockatrice is a mythological beast that is usually described as a bipedal dragon with the head of a rooster. Like a gorgon, the cockatrice can turn its victims into stone. They are sometimes confused with the basilisk.
  • Unlike its Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers counterpart Chunky Chicken (episode “Big Sisters”), Dora Cockatrice had two lives. It was revived as Dora Cockatrice II (ドーラコカトリス2号; Doora Kokatorisu Nigou). However, there were other Chunky Chickens seen throughout the Power Rangers series.



Bandora’s gang of miscreants from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and their concept art.  I did not include Bandora herself just to focus on the other members who include:

Grifforzer- Bandora’s muscle, her wicked knight in golden armor. He is married to Lami.

Bookback- Bandora’s chief scribe who records all of her deeds.

Totpat- An alchemist with vampiric blood who has yet to taste blood himself.

Pleprechaun- An amoral fae sculptor who seems to be more interested in making monsters than what they are used for.

Lami- Bandora’s spy who became separated from the rest before they were sealed away. She also wears Golden armor, perhaps to match her husband, Grifforzer.

I don’t usually talk about Power Rangers here.  It’s just not my thing. That said, here is the first picture of Elizabeth Banks from the new Power Rangers movie as Rita Repulsa.

I am all for modernized redesigns but when you can’t even recognize the character, I don’t like it.  This picture has turned me off of the project even more than before.  If you showed me this pic and asked who it was, I wouldn’t even begin to be able to guess.

Sorry, this does not bode well for the movie itself if the main villain is so unrecognizable.

Of course, I am a huge Machiko Soga fan so any change away from her look makes me upset.