same, dallon, same.

  • fob fandom:hey you guys should do another music video
  • fob:oh for irresistable?
  • fob fandom:well no like novocaine or the kids arent all ri-
  • fob:right. look this one has a pug. :)
  • fob fandom:ok thats cute but-
  • fob:and now demi lovato's here. :)
  • fob fandom:listen that's great but no one really asked for three irresistable videOS
  • fob:...anyways here's irresistable.
the signs as iconic ryden fics

aries: two weeks in hawaii

taurus: infinite, sometimes

gemini: the milk fic

cancer: back to the place

leo: filthy lucre

virgo: abomination

libra: iron, neon lights & weed

scorpio: how a resurrection really feels

sagittarius: the heart rate of a mouse

capricorn: in case the scene gets nasty

aquarius: the black rose season

pisces: are you there god? it’s me, brendon