bandoms count as fandoms

I was tagged by @koganess <3

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better 

Relationship Status: single~~~
Favorite Color: Grean and Blue (and that’s not because of the blue paladin of voltron……………no…….yes)
Pets: 2 dogs, Nick and Olivia, 1 cat aka Lola and Jesse Pinkman who’s actually a bunny but my dad is a Breaking Bad fan
Last Song I Listened to: Drive It Like You Stole It from the Sing Street Soundtrack
Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls and VLD 
First Fandom: does the bandom count? Because I was an emo kid
Hobbies: mm I love to read fics, drawing, sleeping and thinking AUs and HC for my favorite characters’

Sorry rules I don’t really know who to tag sorry I’m shy but I love these things