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Bailando by Enrique Iglesias vs. Centuries by Fall Out Boy.

  • *Pete wearing matching hats with an ostrich that has a name tag that says Ryro*
  • Patrick: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the lll what the ever loving fuck are you doing with another ostrich?
  • Pete: I found him in a box on my front step last night with this name tag.
  • Patrick: Can't you like, I don't know, put it back in its box and send him to the zoo?
  • Pete: But I've bonded with him so much over the past 8 hours. *feeds Ryro M&M's out of the palm of his hand*
  • Patrick: Are emu's even supposed to eat that shit?
  • Pete, gasps: How dare you! He is an ostrich! Good day to you sir! I am taking him away from this type of social injustice and straight to Joe's!

Champion out now in North America. Song will be up everywhere on Friday (midnight local). Also gonna drop something fun we shot tomorrow with the homie Post Malone once the song is out worldwide.

Chicago, we know you’ve been waiting patiently and we hope you’re ready for part one of your announcement.

We’re bringing M A N I A to you first on September 16th at the House of Blues to celebrate the release of the record.

Since this is such a small show, we want you to get the tickets, not the scalpers/bots. Register for Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan for your chance to get tickets on June 27th at 10am CT. Registration closes Sunday at 5pm CT, so don’t get left out. $1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Fall Out Boy Fund which will help benefit local Chicago charities 💜

p.s. part two is coming Chicago

p.p.s. the rest of you grab your tickets to the M A N I A tour w/ blackbear now

The Emo Trinity statuses

Fall Out Boy: Gone are the songs with long titles that take about 7 minutes to read

Panic! At The Disco: Gone are like ¾ of the members

My Chemical Romance: