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okayy guys so since someone asked me the full story with finest-of-bands/bandmembers-gonewild harassing me and if you have questions message me!

okay, so it started I made a post about how they weren’t that good anymore since their blog was very hateful. The next day the blog owner (lexy) messaged me and said I was right and she was fixing it and removing admins and looking for more. I asked her if she needed help and she had another admin add me to the blog. 

I looked at the “rules” she told me to which was very hateful and strict and showed how she treated the admins

the following is copied. 

Seriously, what the fuck is happening to the blog?! I keep getting personal messages from all these people telling me how you guys are ruining the blog. Seriously I’ve been busy talking to counselors about my problem and I don’t need this happening. They suggested I delete my tumblr but fuck that shit. LISTEN, I added you guys to answer band question & post pictures. NO PERSONAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ADMINS! You guys are not following my rules…its really frustrating me. I’ve been telling you guys slow down, stop it, spell the band members names right, no clothing, seriously guys STOP!!! Have you guys read the rules? You guys should know what this blog is about. I added you guys for a reason. Not just to have orgys with the old admins…I will seriously be giving you all 3 strikes. I’ve seriously had enough. I’ve been nice to you guys and told you but Im getting so many complaints about that blog, It’s unreal.

It continues like that.

link to the rules, if it doesn’t work it’s because she deleted it, or changed it in some way if it’s different.  

Soooo I was added as an admin for the blog. When I was added, the main owner knew I did not have a computer. I was on the blog for maybe 3 days to a week until I went to update and saw “Liliana is no longer an admin.” got posted. I was confused and asked what happened, and why and they told me Lexy messaged me why. Lexy never messaged me, but later posted it was because I did not have a computer to help with editing that I wasn’t an admin. I said that was fine, and that I would remove myself as soon as I had computer access but I wished she had told me. There was a lot of messages they were receiving about me and I answered one and Brock got really angry and told me “I didn’t have the right to reply.” to an ask about me ?? 

during this period a few hours later someone deleted some asks and blamed it on me (there was maybe 20 questions even though they claimed to have “100+”  and then they were gone because someone delete it) which wasn’t really a big deal I was like ok whatever maybe someone clicked erase all or something, but I hadn’t even opened the blogs ask after I got bitched at.

Lexy was being very kind to me during this kind and said she would try to get the admins to be nicer, and when I told that to another admin to lay off like she said to they said she hadn’t said anything to them.

I was in a facebook chat group with everyone in the blog but Lexy, and I barely looked at it because all they did was trash their ex’s their followers, and past admins. (Some of which contacted me and told me that they were also harassed.) and made fun of people. Brock even sent someones nudes to everyone who I believe was underaged. 

Lexy tricked me and lied to me and pretended to be my friend.

This was shortly after she messed up the blog (well password protected it, which for whatever reason it took the other admins hours to figure out? lol. & changed the url by deleting like one letter in it and saved the new url and pretended I did this even though I clearly didn’t have a computer„.

She admitted to sending me anon hate

Most of my printscreens are from my ipod because my moms computer is really old and has small font 

(she didn’t delete her new url is aus10carrlile they lied.) 

link to that post 

and here is someone defending her “because sometime people do bad things like cuss” which is the same as harassing someone to the point of almost getting the police involved. (I could not because I do not have her full name, or anything like that.) 


and they even made a big post about “proof I changed their url” which literally didn’t prove anything and most photos didn’t even have a caption explaining them

yes my name is liliana???

can’t even read this and it’s not my url…

And some where I that said Lexy was stalking me and what not which is true.

I had more but I deleted or lost them when my Ipod was reset and I erased everything when it was acting up.

Like where she went through my old url’s tag and saw someone say something negative about me over a year ago and messaged them and said ”you hate her too? message me back and we can plan something.” 

and when she said she was going “take me down”