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if you fancy amazingly written phanfiction darkness-prince-dan is your best bet. promise.

phan - twenty one pilots - anything kickthepj - aesthetic, go to dreadfulforest

my favourite phan artist / gracious friend / absolute cutie orsholya-chan

my newest favourite x-files blog that always gives me a good gillian fix hello-are-you-a-ufo

my no 1. bandom blog songs-of-river

check'em out. they’re great. i’ll probably do some more some other time.

  • gerard way is not cis (this has never been explictly specified but due to the overwhelming amount of fans who say he is not, i have put him down - if you want me to change/edit the link i will)
  • non-white band members are: pete wentz (half-jamaican), gabe saporta (uruguayan-american), tyler joseph (half-lebanese), josh dun (part-japanese), brendon urie (half native hawaiian), ray toro (puerto rican), jack barakat (lebanese) and a lot more
  • pete wentz is bipolar and bisexual/biromantic, brendon urie is not straight (not yet confirmed - also down to fan theories and articles). billie joe armstrong is bisexual.
  • joe trohman is jewish, gabe saporta is also jewish, jack barakat is greek orthodox, josh dun and tyler joseph are christian (tyler is a practicing christian), hayley williams is christian, andy hurley is vegan and straightedge, frank iero is vegetarian and has various food allergies
  • i know some of the end ones seem trivial but you would honestly be surprised at how many people miss these out - i’m also not accounting for the many problems with bandom, including internalised misogyny, and internalised racism. we can all do a lot better.
The signs as green day lyrics

Aries: I’m not growing up I’m just burning out

Taurus: Home is where your heart is but what a shame, cause everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same

Gemini: Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right

Cancer: She’s all alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes, somedays he feels like dyin’, she gets so sick of cryin’

Leo: And there’s nothing wrong with me, this is how I’m supposed to be

Virgo: I’m a mess and you’re a work of art

Libra: Talk is cheap and lies are expensive

Scorpio: Shut your mouth cause you’re talking too much and I don’t give a fuck anyway

Sagittarius: Everything isn’t meant to be okay

Capricorn: Speechless and redundant cause “I love you"s not enough, I’m lost for words

Aquarius: Sometimes you’re better lost than to be seen

Pisces: Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright