Pffft, aha ahahahaha!

For those who do not know why I am hysterically laughing (and trust me, I had to pause because I was laughing too hard), this is taken from the anime Little Witch Academia. These are the headdresses/hats of the Nine Olde Witches who founded the school the series takes place in. You might recognize a couple. I can name two of them off the top of my head, hats 3 and 6.

Hat 3 belongs to the Scarlet Witch from Marvel comics.

Hat 6 belongs to Witch Bandora from Kyoryu Sentai Jyuranger, more commonly known in the west as Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers seasons 1-5 and Mystic Force. This was the one that got me cackling like a hyena.

Sorry it isn’t the best screen cap, it was a scrolling shot with a lot of parallax to it.

So since that new trailer for the Power Rangers movie came out I’ve seen a lot of people call it ‘grimdark’ or ‘gritty’

And while it’s true it definitely looks more serious than MMPR was, I think we need to consider Zyuranger, here.

For those not in the know, Zyuranger is the show Saban used footage from to make MMPR, although the plots were pretty much entirely different, built around the fight footage. Zyuranger is about a bunch of dinosaur people from 200 million years ago fighting the evil witch Bandora (Rita Repulsa).

Which doesn’t sound very grimdark, and honestly it’s not.

Until halfway through the show.

That’s about the point Bandora decides she’s sick of the Zyuranger’s shit.

Still not very grimdark though.

That is, until she starts bleeding from her eyes, casting this spell.

Of course, that’s not the only requirement this spell has. She also needs to mark 13 children for sacrifice, using the following symbol.

And what does the spell do? Well.

And yes.

That is Satan.

Actual, Judeo-Christian Satan.

And while most of the time, you could kind of assume it’s just Japan using terms from western myth that sound cool, that’s not really true this time. Y’see, Bandora’s monsters all come from western mythos (well, mostly) which is why Goldar (remember him?) is a manticore.

So yes, Bandora literally just summoned the actual devil from Hell, the biggest bad guy in western lore, to kill these dinosaur people in Japan.

Now, how do the Zyurangers have any chance against that?

Well, spoilers. Daizyujin (the Megazord in MMPR) has a sword called the Dinosaur Sword God Horn. And It’s special move is the God Hord Super Lightning Cut.

There is a reason for this; Daizyujin is literal Capital G God. While it didn’t really talk at all in MMPR, in Zyuranger it does.

Because it’s ACTUALLY GOD.

However, he’s still easily defeated by Literal Satan, because you see, God isn’t complete yet. God has a second form.

That second form is combining with Dragon Caesar (Dragonzord) and Beast Knight God King Brachion (Titanus).

Which looks like this.

Zyuranger is a series where a moon witch uses 13 children (who remain alive, of course) to summon the literal devil from hell to battle God, who takes the form of a bunch of robot dinosaurs piled on top of each other.

Beat that, 2017 big budget movie.


[VILLAIN] Totpat.

Japanese name: トットパット
Romanized name: Tottopatto

Alignment: Bandora Gang
Villain Type: Henchman
Inspiration: Bat, vampire
Status: Alive.

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger


  • Much like his partner in crime Bukbak, Totpat did not engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Zyuranger heroes.
  • He was an alchemist.
  • His name may be a play on the words “tooth” (tot) and “bat” (pat).
  • Totpat’s suit actor, Hideaki Kusaka, has played numerous characters in the Super Sentai franchise. Many of which were mecha, including Daizyujin, Dragon Caesar, and Goryuujin in Zyuranger. However, he did not voice Totpat. That was provided by Kaoru Shinoda.



Concept art vs. the final product for the most famous Super Sentai villain roles of the late, great Machiko Soga.

Queen Hedrian in Denshi Sentai Denziman

The reborn Queen Hedrian from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

Her most famous role as the evil witch Bandora who battled Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger.


Bandora’s gang of miscreants from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and their concept art.  I did not include Bandora herself just to focus on the other members who include:

Grifforzer- Bandora’s muscle, her wicked knight in golden armor. He is married to Lami.

Bookback- Bandora’s chief scribe who records all of her deeds.

Totpat- An alchemist with vampiric blood who has yet to taste blood himself.

Pleprechaun- An amoral fae sculptor who seems to be more interested in making monsters than what they are used for.

Lami- Bandora’s spy who became separated from the rest before they were sealed away. She also wears Golden armor, perhaps to match her husband, Grifforzer.